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Read, watch, listen, and now ... play @panemrising in our #HungerGames collection.
The cool dads know what’s up. @onedirection’s “Four” is out now.
Welcome Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to Google Play Books.
Set your music in motion! Google Play Music now comes w/ videos & access to YouTube Music Key
Quote your heart out – just use caution if you're driving an '84 sheepdog.
In case you forgot, #Batman went through a weird phase in the 60s…and it was phenomenal.
We're having a Bat sale! Celebrate 75 years of Batman with classic caped crusader Adam West.
You try walking with legs five times the length of your body! #DaddyLongLegs
.@ESA_Rosetta has brought us one giant step closer to space, the final frontier. #CometLanding
Two screens are better than one! See what’s new in Google Play Movies & TV app.
The new Google Play Movies & TV app gives you more information with second screen Info Cards.
Get ready to walk n' talk. Celebrate the return of #TheNewsroom with all things Sorkin.
Fall into a wormhole. Physicist Kip Thorne reveals the science behind @Interstellar
Willow Smith's birthday present to herself is a free 3-song EP for you.
映画「ワン チャンス」は、全世界で一大センセーションを巻き起こした、英国のオペラ歌手ポール・ポッツの半生を描いた感動の実話。諦めなければ、夢はきっと叶う。
YouTubeで1億2,000万回再生! オペラ歌手を夢見ながら現実はバイト暮らしという男性が、人気オーディション番組で夢を掴むまでを描いた映画「ワン チャンス」。
Modern family meets old-school superheroes. Happy 10th anniversary to "The Incredibles!"
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