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Are you with #SAMCRO? Check out @SonsofAnarachy in the store, leather jackets optional.
Has a show ever made you feel cooler than @SonsofAnarchy? Rewatch your favorite episodes in the store.
Travel through time with this heart-pounding trailer for #XmenDaysOfFuturePast. Pure Adrenaline:
This week in Hip Hop History: @Nas#Illmatic turns 20. Check out our exclusive video for an inside look at the album
Sorry. Can’t talk. Playing the new #Farmville2 game. (RT this handy note so your friends don’t wonder where you are)
If you’ve read the books and love the show, the movie is just 107 more minutes of @veronicamars for you to enjoy.
Summon monsters to help you battle others and complete missions in Dark Summoner.
Best to leave dark summoning to the experts, unless you have this app, of course.
The books are great. The show is great. #TheWalkingDead game won game of the year so we'd say it’s pretty great, too.
Few writers have been so quintessentially American as Steinbeck, but which of his books best describes America?
Drink freshened? Suit pressed? Ready for @MadMen_AMC season 7? No? Catch up on past episodes:
Press your suit & freshen your drink for @MadMen_AMC's 7th season. Catch up with past episodes in the Store.
This is as close as you’ll want to get to being a warlord. And it’s probably more fun, anyway.
Update in the Movies app lets you control video with a drag or a swipe. Try it yourself!
The Updated Google Play Movies app brings second-by-second video control with a drag or swipe.
Save Quahog in the new game Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. #giggity
This new game lets you save Quahog with all your favorite Family Guy characters. And Meg.
Google Play makes it easier to find great content curated by @TIME or @mashable.
Google Play is now on @Sonos! Play directly to Sonos from the #GooglePlayMusic Android app
Google Play makes it easier to follow friends, curators & critics from @CNET to @CeeLoGreen
Find great content easily—follow @steveaoki @WIRED & more on the updated Google Play store app
One of today's top remixers just remixed his own album. Listen to True (Avicii by @Avicii)