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Google Developers
Packed and on my way to Taipei!
I won the Dutch Design Young-talent Award yesterday!!
Our 1st significant update to the #materialdesign spec includes new sticker sheets, system icons and color palettes:
@ankurkotwal presents the Android 5.0 Lollipop dev highlights in this video to get you up to speed
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Download Android 5.0 SDK full release. Test apps soon so they're ready for first Android 5.0 devices #AndroidLollipop
Exhibition Dutch Design Award opens tomorrow. Drop by to see Phonebloks, Precious Plastic and Wind-oil! And..don't forget voting me to win:
New How I: show for startups - manage beta testing using Google Play #startuplaunch #develop
Mixing maps and WebGL to visualize huge geo datasets
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Stay up to date with @polymer by catching the latest episode of #Polycasts with @rob_dodson
Developers, get ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop! Check back 10/17 for Android 5.0 SDK & updated Nexus preview images.
Still time left to complete the Google developer survey. Help improve products, programs & raise money for edu orgs
Got questions about app indexing? Post them here: and we’ll record video answers to a few common ones!
Making a travelpack #inprogress
need a good intro to Promises API? Syncing async: - great talk with lots of examples and good context.
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Root Access: Learn how Unified Intents tuned Freemium business model & increased traction…
Reminder: ScriptDB is shutting down soon
Transport approved #DDW #preciousplastic
Today's episode of #DevBytes is on Chrome Dev Tools.
Watch the second episode of HTTP: 203 a new show from @aerotwist and @jaffathecake on Web Development
Excited about this vision: The intro document lays it out nicely:…
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It’s on all of us—especially men—to support women in tech. Here’s why: #GHC14
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This guy is so funny
Angular #materialdesign 0.4 is out! Breaking changes in $materialDialog and $materialToast, plus 4 new components.…
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Tune in to this week's episode of #Polycasts with @rob_dodson to see how @polymer gets spiffy with custom icon sets…
Missed last week's episode of #Polycasts? Have no fear! You can still catch up before Monday’s new episode…
Found these old models when cleaning up. #first #phonebloks
The JavaScript Client Library for Google APIs is now Promises/A+-conformant. More info:…
Watch HTTP: 203 a new show from @aerotwist and @jaffathecake on Web Development
all Google+ widgets have been updated to use the script[async+defer] pattern: - update your snippets! perf++
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And for the answer to yesterday's question of what a tasty looking dish has to do with Computer
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Google Maps Engine API now at v1: Make Maps in Google’s Cloud
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Google Drive + third-party apps = files at your fingertips…
Take the Google developer survey and help us support you better and raise money to educate children around the world.
awesome visualization of language trends on GitHub: - built w/ BigQuery + dataset.. woot!
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JSHint pro-tip: --extract lints <script> inlined in HTML. Works great with template files & Web Components too.
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Did you know @polymer's core-drawer-panel element makes use of the CSS will-change property? Totes.… #perfmatters
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Get started with new Google Cloud Client Library for @nodejs on @github and @npmjs.…
Want an easier way to geocode addresses or find directions? Check out the Java Client for Google Maps Services:
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Use promo code GOOGLEDEVS & get 20% off #GCPLive. Join us to learn what Cloud Platform can do for you.
New features in Admin SDK: Custom user attributes, and opening up access to all domain users:
Wish you had more time to focus on product, not infrastructure? Learn how Cloud Platform makes that possible:
Registration is now open for the Chrome Dev Summit 2014. Nov 19-20 Mountain View. Act fast to save your space
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“The Success of Open Data Depends on Open Standards”
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News from W3C webperf-landia:, slides: - Beacon, NetInfo, ErrorLogging, and Resource Hints!
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