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Google Developers
We released Web Starter Kit 0.5.0!… ~ refreshed boilerplate & tooling for multi-device sites
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A few minutes until another Udacity #AsktheExperts Office Hours! Experts will answer Google App Engine questions:
HRRRRNNNKKK: Reminder that London Designer News meetup is on the 25th of Sept, come along design/web people!…
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Just published slides for my JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass:… ~ DevTools, V8 & more.
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We’re announcing Click to Deploy for the GitLab Community Server, built on @nginxorg, Unicorn, Redis and @postgresql:
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Chromium Blog: 64 bits of awesome: 64-bit Windows Support, now in Stable:…
We’ve expanded our Open Patent Non-Assertion Pledge with 150 more patents for tech incl encryption, XML parsing, more
Udacity Android Fundamentals Office Hours is live in 15 minutes at hosted by @retomeier and @dagalpin
Tune in tomorrow at 9am PDT to hear the @retomeier and @dagalpin answer your Android Fundamentals questions:
It takes about 7 years before you can harvest your first #avocado. 6,5 more to go!
Anime & Open data hackathon in Japan! 徳島でアニメ × オープンデータ アイディアソン・ハッカソンが開催されるそうです。初音ミク、ブラックジャックによろしく、東方Projectなどが素材らしい。
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Use Google Search and YouTube to Promote Your App
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Live in 15 minutes: Udacity Web Performance Office Hours with @igrigorik @peterlubbers and @cwpittman #perfmatters
DevTools Tip: Pick colours from a page using the new eye dropper tool in the Elements Panel. (Currently in Canary).
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Full interview in the latest issue of @proteinfeed
Check out the Google Maps API picker - the big list of what the APIs can do, filtered to your taste
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Design great location based apps w/ offline mode, prefetching, caching, to delight users & not wreck their data plan
It almost becomes enjoyable to run here..
This church looks like fun
Take a deep dive into cross-platform messaging, with a focus on Chrome's API and implementations with this I/O Byte:
I just published “Walk then talk” — my philosophy on dev. advocacy…
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Have webperf questions? Tune in to the Udacity Webperf Office Hours with @igrigorik and @cwpitman (8/20 @ 9AM PT):
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Present and future of CSS layout: - great talk on flexbox, plus intro to CSS Grids by @tabatkins.
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This is how 99% of my 'self-timer' pictures look. Love Sweden though
Interested in getting your events into Google's Knowledge Graph? Learn how in this I/O Byte: #iobytes
Mining millions of correlations throughout world history - is it even possible? With GDELT and BigQuery, yes you can.…
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I/O Byte with @jaffathecake: The ServiceWorker: The network layer is yours to own #iobytes
Design awesome location based apps by lowering cognitive load on users & create glanceable info for users on the go:
Just found this today, but the Chrome team has been keeping a list of the "performance improvement of the week":…
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I/O Byte w/@ssougou: Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess #golang #iobytes
Summer project #inprogress
Join the #GoogleFit Developers community to ask questions and share ideas about using the preview SDK:
The Google Fit Preview SDK is now available #googlefit #sdk #developers
Pushing the limits of HTML5 with "A Google Web Designer Thought Experiment"
I/O Byte: Activity Transitions: A new way to improve navigation between Activities and Applications. #iobytes
Here we go... If you’re in London on August 26 and you like web performance (who doesn’t?!) join us:…
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