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Ive tried it all
They cant look into my eyes
Came with a bucket hat & a strap like a Pilgrim
@xdannyxbrownx: Just stopped selling crack today!!!!!!” #OXYMORON
Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday, & all is well. So chill
Because of the Internet musicans make royalties off of views/plays from media players like Spotify, Youtube, Pandora...
Musicians used to make the majority of their income off records sales. Why? Cus you had to go to a record store to get music. But its 2014
Sometimes i use too much laundry detergent & then my butts itchy at work all day 😔
Out for dead presidents to represent me
Bought a new GoPro on the low 20 bonez 💀👌
💚Bas | Lit feat J.Cole💚 (Official
Talkin to my Ejoint like i think im dead
Otis bangin with my joint lit, now she roll with a boss cus she deserve it
Teachin myself more about video editing cus why be bored
Caviar crumble.... Imma sit here & just mumble...
Micunderstood like a typo