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Parker Schnabel
workinggold 113,696 followers
@GoldrushRick: @goldrush_parker thanks buddy!” Your still a massive nerd.
@nickellis126: @goldrush_parker I am sticking with Todd 😄” yep he's the one that needs help.
Tony has his full summer mane on #goldrush
Everyone Tuned in for #TheDirt starting in 20 minutes?! #GoldRush
Let's all forget about that and remember how I fixed the dozer.. #GoldRush
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@brichard42567: @GoldrushRick damn son that was rough hammering under that dozer!” Hammering or getting hammered. It's what I do. Haha
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There’s the Cheesemeister #GoldRush
Grandpa still looks great huh? #GoldRush
I think i liked that #sotherncomfort and #geico commercial more than #GoldRush
RT @GoldrushRick: @goldrush_parker home is great! 60 degrees it's like paradise!” I know, its 50 degrees here and i wore shorts...
@goldrush_parker: "Todd collects food, we collect gold." We collect stories... and souls. #GoldRush
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RT @GoldrushRick: @goldrush_parker of course! My game is to drink all nite. That's a game right??” I bet you’ll win… How’s home?!
RT @MikeyyLuugoo: @goldrush_parker love the beginner mustache” Gotta start somewhere
Todd collects food, we collect gold #GoldRush #FoodRush
RT @ChristoDoyle: #thedirt set is new this year - like it? “ Dozer will love to chew it up if you’ll invite him.
I’ve been quiet for 6 months, not anymore. the first episode of #thedirt right now.
RT @mn1aj: "@goldrush_parker: Who’s ready for some #GoldRush, it’s been too long…"not long enough actually “ im so hurt #whycantwebefriends
Who’s ready for some #GoldRush ?! it’s been too long…
Find out where all this yeller stuff come from in a few hours with the #goldrush premiere tonight.
Looking forward to tomorrow night.. All new #TheDirt at 8/7c followed by the 2hr season 5 premiere of @Gold_Rush
keep watching for a sneak peek of @GoldRush season 5. and more of my hair
New special just started - who's watching? #GoldRush
Tune in tn at 8/7c for a 2 hour #goldrush special hosted by yours truly. watch out @ChristoDoyle…
@ChristoDoyle: I wonder where Tony and @goldrush_parker are & what they are talking about?” tough conversation.
Still frame of ep 1 of @Gold_Rush Season 5 What's that in the center of the screen? Wonder who it belongs to?
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@LaurenTBryner: Getting the "how to" from @goldrush_parker” Even I don't know what I'm doing....
Happy Father's Day to these two awesome guys.