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Good Morning America
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Uh oh, @RobinRoberts is challenging @thefredsavage, @danicamckellar and @joshsaviano to some "Wonder Years" trivia! Will they ace this?
Time for "The Wonder Years" reunion on @GMA! We have @thefredsavage, @danicamckellar and @joshsaviano in studio! #GMAWonderYears
I haven't eaten a donut in at least 5 years. (Food poisoning #4) So will I be able to handle the Donut Selfie?! In the #SocialSquare #GMA
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We challenge you! Follow @GMA’s all-access workout livestream with trainer @TheKaiserTweet.
We want to see your "Donut Selfie" today! @TonyReali made his, now send yours to us! Go to to learn how to make one!
The "Donut Selfie" ... the new selfie? @TonyReali with the story from the #SocialSquare for the #HeatIndex.
Hey @Ginger_Zee, when are you bringing animals in to do the weather!?
Don't forget - we also have @Kiesza on @GMA this morning to sing her song "Hideaway" for us live! Pretty excited about that!
Good Morning America!
"I get by with a little help from my friends.." The cast of The Wonder Years are in Social Square! #GMAWonderYears
We’re taking a trip down memory lane live @GMA…catching up with the cast of the Wonder Years. #WithALittleHelpFromMyFriends
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It's a 90s throwback in #SocialSquare. The cast of The Wonder Years are on their way in! #GMAWonderYears
If San Francisco is banning @lordemusic's "Royals" for the #WorldSeries, is there a song Kansas City should ban that has to do w/the Giants?
Retrial, really? The relentless obsession to execute Jodi Arias.
Now on @GMA, meet one of the heroes of this incredible rescue story.
Great point, Robin. Better have your phone charged at all times if you plan to ditch the wallet. @RobinRoberts is looking out for everyone!
Apple Pay: What to expect at the checkout counter.
Coming up on @GMA our inside look at Apple Pay on launch morning. Ready to reach for your phone instead of your wallet at checkout?
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Jurors in Polo mogul John Goodman's retrial won't see cars involved in fatal crash.
Once again, @DrRichardBesser is taking your questions on twitter this morning about Ebola. Make sure to send any question you have.
.@sarahdessen @GMA A lot to be reassured about today. So happy Mr. Duncan's fiance and family are well and will be out of quarantine.
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"The Wonder Years" reunion. Stanley Tucci. A @taylorswift13 surprise. We have all of that and more coming up this morning on @GMA!
From @KingJames to @ElizabethBanks, the best social media reactions to Manning's record:
It is a chilly one out there this morning! RT: @teewt2012 - @Ginger_Zee @GMA Good Morning America from New Egypt, NJ
Outrage over a tennis official calling Venus and Serena Williams, "the Williams brothers." @reenaninan has the story.
Students clean up after Pumpkin Fest riot. @CeciliaVegaABC has the story about the mayhem.
New This Morning: Bodies of three more slain women found in north west Indiana.
Ebola is officially the October surprise of the 2014 Election.
Nigeria has officially been cleared of the Ebola virus. @DrRichardBesser now sitting down with @RobinRoberts.
Ebola patient's fiancee calls health workers "Angels from God." Many released from quarantine.
Ahead on @GMA- latest on #ebola. An impt milestone for family of Thomas Eric Duncan. Dozens of others in Texas now declared disease-free.
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Good Morning America!
Just double checking that you all still want the @taylorswift13 surprise, right?
Hope all had a wonderful and restful weekend. Merry Monday ahead @GMA. #HereWeGoAgain
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Anyone have a picture of frost this morning?! Would love to show on @GMA
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Hello there, America! Did everyone have a great weekend? Time to rise and grind on this Monday.
The Royal Family is growing again! Prince William and Kate are expecting a baby in April 2015.
Great to have you! MT @danicamckellar Excited to appear on @GMA and @theviewtv today to talk #WonderYearsDVD! #butwhysoearly #stillonLAtime
Palace statement puts to rest speculation #Kate expecting twins unless there's a surprise - 4th anniversary present due April 2015#royalbaby
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Most-read overnight on - Retrial, Really? The Relentless Obsession to Execute Jodi Arias…
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Clarence House has announced William and Kate are expecting their second child in April 2015
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The Duchess continues to be affected by Hypermisis Grasvdarum but her condition is improving according to the Palace
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Kate will make her first public appearance since announcing her 2nd pregnancy welcoming the Singapore President
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.@sindivanzyl @Simply_Dineo Thanks. I'm trying. I'll answer questions on #ebola throughout morning starting after I'm on @GMA at 7ET
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Reminder: Peyton Manning is also great at things other than throwing touchdown passes...
Congrats to a true legend! MT: @SportsCenter - BREAKING: Peyton Manning sets NFL record with 509th career TD pass.
Accurate GIF representation of how most of our followers are reacting to the @taylorswift13 surprise on @GMA tomorrow