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Glenn Alinskie
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Listen and understand.. quality beyond quantity. Speakers from @thekase_indo excellent sound quality!!
Cheers to strong bonds within family and friends.. happy healthy wealthy for all of us!! Cheers!! Moment shot by @rezaaditya_photo concept and decor by @flying_bride and @papeterie thank you all.. it was a great 1!!
That explosive birthday cake made my night!! Thank you baby!! Perfect shot by @rezaaditya_photo Bowtie Concept by @flying_bride @papeterie
Thank you baby @chelseaoliviaa for the pleasant explosive surprise!! Last night was the best Birthday party I have ever had! Thank you @rezaaditya_photo for capturing the great moments!! Thank you @flying_bride and @papeterie for helping @chelseaoliviaa make this surprise a great surprise for me!!
kuti Halloween Contest dari The Kase Grand Indonesia. 1. Follow IG TheKase_Indo 2. Masuk ke websiteย 3, Cari desain casing favourit kamu dari I AM FREAK collection (Halloween edition) 4. Post desain favourit kamu dan tulis alasan kenapa kamu memilih desain ini 5. Jangan lupa Hast
My best friend since childhood is now officially married!! Congratulations brother.. May all the days of your life be filled with happiness and excellent health!
The groom and his bestmen.. suited up and ready!!
@alteregoclothing bazzar at Grand Indonesia!! way to go buddy @wed_a.g.c!!
Shopping for gifts with my baby..
"@chelseaolivia92: Otw sarah sehan show with @glennalinskie ๐Ÿ˜š Live 15.30 on NET TV :)"
Sneak peek into the woods with my love..
Back to our routine.. I don't know what this is called.. but its fun to do..
It has been a long while.. now otw to dahsyat RCTI!!
Grand Opening of @thekase_indo Thank you for all your support, families, friends, and press.. Thank you so much!!
So happy and so proud of my new hp casing by @thekase_indon . It is beyond words of admiration.. its just perfect!! So detailed.. the folds on my arm, the horse hair.. the texture.. the colour.. Drop by at GRAND INDONESIA EAST MALL LT 3 UNIT 33.. THE KASE..
Sometimes, when I am alone, I smile or laugh to myself.. I was just picturing @chelseaoliviaa smiling or laughing in my mind.. and it is contagious!! I can't help it.. so please, if u see me smiling or laughjng to myself.. don't worry, I am not crazy..
Intense..15th september jam 0745 di RCTI.. lets hear the insider story of the proposal from people on board that yacht. that special day..
What i had with @chelseaoliviaa was not love at 1st sight.. but maybe it is love at 1st laugh.. when she laughs, smile, or whenever she was happy, I knew that is a sight I want to see for the rest of my life.. and I would do anything to make her happy, because if she is happy, I am a million times h
Thank you everybody for all the best wishes for my relationship with @chelseaolivia92 .Sorry i cant reply all but i do read them 1 by 1..
Many many thanks to everyone involved in my successful proposal to Chelsea. @thebridestory for making all this happen. @wikilee for capturing the moments. @butterflyeventstyling for decorating the venues and making the props.. My brother @alinskie who is always there for me. @sherlylylyly who would
Silet now!! Our big day!!
Watch our special moments of proposal tomorrow 13th September jam 10.50AM at RCTI @Silet_Indigo
@thekase_indon casings designed by swarovski black and white.. The Kase Grand Indonesia Lt 3 east mall..
Chatting the sunset away..
Hey horsey.. why the long face? Shot by: @riomotret MUA: @rama_jee Stylist: @zheyamada
@Thekase_Indon Love this hp casing brand from Paris. Tokonya ada di Singapur, Hong kong, and all over Europe. And it is coming to jakarta!! Can't wait!! like it to support great fashion!!
If the person you love is not feeling well, yet there is nothing you can do to make her feel better, what would you do?
Gotta be careful when shes angry.. ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ
Happiness is not a destination.. its the journey, it is your choice to be happy when and where. Good night everyone.
You and I around the world together..
Naping before the big dive!!
If you know how to handle your risk-taking, big-hearted #Leo, you will do just fine :)
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Love is in the air.. Can't you smell it?
After a long long wait.. this simple scene puts a smile on my face.. we were excited to see each other.. love u @chelseaoliviaa
Last night's long talks and catching ups..
Lord God heavenly King. Thank you for shaping @chelseaolivia92 into a perfect person. With Your permission, I would like to make her happy.
Meditate and breathe through our skin.. @penyogastar @chelseaoliviaa
Congratulations pak @jokowi_do2 atas kemenanganya.. its show time!! I am excited for you!!
@chelseaoliviaa Listen to my heart and you will understand and realise that everything makes perfect sense. Shot by @riomotret MUA : @rama_jee Stylist : @zheyamada
Yes, time is of the essence, but i will wait forever if i must @chelseaoliviaa Shot by @riomotret MUA : @rama_jee Stylist: @zheyamada
Yuuukk!!! "@CutMemey: Pantengin RCTI yuk..!! #kybdb"
Hahahha!! "@CutMemey: Mpok memey dapet berondong baru ๐Ÿ˜‹"
Have a blessed Sunday to all of you tweet peeps..
Ntn"kau yang berasal dari bintang" Indonesian version. The version we love. Added casts, twisted plot and a pinch of humour. 1830 at RCTI.
Thank you and GBU more.."@dewibawati91: @glennalinskie ciee yg mau pacaran bilang2.. Hahaha! Mett ngedate sm chelsea :) Gbu both!"