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if i were a zombie i'd never eat your brain.... o.O actually #IWOULD #HELLOOO #IMMAZOMBIE
There is no easy way of playing off when someone doesn't realize you put your hand out for a high five. #hailee
this is taking wayy too loonngggg
God these sites are getting heavier by the minute hellooo ppl spaming other ppl is not cool #smh
nothing says sweet dreams better than a country song ...
If this was a movie you'd be here by now.... #baby #what #about #the #ending
haven't been here in a while and only lost 500 followers omg :') #sohappy
heyyy twitter's different again!!! o.O
they're dimming the street lights... you're perfect for me ... why aren't you here tonight....
And i'll forget about you long enough to forget why i needed too....
Gotta memorize this cwapp -.-
Too much fume in the room .... omg i can write a song on fumes right here....
Back to my music after such a long time GOD i missed tweeting about every little stupid thing
All I know are the facts That when I look you in the eyes All I see are the lies Been there, done that .... #drive #BANGERZ :')
lol if someone is being criticised by the entire nation!! HE IS DOING NOTHING RIGHT... #seriously
awwww this is soo touching.. @adamlambert did grow up right in front of our eyes but all we noticed was his hair :P
Exceptions do exist...
And by MAD REAL I mean... UNREAL, WHOA, and DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? Have a great one!!
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You know this world is super messed up when u realize @adamlambert is about to get 32 and still looks 26 :O
It's impressive how people have the tendency to pretend even when not needed!! #seriouslyppl -_-
sat with @ayeshakhalid7 today and i'm sure that the saying "beauty with brains" implies on her perfectly :)
if its 12:00am 1.jan.2014 in ur country:'D HAPPY NEW YEAR..u just survived another year filled with bs &heartbreaks you awesome motherfucker
RETWEET! All my Friends & #TVD fans ADD me On my FACEBOOK Now. I Read messages more there : )…
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