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Apparently smokey eyes are the new thing 😂4
♫ And the world has somehow shifted, all at once everything looks different, now that I see you ♪ #Tangled
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When you're tryna watch your show but something crazy is happening online at the same time
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Ghost Town Remixes are dropping this Friday [July 10] for streaming and sale!
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Honey when is that 6'1 gonna come in handy aye? Come take the clock down for me bae ❤️😘@adamlambertt 😂
Congratulations my husband can have a husband of his own now 😂
Urghh why'd I have to make things so super complicated for myself!!!!
I wonder why I stopped doing this...
It isn't just hot outside. @Sheppardstyle is turning the heat up in the studio with @adamlambert #fashion #stylist
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.@adamlambert Would Swipe Right For Kurt Cobain And More Celeb Ghosts: Watch
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I don't love you... Like i did ... YESTERDAY!! 😳#whyyyyy
It's complicated... Isn't it always?
Im bringing this on myself
Still going nuts over the #BadBloodMusicVideo ❤️❤️
Is it killing you? Like it's killing me ... YEAH!?
The Knife Game Song #iFunny he's stupid but i think i fell in love with him 😳
I was an angel until life cut my wings and I was forced to fly on a broom... 😏
I refuse to believe what ppl say if @taylorswift13 is dating calvin 1: leave her alone 2:she'll tell us when it's the right time #rumors 😒
I mean... #dayyyyyuuummnn 😘😍😍j0x6r
@hellonheels_01 but sumtyms silence speaks when words can't
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And sometimes silence can kill someone faster than a gun...
We just go round and round each time.... 😳
@KenMwendwa: 😢ever felt like this ?6” dayum 😂
This kid...this damn kid..... Love her ❤️❤️
Craigery needs a kidney… via @gofundme he needs your help people!!
Craigery needs a kidney… via @gofundme GUYS PLEASEE HE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT
Seriously the only thing people don't know is how to mind their own FUCKING BUSINESS! 😒
Should this be the last thing I see... I want you to know it's enough for me... #soinlove
Its official! I’m coming back...and SOON! Click here for our CRAZY tour announce 😊
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One thing that's kept me thinking for a while now.. How come @RobertDowneyJr 's blackberry never run out of charge in due date!?
It's actually really cute when someone takes a phone on the face for you!! 😊#latenightchatss
@Fames: I swear I wasn't born this cold hearted, people made me this way.”
That's the beauty of it... When it's gone, it's gone!! #mkos
Definitely not the same feelings...
The most attractive thing about him is... HIS PANTS ARE HOOKED ON HIS WAIST... And it's not at the risk of falling off!! #notagangsta

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