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iPad Air 2 Meta-Review: Great, But No Must-Have Upgrades
A German U-boat from WWII has been found off the coast of North Carolina
Sending the great Oscar de la Renta to that "September Issue" in the sky
What we're listening to tonight: @iLoveMakonnen5D featuring @Drake, "Tuesday"
This creepy Halloween ad from Ikea is just perfect, Danny
Hackers roamed around JPMorgan Chase's financial records for 2 months
Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge leak again in Sports Authority ad
China's President wants to ban weird buildings--and that's a huge mistake
This water resistant goldfish pouch looks wet but keeps your stuff dry
"Flying car" crash in Florida leaves two injured
How NASA deals with odor inside the International Space Station:
Bowers & Wilkins' first Bluetooth speaker is a stunner:
Magnets are the secret to the ultimate cookie dunking contraption:
Ask Mythbusters' Adam Savage anything you want:
Designing a SkyMall catalog for the near future:
Just how much better is Amazon's Kindle Voyage screen?
Simpsons World is live: Every Simpsons episode ever, across all your devices
Don't get too excited about that new hoverboard just yet
The U.S. cities where you'll find the tiniest apartments (they're not where you'd think)
Whitney Museum earnestly proclaims "KOONS IS GREAT FOR SELFIES"
This electronic Stonehenge once divined the secrets of Soviet radio
Now you can book a Hipmunk room through Yelp
Google Play Music gets a new look and Songza's suggestion superpowers
Scientists create real Back to the Future hoverboard and it really works
How to try out Apple's new photo storage service now
A smartwatch for kindergarteners is the only smartwatch you really need
The slingshot madman proves the Nokia 3310 is nearly indestructible:
You can now protect your Google accounts with a physical key:
Scientists produce rounded crystals that could lead to 3D-printed pills:
Welcome to Toyland, a new site that's all about toys:
Black Friday Lego giveaway leaked by shipping error
The first Kickstarter I've given money too is a glow-in-the-dark toilet
Google's got hundreds of material design icons you can use for free:
A rare tour inside a thousand-year-old high-tech winery:
No one's buying iPads because iPads are forever:
Google just released hundreds of cool Material Design icons that you can use for free:
When can the police search your phone and computer?
The thoughts of locked-in patients, visualized:
First up-close images of Mars's near-miss comet:
The man who makes movie posters into modern art, @DrewStruzan
Unearthing 91-year-old sphinxes from the buried "Ten Commandments" set
What we're listening to tonight: @Sleater_Kinney, "Bury Our Friends"
Isaac Asimov's newly published 1959 paper for DARPA on creativity
Report: Simon & Schuster and Amazon just made nice
That DNA evidence identifying Jack the Ripper was wrong after all
No one's buying iPads because iPads are forever
Can you get Handoff to work in OS X Yosemite?