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There's a dating site for... algorithms?
A vivid reminder from Banksy that technology can enslave us all:
Every country's drinking preferences, mapped:
This mosaic of satellite images shows Antarctica like never before
Microsoft just accidentally teased Windows 9:
You can rewire your brain to prefer healthy food, so get to work
You can now tip your favorite YouTube stars directly from their videos
NASA wants to make sure drones aren't crashing into each other.
Police in Ferguson now wear body cameras.
If you've ever wondered what counterfeit money looks like, here's your answer.
What if Bob Saget was a sad, drunk horse?
Would you pay $200,000 to fill your body with antifreeze if you could live forever?
Apple is investigating the celeb nude leaks.
One of the mysteries of Stonehenge was solved this summer because someone used the wrong hose.
Science explains how decaf coffee is made. (Why anyone *wants* to drink it remains a mystery)
RIP Russian space sex lizards.
Learning physics just got easier: Richard Feynman's brilliant lectures are now available online for free.
You can buy an authentic spacesuit for your dog.
This desk tidy folds into shape from a sheet of laser-cut steel:
The Asus smartwatch will cost less than $200:
Why beer isn't sold in plastic bottles:
This Google Glass app that measures human emotions is so, so creepy:
The iCloud flaw that could have caused the nude celeb leaks:
You won't be able to find a book in this beautiful new library:
The top ten reasons why Apple rejects apps:
Scientists are now using magnets to detect malaria
If you use an old browser, Google searches for you like it's 2011
Bloomberg reckons that Apple's teaming up with Visa and MasterCard on an iPhone wallet:
Samsung has a curved soundbar to match your curved TV
You Can Stream a Crazy Amount of Good Kung Fu on Netflix Right Now:
So Ryan Adams' New Punk Rock EP Is Actually Pretty Good:
Scientists Empirically Discover the Best Cheese for Pizza:
How NYC Would Respond to an Actual Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Attack:
Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week:
The Long, Strange History of the Kung Fu Fighting Melody:
3D rendering shows how anatomically impossible that "Spider-Woman #1" cover really is (NSFW):
What Do Smartphones Need That They Don't Already Have?:
Watch This Guy Desperately Try to Save His Dying, Water-Bound Drone:
Rain, Architecture, Budweiser: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week:
This New 4D Batman Theme Park Ride Looks Like a Giant Nope-Coaster:
More Rumors Point To Apple Turning Your iPhone Into a Digital Wallet:
This App Lets You Create Custom Shoes With Your Own Photos:
You May Finally Be Able to Buy a OnePlus One Smartphone in October:
Take a Birds-Eye Tour of Apple's Huge Spaceship Campus:
Why you can't stop getting online ads for stuff you already bought:
Happy 30th birthday to Discovery, @NASA's greatest space shuttle:
World's most badass action cam doesn't even blink at up-close rocket testing:
Display owner info on your Android device in case it gets lost: