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Your Amazon account can be hacked via a malicious Kindle ebook
That NFC chip in your new iPhone is only good for Apple Pay - for now
HarperCollins is now using invisible digital watermarks to stop ebook piracy
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A brief history of air bags and the future of driverless cars
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The loud, messy, XTREME graphic design of the 90s
Goodbye space shuttle carrier--and thank you for being awesome
This is how you fly 200,000 iPhones from China to the US
Try these Nike knockoffs for your Back to the Future Halloween costume:
Microsoft bought in Minecraft what it could never make itself:
Apple just made it easier to delete that free U2 album it gave you:
This self-weighing suitcase gives a running total while you pack:
How to make sure your net neutrality comment matters
Watch and squirm as this robot tentacle snakes through a fake pipe
A prosthetic leg for mountain climbers, inspired by sure-footed goats
These lovely Sony headphones hide Bluetooth inside minimalist design
All science should be taught with gigantic ball machines
This dunkable drone will suck up whale snot for science
The FBI just finished its insane new facial recognition system
The Galaxy Note 4 has the best display of any smartphone so far:
Audible security flaw lets anyone download unlimited free audiobooks
Sony a7 owners get a new super-wide lens, with new primes coming soon
How to take care of the hard drive in your Windows machine
MIT's robot cheetah now runs free without cables or a leash
The Microsoft deal could finally put Minecraft on Oculus Rift
Panasonic CM1: A 1-inch image sensor crammed into an Android phone
Panasonic LX100: A whole lot of juice in a not-quite-compact design
Canon 7D Mark II: The longed-for successor to a classic DSLR is here
Google kicks off Android One in India with three ridiculously cheap $100 headsets
YouTube users in India can now download and watch videos offline
Voice calling spotted in the latest version of Whatsapp for iOS
This portable XBOX One gaming "laptop" can be yours for just $1,500
Here is the first Windows Phone device with official "Windows" branding
Tod Browning's Freaks Did Sideshow Horror Before It Was Cool:
How Moon Hooch Helped Me Love the Saxophone Again:
This YouTube Mashup Confirms That Music Is Better When Played Together: