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Giuliana Rancic
Our @ENews battle of the sexes continues tonight at 7/6c!! See u then!
Love this article by @RantChic...can't wait for you to try @XoGWine:)
Thank you for all the love and support for @xogwine! I’m so excited for you to get your hands on this amazing bottle of DELISH wine! Xo, G will be available at @Walmart on November 3rd, just in time for the holidays :)
Thx for all the tweets about @XoGWine! I know u will LOVE it! Can't wait for 11/3! @Walmart #WalmartHoliday #Preview
:) RT @HeyAleph: I'm obsessed with G's @XoGWine #Packaging. Those cute little bottles, the white XO pattern 💗
Sad thought. RT @psychicRuth: @CAFCBrandi you get jailed two years for hitting a dog, Kids are the only ones its legal to hit.
@bossmanmekes Why meet a small childs mistake with violence?? @GiulianaRancic is 100% right. Pick on someone your own size #enews
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I'm passionate about it. RT @jersey_dca: Thank you for speaking out so intelligently against physical discipline of children on @ENews.
Agree 100% RT @CAFCBrandi: Thank you for saying NO to spanking. Why is it still ok to hit kids??? No one should hit anyone!
Thanks! Follow @XoGWine for all the deets!!! RT @sbaumgaertner: Giddy that G has her own wine line now, and in stemless glasses!
It was realllllly hard to keep this a secret but…beyond excited to share the incredible news that I’m launching my very own wine, @xogwine! Aren’t these the coolest bottles you’ve ever seen? I can’t wait for you to try them! They will be available at a Walmart near you on 11/3/14! Just in time for
My @XoGWine will be available at @Walmart near you on 11/3/14! Just in time for the holidays! :) #WalmartHoliday #Preview
Exciting! I’m launching my very own wine, XO, G this fall! Aren’t these the coolest bottles? LOVE!!
Canada! If u missed my #GbyGR shows on @theShoppingChan last weekend, u can still buy here:
Canada! In case u missed my #GbyGR shows on @theshoppingchannel last weekend, u can still buy online here:
XoG! :) RT @RobinOM30: @GiulianaRancic So excited to get my jacket! Perfect for pre fall NY weather. Love, Love.
Love those 2! RT @bajm94257: Watching Elmo and Cookie Monster on @ENews @GiulianaRancic @TerrenceJ It was GREAT!!!!
Thanks! Pants are my line @HSN RT @sooomarypoppins: @GiulianaRancic looks fantastic in that outfit on @ENews. Healthy and happy look great!
Xo! RT @jackiecoutts: OMG can't wait to see the beautiful @GiulianaRancic here in my home town best birthday eva
Friends in Canada! How adorbs is this #GbyGR dress?! Avail now online here: @theShoppingChan
Friends in Canada! How adorbs is this #GbyGR dress?! Available now online here: @theshoppingchannel
Agree! RT @rlevine816: I think elmo and cookie were @GiulianaRancic and @TerrenceJ best interviews @sesamestreet @ENews
The more balls, the merrier on @enews tonight at 7/6c! #iloveballs #amazeballs
Sizes r going fast on my new #GbyGR ultra luxe jacket @theShoppingChan in Canada! Shop here:
Sizes r going quick on my adorbs new #GbyGR ultra luxe jacket on @theshoppingchannel in Canada! Shop here before they're gone:
My go-to look! Moto jacket/pants from my #GbyGR line. Go to or Canada:
Thank u! :) RT @mapleleaf64: @theShoppingChan The trench coat in this photo is, in the words of @GiulianaRancic ...amaze balls!
So chic right?! Xo RT @Gelly423: @GiulianaRancic @theShoppingChan Love this! I must have it!
Canada! My new fall #GbyGR line is back on @theShoppingChan at 9pm ET! U can shop online here:
Canada!! My new fall #GbyGR line is back on @theShoppingChan at 9pm ET! You can also shop online here:
Yay! RT @DanielleKroener: Love my mom's new jacket from your @HSN line! She looks fabulous for her date tonight!!! #gorgeous #style
My go-to hip and chic look! Loving this Luxe Quilted Moto Jacket and amazing jogging pants from my newest #GbyGiuliana collection. Go to to order or in Canada and search Giuliana. @hsn @theshoppingchannel new fab trench is showing right now on @theShoppingChan. Tune in and tell me what u think:) or go to
Yay! Thank u!!! Xoxo RT @staceyamandae @GiulianaRancic I ordered the cascade jacket in Bordeaux. Best collection yet xoxx
@GiulianaRancic @theShoppingChan Just ordered the jacket in black 😃 I can't wait to get it. I've had my eye on it for a while. Outfit ideas?
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Canada! Sizes are going fast! Tune in to @theShoppingChan NOW for my #GbyGR fall line! U can shop online here too:
Luv u Moe-Ur fab! RT @moekelso: @theShoppingChannel with Olivier & Sierra 4 @GiulianaRancic. Fabulous line!�
My friends in Canada...tune into @theshoppingchannel right now to get my showstopper jacket. Comes in lots of colors:). Sizes and quantity running out so get urs today!
To all my friends in Canada-turn on @theShoppingChan right now!!! My showstopper jacket is amazing, affordable & going fast! Get urs now!
@GiulianaRancic @theShoppingChan thank you for the special shout out to your Canadian fans! Love the collection and am shopping away!
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I know. I'm sad too RT @GeriRosman: Tonight is Friday night. And at 9pm, no @Joan_Rivers & #FashionPolice. So very sad. cc @GiulianaRancic
It's @MonicaRoseStyle! RT @justDooDirty: Yo who ever is @GiulianaRancic from @ENews stylist is on point. Love her & the stylist. #fashion
Good choice! #GbyGR @theShoppingChan RT @ElizGrace: @GiulianaRancic I bought the black blazer with ultra luxe lapel! I love a good blazer.