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Gina Trapani
"So what's your talk about?" "Uh, it's about being afraid to die." "Yeah? Sweet! Mine too." #xoxofest
Asking for a friend: Which are your most personal, meaningful tweets? My 2:……
Seriously @twitter your system for reporting death threats is atrocious and ineffective. Please fix it.
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Code a complicated app? No problem. Put together a slide deck? Oh god no please someone help me I'm drowning here
Today my daughter asked me to play a YouTube video on my watch.
Dear introverts going to #xoxofest: find out who you know there using @CDMoyer's handy app see you there.
Nothing new under the sun.
OH on NYC bus: middle-schooler exclaiming about how Instagram-famous her friend is. (Urban Outfitters reshared her photo.)
"add icon to home screen" RT @androidcentral: The one Google Play Store setting you have to turn off #savedyouaclick
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Seems like there a bunch of "holy balls these apps got really good in plain sight while no one was looking" stories, esp around open source.
So, @TheQuinnspiracy has been hiding in 4chan chatrooms, gathering info about the organized effort to harass her.…
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Learning the hard way thru @thinkup: constant, iterative "it gets better" releases don't get the attention a single massive reveal commands.
I love watching my 2-year-old celebrate her belly fat in nothing but a diaper with zero self-consciousness.
When Twitter gives you agita, do you: 1. Unfollow everyone. 2. Follow different people. 3. Turn off your device and go outside. ?
While other networks excel at telling me friends' birthdays, Twitter seems to excel at telling me about celebrity deaths. RIP, Joan Rivers.
I love that @danbenjamin will be Google plussing the Apple announcement.
Fantastic headline writing here: Behind Every Bullied Woman Is a Man Yelling About Free Speech…
My toddler just threw a spoon in the toilet, chewed on a live wire, and tried to drink out of a beer bottle she fished out of the recycling.
Instantly skeptical when someone calls someone else a 'good guy' or 'bad guy.' People do good or bad things.
I usually don’t share the really scary stuff. But it’s important for folks to know how bad it gets [TRIGGER WARNING]
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"Social media are to mansplainers what dogs are to fleas"…
All the things @thinkup CAN'T do to your Twitter account
[New post] In business, let's stop using the language of war
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Yet another "no angel" sitting right here, alive and well.…
The woman at the playground who pulls WD-40 out of the diaper bag and fixes the squeaky swings? Yeah that's my wife.
Just think, we'd never have to disambiguate PGP (Preferred Gender Pronoun/Pretty Good Privacy) if we could encrypt data w/ gender identity.
My 2-year-old, watching my video podcast: "Hiiii! Hi Mama! HIIIIIIII!"
Also my wish for Twitter MT @buster: wish people who work here tweeted with the same transparency & openness as we encourage the world to do
"Shadeballs" just surpassed "douchekabob" as my favorite Kardashianism. Yeah I watch KUWTK you got a problem
Fuck it, say anything phenomenally stupid & claim hack. It's the celebrity model.… (re:…)
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5 years ago today the 1st version of @thinkup landed-and we're just getting started. Software: it takes a long time.…
English major ponders how Whitman (the mansplainer) & Dickinson (the recluse) would have distributed their work in the age of Twitter.
Just look at this beast. Home ownership, man.
Police telling media to "separate from protesters." Protester: "let me pull out my phone, now I'm media." This guy gets it. #Ferguson
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2 thumbs up for The Punk Singer (it's on Netflix) got me started intro'ing my daughter to Bikini Kill & Le Tigre
The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me . . . . he complains of my gab and my loitering.
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New on BGD: Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered By Police, by Mia McKenzie…
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More fun with SketchBook app (for AAA)
Should I sell my OnePlus One and donate the proceeds to a good women-in-tech org thanks to these jackwagons?…