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Gina Trapani
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When you tell people they should solve conflicts w direct confrontation, you're telling them their problem-solving should be more masculine.
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something new every day - thanks! RT @jonfeldman: There is another way - command-click the folder name:
Every time I set up a new Mac I'm surprised that my go-to Finder button isn't there by default. Long live Path!
Also relevant, GitHub's PR firm threatened to blackball a documentary film maker unless she removed me entirely from her film.
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Working out my atrophied blogging muscles: new post on murdering your (app) darlings
Been pretty under-the-radar so far, but @TheNextWeb really got what we're trying to do with @thinkup:
Wow, this new @LastPass native app autofill magic on Android is so nice. Good work, LP.
People drive in Manhattan?
So, under the pretense of protecting Americans, the NSA left millions of Americans open to identity theft. No words.…
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Amazing giant Styrofoam ball
It's Equal-Pay Day. Excellent info on the gender-wage gap, also a race-wage gap, from @schemaly + @feministabulous:…
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Brooklyn car service driver: "the city can't fix these potholes but Manhattan had to have their bikes"
For those asking, T-Mob coverage in NYC is spotty, but I'm the type of person who does not mind being disconnected/unreachable occassionally
$30/month unlimited text/data 100 minutes no contract RT @MattAHorton What's your data plan?
T-Mobile blackshirts' jaws dropped when they saw the M8 & my (apparently unusual) data plan. "How did you GET this?" "Uh, I used the web?"
"a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write"
I like how FreshDirect doesn't round up to 6pm
Talking is easy. It's listening - really listening, with humility and openness to another human's experience & expertise - that's hard.
For writers, coders, and pretty much everybody else too: The Life of a Project: (via @donica @BethanysStories, @koci)
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My perfect job combines coding AND writing. Our biggest editorial challenge in @thinkup so far: