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J. Paul Getty Museum
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Exhibition @ Getty Center celebrates flourishing of artistic culture during age of Rubens
Eternity. It is the sea Gone with the sun. -Arthur Rimbaud #GustaveLeGray
Happy fall! Camille Pissarro uses jagged daubs of paint to suggest leaves in his view of the French countryside
Three reasons to love Marie Antoinette (and they are all beautiful objects in our collection!)
Our graduate internship program is now accepting applications for 2015-2016! Deadline is Dec 1
Take a peek behind the scenes of Spectacular Rubens show @ Getty Center, opens today!
Happy feast day St. Denis! After martyrdom carried his own head
Had fun going to the Getty Museum this weekend. Also had fun making this meme about my life. #inspiration #funnymeme
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A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy? ―Albert Einstein
#ThisJustIn: Chris Killip photographs 'the sublime in the everyday'
St. Jerome's Day! Patron of those who study scripture is depicted with lion from whose paw he had withdrawn a thorn
Feast day of St. Michael! Patron of Christians, Christian soldiers, policemen, fencers & all professions using scales
Creative, easygoing + charming Libra (scales), as depicted in medieval calendars
Feast day of St. Maurice! Third-century soldier is depicted w St. Theofredus in a choir book:
Thanks for joining us for World #AskACurator Day! As always, feel free to ask us questions anytime on Twitter :)
Before I sign off--sword fighting! medieval theater! coats of arms! @ FREE Middle Ages family festival this Sat
Beth Morrison now on deck for #AskACurator day. Knows about Medieval manuscripts, especially French & Flemish
What is your favorite Turner painting? #ACuratorAsks cc @SarahScottGould
Joining us for #AskACurator Day: Julian Brooks. Knows Italian Renaissance & Baroque drawings + British watercolors
Now up for #AskACurator Day: Karen Hellman. Knows 19th-century European photography
Next up for #AskACurator Day: John Tain. Knows all about: 20th & 21st-century art. John (on left) w Allen Ruppersberg
It's #AskACurator Day! First up, curator Ken Lapatin. Knows all about: ancient Greek & Roman art + archaeology
What have you always wanted to know? It's World #AskaCurator Day on Wed, join the fun!
Last day swallows are seen before migrating for winter. -Dove, 1664 almanac (Speculum anni) Swallow, about 1270
Happy Bday Mary! Birth of Virgin was important feast in Middle Ages, this image precedes prayers for mass on that day
Happy Birthday Caspar David Friedrich! German Romantic artist aimed to create Christian art based in nature
Intense, analytical, intelligent + problem-solving Virgo (virgin), as depicted in medieval calendars #zodiac
September blowe soft, Till fruite be in loft. Forgotten, month past, Doe now at the last. —T. Tusser
Feast day of St. Fiacre! Invoked against various physical ills, he's also patron saint of gardeners & cab drivers
Dedication day of the temple of the Sun + Moon in ancient Rome. In the late empire, games were held in their honor.
Today in 1609 Galileo demonstrated his 1st telescope to Venetian lawmakers. French stereoscope of telescope, ca 1855
Feast day of St. Bartholomew! According to tradition he was flayed alive and hence is portrayed with a knife.
@GettyMuseum names Davide Gasparotto, Galleria Estense (Modena), & Jeffrey Spier, Univ. AZ, as senior curators of paintings & antiquities
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Feast day of Bernard of Clairvaux! Said to have drafted rules of the medieval miliary order Knights of Templar
Happy Vinalia Rustica! Held today in ancient Rome to celebrate the grape harvest
#SeparatedAtBirth Man Ray: Mona Lisa as seen by Duchamp + Rrose Sélavy (Marcel Duchamp) © Man Ray Trust ARS-ADAGP
Feast of the Assumption. Assumption of the Virgin, Master of James IV of Scotland, about 1510-20
MT @photographmag: @GettyMuseum curator Paul Martineau talks to @TylerGreenDC about photographer Minor White
Today in ancient Rome, the goddess Diana was worshipped. Diana & Her Nymphs Bathing, Jean-François de Troy, 1722-24
Birthday of Pope + Saint Innocent XI. Ca. 1676 Carlo Maratti drawing of Faith & Justice was made in his honor
Bishop cat with his dog flock for #WorldCatDay! German, 15th century
Today in 1926 Houdini spent 91 minutes underwater in sealed tank before escaping. Here Alexander the Great ca 1400