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J. Paul Getty Museum
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April cold with dropping rain Willows & lilacs brings again The whistle of returning birds… -Ralph Waldo Emerson
#PalmSunday welcome to Easter week! Christ’s path is strewn with palm fronds as he enters Jerusalem. German, 1400s
Bespectacled Sorcerer Theodas Converses with the Devil cc @GettyMuseum (Ludwig XV 9) #Monsters
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One of the most scary of all #Monsters for #SlowArtDay: 7-headed Beast of the Apocalypse! cc @DamienKempf
Everything was going smoothly until some Devils popped up in a tree #Monsters #SlowArtDay cc @DamienKempf
Multi-coloured demons tormenting St. Anthony cc @GettyMuseum (Cenni di Francesco di Ser Cenni, c. 1390) #Monsters
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Can't forget Demons for #SlowArtDay #Monsters! St. Anthony always has fantastic demon tempters cc @DamienKempf
Dragon? Did you say dragon @GettyMuseum: siege tower in the shape of a dragon - like the Trojan horse #Monsters
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It's #SlowArtDay & we're looking slowly @ #Monsters! Obviously, this calls for a Dragon or two cc @DamienKempf
Siren lures sailors to their death and flirts with the centaur (Ludwig XV 3, c. 1270) cc @GettyMuseum #Monsters
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#SlowArtDay #Monsters! Sirens: bird + woman creature's singing lures sailors to their deaths cc @DamienKempf
Examining #Monsters on #SlowArtDay! Gaze of snakes-for-hair Medusa turned men to stone, often on shields @DamienKempf
"My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.” ―Marcel Proust #SlowArtDay
Wealthy Roman women commissioned portraits of themselves as goddesses. Woman as mother goddess Cybele #Megalesia
While the slug is out + about all winter, the shelled snail ('house-bearer') comes forth about April 10
Getty Museum built as a tribute to #Hellensim returns ancient manuscript to Greece via @USATODAY @GettyMuseum
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Thirteenth-Century Depiction of a Cinomolgus: Mythical, giant bird that collected cinnamon to build its nest
Birth + death date of Raphael! His 'almost breathing portraits' are extolled on his tomb in Pantheon in Rome
Happy Bday Fragonard! Young woman bemoans her lover's infidelity as compared to unwavering loyalty of her pup
Happy Birthday Apocalypse! According to some calendars, this was the day on which the Flood began. #Noah
Medieval Reading for Our Favorite “Game of Thrones” Characters Books our favorite "Game of Thrones" c @GettyMuseum
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… the sunny showers perfume the air, and the bees begin to go abroad for honey —Nicholas Breton
It is now April, and the Nightingale begins to tune her throat against May…