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Gerry Stergiopoulos
#PhotoOfTheDay: Le Grand Eléphant of Nantes, France. A giant mechanical elephant that can carry up to 45 passengers!
#GreekSummer = On #Samos island, Argiro the monk seal, hangs out with people on the beach & even uses a sun-lounge!!
Brad & Angelina kept their wedding a very private affair = Classy *Unlike some families who will sell everything. *cough cough* Kardashians
"#Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." Coco Chanel
BRAVO fashion goddess Donatella @Versace 4 the most chic #IceBucketChallenge with assorted HUNKS & porcelain buckets!
The @eurofurence 2014 looks FAB! I would like my furry suit to be a foxy doberman! #CrazyPlacesIWouldRatherBeRightNow
Listening to the "@Guardians of the Galaxy" Awesome Mixtape Volume 1.. #FeelGoodMusic for a rainy day!
Don't be so tough on new Tweeters. As if we knew what the f**k we were doing when we first joined! #TwitterEtiquette
Warning: If you enter a train holding a golden Bamboo, everybody assumes it's a #Cannabis plant also known as #Ganja!
About 5 million gallons of clean water have been wasted in American for the #IceBucketChallenge. Just DONATE to #ALS!
BORED of all narcissists who use the #IceBucketChallenge to SHOW OFF for Facebook likes. Stop self-promoting & just donate to ALS charity!
Make your OWN decisions & live YOUR life! My WORST #decisions were made either: A) To please my parents or B) Just to piss off my parents..
Meanwhile on "Celeb" @bbuk, white Dee has passed her secret task to become Duchess Deidre of Solihull! LOL #DeeToWin
Just love @Harry_Styles! He seems a great young man & fabulous to his fans. Also may I say WET he looks really #HOT!
At @56deanstreet for my biannual HIV test. Gorgeous silver decor,jazz music, feels like a luxury spa. One more reason you should get tested!
No more Calendars, Mistletoe and wine this Christmas... The Queen must be livid!! #CliffRichard
I can't wait for #CelebrityBigBrother to start. This current BB series is dreadful! Unlikable housemates, crap tasks & forced storylines...
#RIPRobinWilliams who gave happiness to millions but couldn't find it himself. We hide the pain but 4 some of us depression is devastating.💔
Interesting Fact of the day: All #IKEA employees used to be customers who couldn't get out & just gave up...
I'm in "Lazy Sunday, lets add NEW #FacebookFriends" mode! Send me your friend request here.. HURRY HURRY! ㋡═☞
Bring on the Tuna Cake it's #WorldCatDay! Meow... 🐱🐱🐱🐱�
Progress can be painful #Change can also be painful. But nothing feels more painful than being stuck somewhere you don't belong! #Motivation
#Jealousy comes from counting other people's blessings instead of our own... #MondayWisdom #SoTrue
What is your #EMOBandName? *I am "Black Elderflower", so chic!
"If you are looking for that person that can change your life, just look in the mirror..." Anonymous #WeekendMorivation
Cheryl looking hot in @TheXFactor auditions. Do we now call her Tweedy, Cole, Fernandez-Versini or good old #Chezza?
“Laugh loudly, laugh often, and most important, laugh at yourself.” ― @chelseahandler
That's what came to my mind when I heard about the fight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber... #HandbagsAtDawn
WELL DONE @GregJRutherford for Commonwealth GOLD in long jump! In that one-piece he's like a HOT Ginger Spirderman...
So has Devon police arrested the dangerous sausage-stealing seagull, or he's still at large? #EnglishSummer
"Eating Fish and chips by the English seaside" = #Instagram VS #Reality
Loving #iWannaMarryHarry! Bitchy American girls who believed prince Harry would go to a cheesy show to find a bride!
Protestor outside a @ladygaga concert in the states.. Everything about this is pure gold.. #LGBT
The #loombands craze is taking over.. Soon enough they will be selling humans entirely made of loombands...
Just bumped into the #BackToTheFuture car, casually parked in Holborn.. Drive me to 1994 now! #TimeMachine
Thank you @ThamesDiscovery volunteers for organising a Tower of London foreshore mudlurking day! See u all next year!
#FirstWorldProblems= I can't defeat the Demonic Wizpig on @AngryBirds EPIC! This game is SO Addictive! #Squawk...
It's too HOT for clothes today... Come on, shock your neighbours! #heatwave
This tweet will melt in 15 minutes... Keep cool today! ♨♨ ♨♨ #Heatwave
On this sunny day I'm coughing & wheezing like a 90 year old. Seems gays get full blown #ManFlu too! Twitter pray for me...
I'm not #Lazy! I am just selectively active...
Gold medal swimmer @IanThorpe suffered from depression from being in the closet. He found the courage to come out. Welcome to being youself!
Who will win the ⚽️#WorldCup ⚽️?? RT for #GERMANY🇩🇪, FAV
I love stupidity: This lady called Steven Spielberg "ANIMAL KILLER" because she really believes he shoot a #dinosaur!
I don't understand why Brazilians are crying & burning buses? It's ONLY football! It's not like they lost Eurovision.
A GREAT wildlife photo before bedtime: "Facebook update" or "How a Snow monkey stole a tourist's iPhone" by @Squiver!