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Gerry Stergiopoulos
Female lions at rest, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park by Michael Nichols winner Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
I've been on the 5:2 diet for a week and already I've lost 20 friends!! #500kcal #Diet #Lunch #HungryGreek 🍔�
It's sad that the unrealistic pressure Hollywood puts on women made #ReneeZellweger to so radically alter her face!!
RT @ricky_martin#Education is like an #erection, if you have one it shows...” (La educación es como una erección; si la tienes, se nota.)
On this day in 1793 Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, was executed by guillotine in Paris for 'treason' #PoorMarie
In total support of the #NHSstrike: The Government opposes 1% pay rise for nurses & midwives. Meanwhile MPs award themselves a 10% pay rise!
Andrea Faustini to Win! His vocal range is on a totally different level to the others. @AndreaFaustini1 #XFactor
Jedward + Miley = Blond Electra ps. I'm STILL WAITING for those unicorns puking glitter!! @TheXFactor #XFactorLiveShows #JedwardClones
Cheryl darling, remember to sack the make up artist tonight... 🐼#PandaEyess �#XFactorLiveShowsws
Not sure if any of the OverLOAD boys have actually "Kissed a girl"... NO kissing Louis Walsh does NOT count! #XFactor
It's better to arrive late, than to arrive ugly.. #TotallyAgree #TopMan
Just in case you constantly forget to "Remove child before washing"... #LaundryProblems #Fail
A good #laugh and a long #sleep are the two best cures for ANYTHING... Goodnight my darling Twitter friends.. #EarlyNight
Be FREE. But never be CHEAP!! #lifehacks
That time of the year when #Xfactor gets Sinitta out of her box so she doesn't spill Simon's dark secrets! #Hairkini
My friend Peter has the most GORGEOUS Savanna pussy & she plays the pianno too!
"In just three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: IT GOES ON." Robert Frost
Negative thoughts won’t give you a positive life....
The #Spartans have taken over London!! I wonder where do they keep their Oyster Cards? #300
Have you watched "@David_Cameron 's Conference Rap" by @Cassetteboy? BEST political parody of the year! #Genius!
Just opened a surprise box by someone very special! I now understand what Forest Gump meant...
Never make PERMANENT decisions, based on TEMPORARY feelings... #WhatILearnedToday
When in doubt, escape to the countryside to recharge the batteries. This way you will find the…
MALE HOTTIE ALERT: Chris Pratt in "#JurassicWorld" to be released in 2015! #HotDude
I'm probably really old because I can't figure out what #Snapchat does or how it works...
Someone really special to me took this photo last weekend.. #Happiness
Feeling relieved that #Scotland stays with us. Now the politicians should DELIVER the devolution they promised...
Regardless of what #ScotlandDecides tonight, if a man doesn’t look sexy wearing a kilt, he never will... #indref
Ps. I lived in Edinburgh for more than a decade & I can honestly tell you I love #Scotland as much as my homeland Greece. PLEASE STAY.
#Scotland balances #England, culturally, politically & socially. The UK will never be the same without Scotland. PLEASE STAY.. (cont)
I nominate my ex for the boiling HOT water challenge....
WORST Street Fashion EVER = The Testicle backpack!! That's nuts... #FashionDisasters #WhatWereTheyThinking
In other news, man discovers KFC nugget that looks like a map of the UK but #Scotland is MISSING!! #ChickenProphesy
Happy #RoaldDahlDay! 🎩🍭 🎩🍭 My hero & fellow chocaholic bookworm was born on this day in 1916.
"Sex-Tape of Olympic gymnast #LouisSmith, LEAKED" Whey will Celebs learn that NAUGHTY Skype chats can be recorded?! Now where's the footage?
It is quite a COOL blog don't you think?
It looks TERRIFYING to me:"Australian architects unveil SPECTACULAR cliff house" #LifeOnEdge #Cliffhanger #Acrophobia
If #Scotland votes for independence, #DavidCameron should RESIGN! Not merely because he is the Prime (cont)
The same people who were dissing #Android phones because "they are too big" are rushing to buy the #iPhone6! You all love BIG SCREENS NOW?!?
Dear Scottish voters, if you vote 'NO' in the #IndyRef the new #Royalbaby will be called "Hamish or Morag McWindsor"!
Following a DNA breakthrough it seems #JacktheRipper was #AaronKosminski, a Polish hairdresser & one (cont)
Need to congratulate my friend @hattondancer who was crowned Mr Gay World, the 1rst UK winner! Whistle for a #hottie!
Happy #WorldBeardDay my fellow bearded gents. *Any excuse to show off mine!