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Gerald Smith
RT @TheElders: "Peace can mean many things, but I think one word can sum it: Ubuntu. – 'I am because you are.'" Desmond Tutu...
It’s much better to focus on doing the right thing; vs the right outcome. The outcome will take care of itself. #wastedenergy #lifelessons
This Mooring Tool Is Next-Level Design Sorcery... A great invention for grabbing a mooring. @SunsailUSA…
"Grace begins when one person is full and another is empty." -Piper Thanks @sgadams54 #GratitudeAttitude
Being the best at something requires #relevance. Being the best & stopping is being great yesterday, & out of business today! #trytryagain
Grateful that so many of the Premier Studios team have found new opportunities. #sadbutgrateful #bestteamever
The ALS ice bucket challenge will go down in history as an extraordinary marketing success. #IceBucketChallenge #ALS
Love working with authors like @MichaelDPerkins. Excited to launch his eBook next month with @ChurchMag #Press.
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What does it mean to live in the power of weakness? Find out in a new book by @DaveClarkWrites
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Some orgs are held back by internal voices unwilling to address real questions. They look to internal expertise with misguided expectations.
This day in 1940..."Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." -Winston Churchhill #compassion #justice
Some people have the gift of encouragement. #thankyou You know who you are! ;-)
Some online forums should remain private in order to avoid embarrassing themselves. #nooneisperfect #whatgoesaroundcomesaround
Encourage millennials to talk about what they’re looking for & what they would like to contribute. Their answers might surprise you. #learn
While Christians should not be ashamed of the gospel, many struggle because they are ashamed of their church. #ittakesageneration #grace
Healthy brands value grassroots crowdsourcing, by directly engaging the end-user, and asking “now where should we go from here?” #together
Remember, if you’re not buying into the mission, everyone around you knows where you stand. #itjustworksoutthatway #nopretending
"Being a leader is like being a parent" -@simonsinek And unfortunately I've met too many bad leaders that are also bad parents. #irony
If you like photog & airplanes, this is the best footage I've seen in awhile. Kudos Tyler Rogoway. @Aviation_Intel…
Online content will continue to breed sources of anonymity & society will eventually adapt for this. #disbelief #lackoftrust #disengagement
I know it's Monday and all but really...the power of willful ignorance should never be overstated. #whoknewwhatwhen
Remember, they can't blame you for trying... "I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it." -Van Gogh
Lunch with the #matriarchs! #wise counsel. #thebest iamdorisanne mawmawbobbie
Brand experiences are usually designed to be controlled, however the best experiences are usually out of control! #brandsthatpeoplelove
Back to #SNU! #Sophomore snuadmissions It's gonna be a great year Averycakes!
If it's worth doing, do it! If you do it wrong, do it again. Remember, it was worth doing. So do it better this time. #doOvers
Usually applause is a sign of #appreciation, but the BEST #applause is nothing but pure encouragement - and we all could use a little more!
229 hand-wound strings by Gary V Smith. #amazing #Erard #Piano #1826
I feel like I'm living reality tv & just another #contestant off the island. Someone please return me to regularly scheduled #programming!
This girl is an amazing #cake maker! More than cakes...cakesations!!
9 scientist who dispute gravity. “We’ve known for a long time gravity doesn’t exist, it’s time to yell it.” -Verlinde…
Unfortunately the saying goes "the people who #talk the most don’t always have much to say". That's why I've developed #selective hearing.
For every great discovery, imagine all those who tried yet failed to discover the same. We are seldom alone in our aspirations. #lookaround
I find most things in life actually require less energy than I anticipated...and how I've wasted time and energy throttling back. #noregrets
Realizing that their individual efforts aren't producing greater results should keep more people up at night. #resist #statusquo
Happy Birthday @schmeo! Thanks for including us!
Reminded how fortunate I am to have worked with such tremendously talented experts. @markcork @heather_knight #innovators
This guy... this girl... started their senior year today at #HCA. Thanks kimunderdown!
#BackToSchool day for the kiddos... here's to all the new kids arriving at a new school today! Someone please #bekind #becaring #befriendly
Sometimes it's just time... "We don't start the show because we're ready. We start the show because it's 11:30." -Andy Samberg #SNL
Thank you @CapeAir for getting us through SJU so quickly! You're the best!