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Gerald Smith
All around great day yesterday! It was like a reunion in a funeral sort of way. Highlights... #PremierStudios #OldFriends #AKGTubes #thanks
You must believe that YOU ARE ENOUGH! When you believe it, you are kinder to those around you. #ImEnough #Kindness
One of the best campaigns I've seen in a long while. #ImEnough
Article as next gen millennials on wall street. @BV…
Technology entrepreneurship will never have the power to displace big Wall Street. via @BV
Just about the time you begin to understand life will never be perfect, is also just about the time you begin to understand the journey!
"The best thing I did was choose the right heroes." -Warren Buffett
I certainly believe in giving credit where credit is due - especially when it's requested. #patience #comingyourway
Love this photo! Also, see more photos of nature #ignoring civilization.…
Indian spacecraft reaches Mars for less than it cost to make the movie 'Gravity' #innovation
Education is what others do to you, learning is what you do for yourself. Real time access to information changes everything. #newnormal
Remember.....some choices are made unconsciously. A calling to be aware of yourself, and forgiving of others.
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Sometimes what’s going on in the lives of others is more interesting than what’s going on in our own - but then we talk about them. #gossip
Brands pay attention... "a customer is never out of warranty, even when the product is." -Godin #lovethis
Wanna good laugh? Ask Siri "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?" #LOL
Love those days when the #ToDo list decreases by half. #Grateful for busy and productive days!
Your mind will grow flaccid or complacent when you're continually exposed to dominant people more than willing to do your thinking for you.
How many flags does one ikea actually need? #beautifulday
Today would be a GREAT day to walk along the beach! Except I am no where near a beach. #beachenvy
How do you know when you encounter reality? When you find out your wrong. #truth #smile
Don't you know that life is precious and fragile! Handle with care. #grateful
When you do have a great idea, act on it, because chances are someone else just had the same great idea. #goforit #nothingnewunderthesun
I find people should be more concerned about being decisive than about being right. Decision-making doesn't come natural. #learn&earn
Just think, if you got up 30 mins earlier everyday for a year, you'd add over 7 full days of productive hours to do something great!
The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. -Steve Jobs
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Live bold & courageous! Later, we tend to regret what we DIDN'T do much more than what we DID do. #adventure
Remember, the person with BIG dreams has so much more potential than the person with all the facts. #vision
People will hurt you for no reason and regret it. Make them realize how stupid they were by completely forgiving them and moving on.
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How #ApplePay is set to change commerce & why it's good for you. via @VentureBeat…
We all work with the same 3 colors, 10 digits & 7 notes. The value is in what we do with them. #domore
HealthKit is already helping top hospitals fight cancer, diabetes @KennethHWood
Why We Love Repetition in Music: Explained in a New TED-Ed Animation @TEDTalks
Great crowd at Digital Sandbox KC relaunch at @UMBBank. Thanks, all!
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Is this day over yet?
It's hard to loose a friend your kids were raised with. #change #sad #tears #Henry
Said goodbye to an old friend today. #Henry #ChocolateLab Sad day at the Smiths.
"Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of an entrepreneur." Zig Ziglar
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Words from an Oswald Chambers devo today! "The helplessness of professional religion is that there is…
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9/11 still feels like yesterday. Remembering the victims and families of this terrible event.
A grand shout out to @schmeo! I am told you rose to my defense yesterday and spoke truth. #thankyou #integrity #cantwaitformyturn
Quote of the day.. "You have the best friends and worst enemies of anyone I know!"
Beginning with "it is my understanding" does not excuse one from spreading misinformation.
Post this at all the intersections, dear friends: Lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue, and let anger straggle along in the rear.
Bravo @Apple! Even with the streaming hiccups. It's been a great day for #Apple. #longtimecoming #AppleWatch
Impressive... Apple is giving U2’s new album away for free! #AppleLive…