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George Takei
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Can we please send 435 of these to Congress?
There are places in the world where the weird and wonderful collide. Must. Visit.
I can tell you when the wrong time is: When you make eye contact with someone.
Let's table this discussion for later.
Some neighborhood watches are under SERIOUS protection.
Be thankful we decided to carve out pumpkins for Halloween. Imagine if the decision had been to go with coconuts.
We don't like to throw things out, so to see these repurposed old items is a joy.
These are some beautiful sunsets, but my favorite view is the one with @BradTakei.
From a fan. And lots of heavy petting.
HELP STOP BULLYING! Just made a donation to the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center @LALGBTCenter
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Doesn't it seem like we USED to know how to look and act classy? Here's proof.
Photo: Give Marsha in HR the scare of her life with this.
I can't stop laughing at this.
They say timing is everything, and these photos prove it. I like the bartender one...
Horrorscope. VIRGO: Avoid poultry unless you need to fit in that dress soon. Nude friend's pics may get leaked. Don't laugh, you're in some.
So, this is a thing. I think we’re all in trouble because this is a thing. Don’t use the good sauce though.
If you think your morning starts a bit rough...
#IfICouldTimeTravel I would go back and freeze Jar Jar Binks in carbonite within the first 5 minutes of Star Wars Episode 1.
Happy birthday to my friend and @allegiancebway producer Lorenzo @thione. Let's twitterbomb him with followers and birthday wishes!
Great Scot, a man could get kilt for making a joke. Happily, other Canadian fans have a more developed sense humor.
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Tag a friend in the comments who needs coffee to function.
Photo: Perhaps this is why they’re "Always Low Prices."
I don't know about you, but I'm still learning from Bill Nye.
We often speak of natural beauty. But are our eyes being fooled?
Photo: Many of us have standard “bucket lists” — the Pyramids, the Great Wall. These make for a more unique...
From a fan. What a cheeky proposal.
Experts agree shaming is ineffective, but in these cases it's just so dog-gone adorable.
You can be late for reasons other than "My God, I'm pregnant." Here's some useful info.
Oh to have been in that meeting where someone said, "Yes, this is a good idea."
Some of these are really incredible. The witch's brew one is especially useful.
For some it hails the arrival of fall. For others it’s simply overkill. Pumpkin Spice has taken over everything
Meet the inimitable Corgi and Bess.
Some of these aren't just sci-fi classics, some of these are classics of modern literature!
Photo: This is truly amazing, and one of the funniest things I’ve seen. That it was live tweeted only adds...
Google is already redefining how we understand the world. What happens when we simply let the cameras roll?
You're never too old to be super.
There's your way of eating, and then there's the correct way.
The girl's art is beautiful, but it's strength and support of her family that struck me.
Every New England state had one of its driest Septembers on record. Then there's California...
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