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George Takei
actingactor 1,385,065 followers
This woman sent her face to photographers around the world to photoshop. This is what they sent back
Ah, the visual I now have of legions of fans swatting imaginary cobwebs out of their faces...
Taco 'bout a strange sign. It's nacho everyday occurrence. Okay, these are getting corny...
Tag a friend in the comments who is arachnophobic to a comparable degree.
An intern (1 of 3 Asian-Americans on Team Takei) sent this one with a note "Yes but whose breakfast?"
Photo: It took me some time, then I got the point. Source: I Fucking Love This
Photo: If you want to watch something both adorable and kind of wet, here you are.
For the fix-it-alls in your life.
Photo: Okay, Trekkies. How many of these did you know?
So many fans asked, and now my wrist is sore....from signing dozens of books.
From a fan. Talk about giving it the bird.
Friends, what would you add to the end of this cliffhanger?
Maybe he's trying to branch out a bit.
Photo: I could have gone my whole life without knowing this fact. Or some of the others listed here. Really...
They weren't exactly the wind beneath their wings.
The ultra thin profile is still no match for Felix.
I've worked in Hollywood all my life, and I didn't even know some of these tidbits.
Photo: How many of men could handle it, I wonder? Watch: Men Watch Childbirth For The First Time -...
This is one of the most unusual but amazing family stories I’ve ever heard...
I'm George Takei, and I approve of this selfie.
Tinder is a dating app, and like any such environment, you get your share of real winners.
My mind said, "Leo" and it wasn't that funny. Then I read the rest and it suddenly was.
This gave me quite the chuckle. #OhMyyy worthy, indeed.…
From a fan. Oh, this poor, poor woman.
Disney is the most magical place on earth, providing you follow the rules. #OhMyyy…
"Happiness is achieving a goal. You struggle for that goal & you reach it. And you can share that …." @GeorgeTakei
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Ah, the weekend. So close, and yet, so short.
There are Easter Eggs, and then there are DISNEY Easter Eggs:
The thing about naked ninjas is, nobody sees them coming.
Ever wonder how certain items get made? Find out here:
I don't know if I'd call that "manly," but I would say it sounds delicious.
Photo: georgetakei: You’ve been warned. Source:
This is one of the most unusual but amazing family stories I've heard
Getting excited for my upcoming Halloween Costume Contest. And yes, one of the categories is pets.
These are, as we said back in the day, “knee slappers.”
Too much catnip? Gopher it, I say:
Support @MAYDAYUS to keep corruption out of govt. Submit a 30 sec ad for their #Maydayin30 contest: I’m a judge!
Photo: If you want to spoil your pussy, here are some novel ideas.
Photo: Funny. But as to the scandal itself, remember that you can help—by refusing to be part of the...
There are Easter Eggs, and then there are DISNEY Easter Eggs:
Brad here. I'm flattered someone would want to kidnap me, but George, leave the rescuing to the pros. #Takeiken