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George Hatcher Sr.
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#MH17 Also 154 Dutch, 27 Australian, 38 Malaysian - 15 malaysian crew, 11 Indonesian, 4 German, 4 Belgians, 3 Philippines and 1 Canadian,
#MH17 Headline: Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: 'Six Britons, 23 US citizens and 80 children
#MH17 Not posting the ghastly images of scattered remains, they are posted online.
Dutch press conference on #MH17 now says 298 were aboard: 15 crew and 283 passengers.
#MH17 Mourning in Amsterdam. PIC found on Twitter
#MH17 33,000 feet is within range of BUK ground-to-air weaponry.
#MH17 NOW All flights in eastern Ukraine have now been barred from the area. Now they tell us.
#MH17 US intelligence agencies have confirmed a surface-to-air missile was fired at the aircraft. source: Wall street journal
#MH17 Putin blames Ukraine. “Obviously, the state over whose territory it happened bears responsibility for this terrible tragedy."
#MH17 Rumor is separatists shot it down with a BUK system of the Ukrainian military.
#MH17 295 souls lost. Shooting of a civilian aircraft is a violation of international treaty. Investigation will be international.
Ukraine Gov. confirms #MA17 crashed, shot down by a BUK surface-to-air missile. Whose? Why would #MA fly passengers over warzone?@susanjzach
It appears the plane was flying over a war zone. Did Malaysia Airlines not have NOTAM? #MH17 @hemila82
George Hatcher news: #MH17 Another Malaysia Airlines tragedy of infinite magnitude. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Shot
George Hatcher news: JetBlue Flight 354 Diverts and Lands in Emergency
Climate Change Cause More Turbulence 4 Airplanes- I fly 200k + YR & NO question, my flights more choppy!…
Chinese Hackers Reportedly Took Over a Moving Tesla Car? Keeping eye on Tesla.…
Disaster at Sea news: Costa Concordia is refloated off coast…
George Hatcher news: South African Airbus Turbulence Injures 28 over #Malaysia
The Dangers of Private Planes, I keep up with small plane crashes & post stories no matter if celebrity is involved and there are so many!
George Hatcher news: Australian Pilot Develops ‘GO Light’ System to Mitigate Spatial Disorientation
George Hatcher news: Bird Forces Private Jet to make Emergency Landing at Dulles
New post: Deadly Train Derailment in Moscow; Atleast 22 Killed, 136 Injured