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Geoff Burch
Never received such shocking service in all my life. Not even a toilet!! Paid £23 more for first class for a crap cup of tea @EMTrains
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Oh dear! Last minute training of the new @BBCCiN call centre team isn't going according to plan! #CiN #StarWars
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How long have you been working for this company? Ever since they threatened to fire me!
Don't see the point of caring"feel your pain"customer care if they have absolutely no power to actually put things right.
More tough times with @ThomsonCares the caring responders to my despair are robots who fob me off to the Indian call centre AGAIN!
Good news I winged about @ThomsonCares & they responded Bad news they gave no contact details.Customer care at its slackest.Great material!
Got to give a wry smile at the tag @ThomsonCares as I do battle with their foreign call centre.
Awful dreary customer service from #thomson holidays.
@GeoffBurch Hilarious presentation. Pls remind me of the cucumber gag. Still laughing. #Neg15 @Keyzapp
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Spent my misspent youth trying to avoid being followed now twitter is here I welcome it.Funny old world.
HUGE thanks to Simon P who left the nicest ever review on #audible for "go it alone" Thanks mate made my day!
Just been to a model engineering exhibition.So much grey hair So many engine drivers hats...heaven!
Got a diesel car with low Co2 but makes &stores carbon particles then burns them doesn't burning carbon make Co2?
Great talk 2day @GeoffBurch @SalesExpo. Gutted not 2see any 'pitchin' about @Checkatrade as agreed in the bar! Still u wont see me 'bitchin'
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This new carrier bag law is getting out of hand..
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#Smallbiz productivity toptip#2-be 'in the room'.Focus on what you are doing&get the most out of every situation.Dont your mind zone out.
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Oh by the way "Way of the Dog" is an audio book and THIS time they've used my voice!
Super mega chuffed my favouritest book wot I wrote "Way of the Dog" is for sale on #audible & #itunes
In smart thinking section of book shop.The only common thread is how we can stare more intently up our own bottoms
Thrilled "Go it Alone" has been picked up by #itunes
So happy loads of lovely people are listening to Go it Alone on #audible
Thank you @BizEditorGlos at @GlosEcho for a great feature on #CCBIz Connect Bus in today's paper. Some lovely pics!
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I am creating an audiobook on #ACX_com
That's weird all my notifications back to Sept 15 have vanished anyone know why?
"Go it Alone" audio book is now for sale with the help of #ACX_com
Whoopee! "Go it Alone" has just appeared on #Audible…
I think this is a link to me on the telly!…
On telly tomorrow BBC inside out east midlands I'll have to watch it on iplayer
Just produced & read "The Way of The DOG" as an audio book on #ACX_com
Excited! Jumped through all the hoops & "Go It Alone" is now up as an audio book with the help of #ACX_com
I'm loading "Go it Alone"as an audiobook on #ACX_com
Got my books all recorded & ready to go but the #ACX site for #Audible is impossibly frustrating so having nightmares uploading grrrrr!
Just discovered putting a dab of washing up liquid in swimming goggles is a great way to get washing up liquid in your eyes.
More that 90% of all businesses in the world employ less than ten people.Small is beautiful!
"Blitz That Business" @GeoffBurch business guru talking at Cheltenham Connect Business Day #CCBiz 24th Sept #GlosBiz
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A lot of salespeople have found success by being entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurs can find success by learning to be salespeople.
#gigeconomy When you look a your job description could you sell yourself as a freelance?
Google the gig economy.Are you fit for self employment?Because it's coming like it or not!
The problem with Twitter is that I get all these fascinating people follow who I will never get to know.Got some from Chile how thrilling!
Car insurance"we may have to charge you more Mr Burch because your famous"Really?"It's ok just checked your not that famous"BUMMER!
"Blitz That Business" @GeoffBurch business guru talking at Cheltenham Connect Business Day #CCBiz 24th Sept #GlosBiz
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