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Geoff Burch
business journalist companies 16,801 followers
Since walking out of a senior management job 30 years ago, I've never looked back.
Testimonials essential to any business!
Geoff Burch is an internationally acknowledged authority on Sales and Customers.
With so many introductions in my presentations, I just want to say hello!
Book me to not only entertain you, but also lead you down a successful path for both you and your business!
Don't you hate it when you get a sales call with a script.
Are you missing the talent in your employees.
What do you want to see in your training meetings? Ready to be bored?
Laughingly Customer Care, can you relate?
Don't forget your add-ons!
See what sort of person will buy your products or services?
Teach an old Dog New Tricks ;-) Laugh along with me.
What you can expect from me? What will you learn?
Does it really tempt you? Marketing Promotions.. BOGOF
How do you feel in your new job?
Geoff Burch Successful Selling – Are you with me on this one?…
Sit back and enjoy! Just a few clips of me in action!
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The Writing on the Wall - The Campaign for Commonsense Business Geoff Burch
Resistance is Useless - The Art of Business Persuasion Geoff Burch
The Way of the Dog - The Art of Making Success Inevitable Geoff Burch
Go It Alone – The Streetwise Secrets of Self-employment
Welcome to my Book Shop! Are you ready to Go It Alone?
Since walking out of a senior management job 30 years ago, I've never looked back.