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Geoff Burch
Just produced & read "The Way of The DOG" as an audio book on #ACX_com
Excited! Jumped through all the hoops & "Go It Alone" is now up as an audio book with the help of #ACX_com
I'm loading "Go it Alone"as an audiobook on #ACX_com
Got my books all recorded & ready to go but the #ACX site for #Audible is impossibly frustrating so having nightmares uploading grrrrr!
Just discovered putting a dab of washing up liquid in swimming goggles is a great way to get washing up liquid in your eyes.
More that 90% of all businesses in the world employ less than ten people.Small is beautiful!
"Blitz That Business" @GeoffBurch business guru talking at Cheltenham Connect Business Day #CCBiz 24th Sept #GlosBiz
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A lot of salespeople have found success by being entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurs can find success by learning to be salespeople.
#gigeconomy When you look a your job description could you sell yourself as a freelance?
Google the gig economy.Are you fit for self employment?Because it's coming like it or not!
The problem with Twitter is that I get all these fascinating people follow who I will never get to know.Got some from Chile how thrilling!
Car insurance"we may have to charge you more Mr Burch because your famous"Really?"It's ok just checked your not that famous"BUMMER!
"Blitz That Business" @GeoffBurch business guru talking at Cheltenham Connect Business Day #CCBiz 24th Sept #GlosBiz
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Want to learn ways to improve you and your teams performance? @GeoffBurch keynote speech will help you!
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Just heard the new bishops on the radio what a pure lexicon of management speak! Is this lean but collaborative agile religion?
Oooo! Poor old #Greece took a kicking.Would they be better off out of the #Euro ?
The only secure employment is self-employment.Are you ready to give it a go.After all you will never fire yourself!
Done my big shop musty spuds iffy avocado wooly apples.Horrid feeling the big boys are dropping quality to take on discounters.You noticed?
I'm going to have a crack at doing a short kindle only book on selling for the self-employed.At a nice low price.Interested?
As #Greece is forced to super tax tourism it's last productive industry another coin is in the life support meter the patient totters on.
I talk & talk to the motor trade about customers but they still don't get it.Saw some poor sod pay 140 quid to just be told what's wrong!
Had a rip roaring hilarious time talking to #stonewater housing.It's so much fun working with such a nice audience.Thanks to all
@GeoffBurch Geoff, you are definitely onto something. Team work is a huge driver in success.
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Joyful to see my start up book go it alone is booming again on #amazon I would love to share those messages in person but don't know how
Just had contact from an Indian speaker agent.Can't he wondering what India will make of the @GeoffBurch style of business guru-ing.
book on how to be a mentalist tells me the way I dress influences others.As I seem to be wearing most of my breakfast I wonder how it works.
Hard tale and solid metal seat.He will have a butt like a blood orange!
Finished the bike after a crazy two week build.Junior is riding it to Spain straight out of the box..mustbe nuts!
#Greece is like a battered fighter coming back round after round for a beating.It's time the ref stopped the fight.
Speaking tonight for #Kerridge the friendliest business software people in the world!
In the new business world grow your enterprise by up serving not up selling.Small companies can beat the big ones at this.
Awful customer service #ThomasCook saved by a lovely lady Kelly at their Falkirk call centre who rescued my trip.Human 1 computer 0.
Part of my job is talking to big companies about importance of customer service.Waste of breath they just can't see the point .
#ThomasCook airlines live chat help line completely and utterly useless!Don't even think about ringing them..grrrrrrrr so frustrating!
Now its just little old me doing my tweets no more ads links or blue bits.What would you all enjoy hearing about?
My very nice lady who helps manage my tweets can't do it any more .so from now on it is raw chaotic Geoff.Sorry
Awful dreary customer service at #Thomsonholidays If have to listen to Hungarian rhapsody on hold again I will scream!
Go It Alone – The Streetwise Secrets of Self-employment
Your People’s Army - Airlines are just like the childrens’ character, Noddy....
The Writing on the Wall - The Campaign for Commonsense Business Geoff Burch
What do you want to see in your training meetings? Ready to be bored?
Just done my bit at the #retraconference nicest friendliest people.we must all buy our TVs etc from them NOW!
With so many introductions in my presentations, I just want to say hello!
Well, what did you expect?
How do you feel in your new job?
Don't you hate it when you get a sales call with a script.
Laughingly Customer Care, can you relate?

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