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Geoff Ninecow
Sure you did. And the sky is paisley, too, huh?…
“It really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young & beautiful piece of ass.” Donald Trump…
Just so you know, I just got to that interview and everyone in the office stood up and gave you a standing O!!!!…
@geoff9cow New York Times slams Trump's mocking of reporter as 'outrageous'… … …
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I know what I want for Christmas: an endless video loop of @NomikiKonst destroying @benshapiro #AGiftWorthReceiving
Business man, sure! This lying light weight, no way.…
"No one's held accountable" @LizMacDonaldFOX "We need fundamental reform of how IRS operates" @JessicaTarlov 10-27
It’s A Thanksgiving Miracle! Evil Abusive ‘Chicken Coop’ Mom Going To Jail Forever…
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Ted Cruz wants money to publicize Rush Limbaugh's praise for his campaign:
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Are states putting an #UndueBurden on ppl seeking abortions? A WI judge said yes & it has big implications for TX.
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Are Fox & Trump to Blame for the Rise of White Supremacists?…
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.@GOP front runner @realDonaldTrump race shocker: Polls prove his success is based on racists… @AmandaMarcotte @Salon
Typical @GOP horse leakage! Crap like this is why they will always lose nationwide....…
Stop calling this dessert monstrosity a "piecaken"
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Hillary Clinton calls for "justice and accountability" following Laquan McDonald's death
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Marco and a woman governor will lose to Hillary in 2016.…
Bless you, mama, brother, wife and son!…
Sharing my famous chocolate mousse recipe. It's quick, easy & delicious. Happy #Thanksgiving! → (WATCH)
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JFK Jr. salutes his father's coffin on his 3rd birthday 52 years ago. The funeral of John F. Kennedy. Nov 25, 1963.
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Bad ideas from @RealBenCarson: Repeal #ACA, abolish #Medicaid&#Medicare & block patients who need fed fund from going to PP. #NotMyCandidate
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CNN's New Day explains how GOP candidates are exploiting public frustration with the media to push flagrant lies:
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President Obama Defies His Republican Critics By Pardoning Two Thanksgiving Turkeys… via @politicususa #p2 #p2b
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Now! “Tell Me Everything” w/ @JohnFugelsang @FrankConniff & “a diverse array of riff raff” @SIRIUSXM 121 #p2 #tcot…
The unprecedented nightmare of @realDonaldTrump’s campaign: We’ve openly begun using the F-word… @digby56 @Salon
"This makes me feel good. See, Mike @murphyrosecliff was telling me I'm screwed, but I'm not." @dagenmcdowell
We bought 15 pounds of peanuts in Santa Rosa, CA, in 2012 for $20. We still have 13 1/2 pounds we feed to birds. :)…
Ever since I bought a case of shrimp and cucumber pizzas off a sample cart at Costco, I don’t go near them anymore.…
"U don't eat all the samples at Costco?" @cherylcasone "I curse people that do that. They don't shop"@dagenmcdowell
Get me @LisaBloom !! Lisa is on right now explaining the legality behind charging Officer James Van Dye in the murder of Laquan McDonald.
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It’s not “appropriate” for protesters to stare at cops @megynkelly @FoxNews… @scottekaufman @Salon
The false resurrection of George W. Bush: Don’t be fooled by calls to reassess his loathsome legacy… @pblest @Salon
Why super PACs won’t be what brings Donald Trump down:
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Ha! If I had to apologize for every time I misspelled something, there’d be no room on any timelines anywhere!!!!…
It was a really funny moment. Hard to get down to 140 characters, too.…
Student Libertarians Demand Government Give Them Money For Guns. UR DOIN IT RONG.…
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My fave part of the bible is where Jesus gets super mad about holiday coffee cups but is totes cool w/ turning away desperate people!
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"Low end slowing, like Nordstrom" @KeithMcCullough "They're not low end. I don't know where u shop." @dagenmcdowell
I'm going to buy myself a Filet Mignon dinner at the Homestead when Christie drops out. He's like a human headache.…
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