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Geoff Ninecow
g’nite mrs calabash…. g’nite toots… g’nite willie….…
btw, the taxpayer tab for the GOP's #Benghazi and #IRS witch hunts is easily in the $30M range. but money's no object for GOP when we pay
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P. Diddy is changing his name back to Puff Daddy! Kids, ask your parents who Puff Daddy was. Parents, ask your kids who P. Diddy is.
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RT @Girl___III @geoff9cow #WakeUpAmerica #URBeingHad they'd probably wonder why only 12 years. / this film has made me very angry :(
RT @streicher187 @geoff9cow Wouldn't work they would root for the slave owners and call it "capitalism" / given who they've always been, yes
Rush Limbaugh and all his ilk should have to watch "12 Years A Slave" 24 hours a day until they manifest a soul. #WakeUpAmerica #URBeingHad
Hints you're on the wrong side of history: 1. You're against same-sex marriage 2. White nationalists got your back…
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Wow! Dream come true! Humbled + honored to receive this piece from one of my heroes Richard MacDonald. Thank you tons
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Amen RT @coreybking Yes, very difficult to watch, but so necessary...should be required viewing in every classroom in public schools!
RT @coreybking @geoff9cow Wonderful movie! / acting directing extraordinary, the story excruciating
Tonight "12 Years A Slave"
RT @KenMitnick: @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @gretawire Was this a hair alert? / the policies they promote bring America to it’s knees
National Emergency Pollution Alert! RT @realDonaldTrump: I'M ON @FoxNews @gretawire IN A FEW MINUTES - ENJOY!
Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby: Discount Crosses and Abortion @rudepundit #p2 #tcot #SCOTUS @GOP
The Strange Case Of Justina Pelletier… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag #p2 #tcot
The Earthquake In College Sports Is Here… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag #p2 #tcot
@dagenmcdowell is gonna be on @seanhannity tonight. So is Bernie.” Don Imus “Right, except I’m not giving it up.” Bernard McGuirk
Iowa Rep. Apologizes To Farmer Chuck Grassley… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag #p2 #tcot @GOP
Robert Gates Offers His Solutions On Russia… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag #p2 #tcot @GOP
.@SarahPalinUSA New Teevee Show Has A Theme Song And It Is Your New Jam, America… @snipy @Wonkette #p2 #tcot @GOP