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Geoff Ninecow
RT @TheRealPatriot1: @geoff9cow @astrogirlnc @GoPiggies @GOP haha. Fucking classic bush. What a piece of shit. / too generous
RT @seanhannity: Our president's incompetence is astounding. / "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.” Joseph Goebbels
RT @seanhannity It's incredibly disrespectful for Dems to... / blah blah... to which the choir gently sings that gospel hit “Bite Me, Sean"
You’ll Never Believe Who Jon Stewart Just Endorsed For President! @DoktorZoom @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot
.@GovWalker Will Fight For WI's Right To Collect Poor People’s Pee @missdeutsch @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews @UniteBlue
Palin Bumfight! New Eyewitness: Bristol Totally Punched That Dude In The Face @DoktorZoom @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews
Obama Declares War On Ebola. Wingnuts Discover Ebola Just Misunderstood @DoktorZoom @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot
OMFG > RT @GoPiggies: #LibCrib Bush to the Tea.... / and this country wants to elect more @GOP like this guy?
Then There Was That Other Time Baby-beater Adrian Peterson Gave His Son ‘A Whopping’ @KailiJoy @Wonkette #p2 #tcot
Colorado PSA: Don’t Eat All The Pot Candy Like That Idiot MoDo @DoktorZoom @Wonkette #p2 #tcot
Oklahoma Lawmaker Definitely Not Racist Against Muslim Islamics, b/c Dictionary @DoktorZoom @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews
Happy Birthday, U.S. Constitution! Even The Parts Without Guns @DoktorZoom @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot @NRA
How Badly Are You Allowed To Injure a Woman When You Hit Her? @tommyxtopher @thedailybanter @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot
Richard Posner Remains Tired Of Your Bullshit… Charlie Pierce @ESQPolitics @Esquiremag @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot #Vote
@owillis: Being told now that not revealing name of specific CIA agent is evidence of Benghazi coverup” @GOP horse leakage
If I became the head of a newly sovereign Scotland the first thing i’d do is nationalize some minor industry, just to freak out Wall Street
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OH: Is this the guy that beat his: - kid - wife or - fiancé I get them confused. Kinda like saying, which school shooting? #SadConversations
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Rob Ford Diagnosed With ‘Aggressive’ Abdominal Cancer #p2
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Charlie Pierce: "#Jindal's wingnut-catnip reversal on #CommonCore could cost Louisiana $25 million over the next five years."
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Happy Constitution Day. At my age my constitution isn't so happy.
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@WynonnaMusic: @7679USMC HE & HANK ARE BESTIES NOW....” God gave us dogs to teach us to be human.
@sherylunderwood @WendyWilliams @WendyDavisTexas @taylor_dayne Believing and Receiving w/a grateful heart is the best medicine God gives US
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RT @thinkprogress @seanhannity: Parents should be allowed to teach kids ‘gay is not normal’
Duffy needs to throw that bat in the stands every time now! @PatTibbs @sfpelosi @DrDinD @PTaeufferAuthor @gregmessel @tonidockter #sfgiants
RT @sfpelosi: Tuning in now - very exciting! @DrDinD @PTaeufferAuthor @PatTibbs @SFGate @gregmessel @tonidockter / need that Pandabella mojo
.@seanhannity worries Adrian Peterson case prevents parents teaching kids being gay is not normal… @jennykutner @Salon
NYPD suspends “totally unprovoked” officer caught kicking street vendor… @eliasisquith @Salon
6 former “SNL” cast members who could ground the show as hosts this season… @prachigu @Salon
.@FoxNews Business to anti-Wall Street climate activists: “Get a job!”… @eliasisquith @Salon @GOP #p2 #tcot @UniteBlue
RT @DarrellIssa: Remember that EPA employee who watches a lot of porn at work? / he’s probably got a cleaner criminal record than you
Boehner’s “knucklehead” problem: Why he’s handing @TheDemocrats a big gift… @jim_newell @Salon @GOP @FoxNews #p2 #tcot