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Geoff Ninecow
RT @tominwindsor Tear gas and tyranny are blowing in the wind in America tonight / either learn from history or repeat it :(
RT @TinyHippocampus @geoff9cow Says the man who called his dog his "other self". / I know! how cool was that!!!!!
g’nite mrs calabash… g’nite peter, paul… rip mary…..…
As I wrote yesterday, I can't help but to contrast law enforcement reaction to #Ferguson and the Bundy Ranch.
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I once bought an Appaloosa foal from a guy in Kansas. He farted as he took us to see her for the 1st time. There’s good & bad in everything.
Background: Ferguson, Mo., Under Siege After Police Shooting, via NYT…
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RT @TinyHippocampus: @geoff9cow Oh, how sweet. She referred to me as a "lady". *swoon / uh…. there is an adjective….
“The wife is always the last one to know.” @StephMcMahon to Brie @BellaTwins @WWE
Cool Robin Williams Story, Maureen Dowd @commiegirl1 @Wonkette #p2 #tcot
LifeNews Fap Fantasy Time: Let’s Just Say Robin Williams Killed Himself Over Abortion @snipy @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews
.@FoxNews Troll: Why Isn’t Obama Apologizing To Cop Who Murdered Michael Brown? @commiegirl1 @Wonkette #p2 #tcot @GOP
Neil deGrasse Tyson Brings Science, Anti-Sexism Together Like Chocolate And Boobs @commiegirl1 @Wonkette #p2 #tcot
Breitbart Howler Monkeys Outraged Lesbians Said Anything About That Bigot Bridal Store @snipy @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews
Texas Might Not Let People Buy Guns & Drink At Same Time. How Is That Even Fair? @snipy @Wonkette @GOP @FoxNews @NRA
Here's an idea: let people protest peacefully in the street. #inners
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RT @rbowman5495: @StCyrlyMe2 @geoff9cow That's why Politically , the time has come. / from your lips to His/Her/Their/Its ears
RT @WestonWonders: I support @Westlund4WI b/c of her progressive vision 4 USA & because we can do better #TeamKelly
@StCyrlyMe2 @geoff9cow Dude don' need no stinkin' publik edukashun! Hes a proud home skoolur an' this is wat happinz wen yur home skooled!
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Sick of people dehumanizing this beating victim because she's in porn. Christie Mack deserves justice.
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