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Bacon Bangkok
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Well I am sorted with my new mate. Certainly getting the hang of this beach malarkey.
If you don't believe Cultural Marxism is a 'thing' take a look at today's front page of the Daily Telegraph.
NangDam a stray dog in Sukhumvit71 eating chicken liver grilled, She like too much grilled liver.
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I thought race wasn't an issue? Cultural Marxism. I want to see a British Asian Prime Minister, says David Cameron -…
People forget that the Israelis killed an American on the flotilla but they made a movie about the Achille Lauro. Why is that now?
@Cryptomeorg Please read. Age the U.S. military considers boys to be combatants revealed by former drone operator:
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Still works fine on Chat secure Android.
My Pidgin stopped working last week. Won't log on with any account. I see others complaining about Adium. Is there an OTR/XMPP issue?
For those enquiring we have been advised that there won't be any burning of the Alex Salmond effigies this evening in Lewes.
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We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office ~Aesop~
Two pastors and a 90-year-old man charged for feeding homeless in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Good morning from a beach. Seems Google knows about Loi Kratong.
@baconbkk I agree follow @charlesfrith, it may take a while but he will open your eyes
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You may have noticed that I have been advocating @charlesfrith this last 24hrs. Follow him and you will see why. Prepare to be challenged.
Are people actually farmed? Ideas that challenge our programmed beliefs are good. @charlesfrith will challenge you
This is the cunt by they way who chose returning the phone rather than facial surgery. Let's hope it ends here.
You won't believe this but the Gay thief that stole my friend's phone I just collared in Koh Samet.Got the phone back and resisted violence
They are numbing people to child sex.Cultural Marxism. Teachers told: sex at 13 'is normal part of growing up'
Having friends that challenge your opinions is good. That is why several times today I am asking you to follow @charlesfrith A humanist.
Why don't the French remove the illegal immigrants in Calais?UK's fault cos they can't secure their borders?Or is their Socialist govt at it
How exactly will British cops deter Africans crossing the channel? Shouldn't they be rounded up and deported back to Africa?
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Hey Sweden, some more model future citizens for you to import: "Sudan: Mass Rape of 200 in North Darfur".…
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Rumour has it the Met have issued a Section 60 AA, meaning you must remove masks. I shall wear a Niqab instead. Your move, Met
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A human decision. Adoption: Why I'd rather adopt than give birth to my own child - Telegraph -…
Look. Even the mainstream can't avoid it. Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. - The Boston Globe -…
Delighted Noam Chomsky called the US "the world's leading terrorist state". Made a nice break from threatening nuclear war on my neighbors.
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I have to keep posting this. It's a great analysis The Story of Your Enslavement:
If you want to be challenged and wake up to reality then @charlesfrith and his humanist views might help. Follow him.
Good advice should not be ignored.
. Pat Glenn, weightlifting commentator – 'And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria, I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazing'
Ted Walsh - Horse Racing Commentator - 'This is really a lovely horse, I once rode her mother.'
Carlin on women and Republican politics.
I am nearly at the beach. I bought flip flops and am wearing shorts. Any tips on what to do when I am there? What do beach folk do?
.@baconbkk the streets of #Pattaya are paved with bad intention..... #Autumnleaves
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At times of elections when people scream how important voting is let's review what dear departed George had to say...
"If you didn't vote you can't complain." Yes, you can. You don't owe this fundamentally crooked system anything. Least of all your silence.
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In light of tonight's Republican rout, it might be a good idea for every woman in America to register her uterus as a corporation.
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UKIP is just as much bollox as the other mobs BTW.
National Trust praise UKIP for being the only party to protect rural areas against over development…
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I wonder if that jumper in Pattaya today changed his mind on the way down or not?
Happens a lot in Israel for some reason. Dozens of Islamic State flags found in Upper Nazareth -…
You may well not agree or be unconfortable with some questions my friend @charlesfrith asks but it is time to get uncomfortable. Follow him.
If Thailand wants quality tourists, all they have to do is ban Thai Visa members.
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Today in the UK people will be celebrating Guy Fawkes night. One of our first false flag attacks on our people.
Congratulations to the Koch brothers, the ebola virus and ISIS for their successful election campaign efforts.
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When Ambassadors meet do they exchange 'drone bug splat' pictures for fapping?That really is the official term for CD