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Bacon Bangkok
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Despite living here for aeons... Thai food still rocks IMHO.
I guess Tweeting about the Belgrano during the World Cup final is not Politically Correct huh? Have to dig up some jokes methinks.
BBC seems very concerned about Thailand's politics politics but don't complain about the evil regime in Saudi Arabia? Ever wondered why?
I see the US congratulating Indonesia on its democratic election.Why do they do that when they know it’s fixed?(Cos that's how they like it)
@Dexedrine50mg @baconbkk It's ok here in Nakhon-SI-Thammarat. Fruit picking season. Nice change from BKK
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RT @roastbeef69 I propose a Alcoholic holiday when all religious people r kindly asked 2 abstain from visiting their place of worship. Any1?
Bitcoin not being as volatile as it was seems to be linked to the demise of MtGox.
@genobkk FB has been blocking some YT clips criticizing bankter catels & govts to be posted on its platform.
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RT @LucyStag: A cool thing about Ron Paul was how he noticed that people in other countries get mad if you bomb them.
Chilling out in Bangkachao.....
Raju the elephant slave for 50 years, meets his new family for the first time…
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BBC is going to attack the Thai Military with biased news but says nothing about Israeli crimes? Who runs you BBC?
NYC Judge has decreed that cryptocurrency Bitcoin is functionally the same thing as real money
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"US/German relations have never been lower." Something tells me they have.
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@BBCWorld do you receive money from Thaksin's lobbyist ?
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#FalseFlag Watch: Iraq loses control of chemical weapons depot to US-trained ISIS terrorists…
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So the sister of a known undisputed Paedophile in the establishment is heading the investigation of the Paedophile scandal in the UK? #sheep
RT @marcwrogers: Whoa really cool! Printed diode can slurp power from phone signals • The Register -
Does the US Government harm society more than hackers, drugs and Al Qaeda combined?…
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Calling all ethical eaters and craft beer lovers. Beervana and Seven Spoons pair up for Bangkok's first foraged...
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If losing a Football match is one of the worst days of your life, then you haven't been living enough
A lady with a Thai flag iPhone case just walked into BKK bagels. Two women bodyguards outside.
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Just started doing Soduku again after a long break. Amazing how the skill set slips so quickly.
Interesting thought. How is traditional medicine suddenly become "alternative" they've always been around!
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For a yr, #Starbucks Langsuan has collected 1.5m baht (b10 from each cup)...helping Chiang Mai tribal villagers..learning centre built
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