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Don't forget Dave Cameron was a member of the Bullingdon Club whose initiation includes burning a £50 note in front of a tramp.
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Whatever happened to this guy? And the rent IS too damn high! [ORIGINAL] The Rent is Too Damn High!:
Russia’s dual-screen Yotaphone 2 hits Chinese market
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Funny the gobby Fabians are silent on this. Blame Aus? Israeli govt to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison…
If Tibet is for Tibetans according to the Western narrative then why is Bangladesh not for the Rohingya? And let's blame Australia for fun.
เอื้อเฟื้อลูกชิ้นหนึ่งไม้ ช่วยน้องหมาอิ่ม และอาจเปลี่ยนชีวิตคุณแบบนี้ เป็น TVC ที่น่ารัก น่าเอ็นดูมาก ดูแล้วอมยิ้ม ;)
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@brentlemen My tweet was RT'd by some uber racist libertarian dickbag, so it's not surprising. Just so gross to see so many not getting it.
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Cartoon of the day number 2 - What about getting all these lovely people together ?
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Thats what I remember..and US Govt didn't like it.. “@hopkins2914: @Ian56789 @HikariSam Hans Blix said no WMD every time the camera rolled”
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Great day for storm pics! RT @LisaVale: Great shot…
Cat people! I don't remember having seen such beautiful eyes in any animal by far. This @madeehasyed sent.
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Death threats over sitting on a Buddha PIC as opposed to millions rioting and actual deaths when offending Musnazism. Big difference.
Prediction - ISIS will arrive soon in big shiny shiny chome boats to take in the #Rohingya
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Criticism of KSR is Islamaphobic Saudi shelling of international humanitarian office in northern Yemen kills 5 people…
IMAGE: The Zaatari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, now equivalent to being the country's fourth largest city.
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The Cultural Marxist plan marches unstoppably forward,the daft, gender confused PC brigade call for Aus to be ashamed when there is no need.
Saudi Arabia with their incalculable wealth should take their Rohingya Muslim brothers?And at 4584km away they are closer than Australia!
India and Pakistan have money for nukes, they eat curry and believe in superstitions. A perfect home for Rohingya surely?
Even the Guardian say that Rohingya is a "made up identity". Being sold a load of bollox again…
Australian is 7171km from Bangladesh but Fabians want the Aussies to take them? India or Pakistan surely should help?
Rohingya are Bangledeshi, so Bangladesh should take them.Or their Muslim bros in Indo or Malay? But let's blame Oz!…
You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him
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Criminalizing Malaysia’s Opposition…
How on earth do I solve this capture? This is attempt number 10. @CIoudfare
Airbitz looks like an interesting Bitcoin wallet option for beginners…
This guy's work was allegedly found in Osama Bin Laden's bookshelf.You might not like it but it's worth a read.…
Not a fan of superstitions that want respect BUT people should not be locked up for Tweets. In Londonistan they are.…
In other news today: Video of substitute teacher hitting students with belt goes viral
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Blockchain Firm Denies 'Conflict of Interest' for Advisor Yanis Varoufakis -…
7/11 wouldn't let me buy a SIM yesterday without ID. In MBK nobody asked. Is this the 'Thainess' that I hear so much about?;-)
Pakistan, with the world's 6th biggest population, now has a Bitcoin exchange:
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Is Latest Trident ‘Nuclear Whistleblower’ Real, or Part of a Bigger Ruse? -…
Thursday's Daily Mail front page: And STILL crooked bankers laugh at the law #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers
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Media Sources: 57% of British seek non-MSM coverage
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Police who FAILED to stop child abuse given cash bonuses, claims Theresa May…
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I don't love this guy but he is spot on in this. Peter Hitchens Reveals the Political Elite via @YouTube
Yes UK you deserve to be Pakistan. Peter Hitchens - The Big Questions - Immigration, Genes and Doing Good -...
If someone in a bar introduces himself as a banker, glass him. Joking apart I had to lose 2 friends because they are banksters.
People willing to die though #UK Is £1.457 Trillion In Debt....
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A bank getting find $2.5bn is like me getting fined 10 baht.
BREAKING: Four banks will plead guilty to manipulating global currency market and pay $2.5B in fines.
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Greece warns that there is “no money left” to pay a debt instalment to the IMF (Getty)
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