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Bacon Bangkok
Bitcoin Now Accepted at Every 7-Eleven in Mexico - COINFIRMA - Bitcoin Cloud Mining -
This graphic illustrates the illusion of choice when purchasing goods.
This is what NEM is all about. I think it could be a Bitcoin 2.0
ที่ท่องเที่ยวที่สวยงามและน่าประทับใจ​ของชาวลาวใต้​ ที่ประเทศ​ลาวเพื่อ​นบ้านของเรา​สนใจสามารถ​ติดต่อ​ได้ที่เว็บไซต์​
As a result of Climate Change, The Golden Retriever migration is now taking place one month earlier
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Appalling @ladygaga played in Israel after the Gaza attacks. To cancel would have been the human reaction or is Ziocolonisation different?
This is worth a read...Tapioca flour apparently makes vivid dreams...I will let you know
Robert Amsterdam talking about the red shirts at Kim dot com/Snowden’s/Greenwald event. Haha.
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Asians are openly racist towards each other so it should be no surprise that they are racist to those that THEY aspire to.Let them eat hate!
Here's the secure bike parking (that nobody knew about) for those riding to the fair:… Wish they had it all the time.
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NEM is coming very soon. It could be Bitcoin 2.0 as it uses multi currencies and has learned from BTC errors/flaws
There would be no games of chess if the pawns refused to play.
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If you’re holding a grudge, then you already care more about a situation than you should
Whatever was ailing me has gone and been replaced by Euphoria.
If you saw a handsome guy vomiting in public at Terminal 21 bicycle show, well that was me. My finest moment. Sorry if you got splashed BTW.
There is an alliance on this planet has a chronic ongoing more-war sickness. Why?
Ian Paisley... A dinosaur indeed and misguided but was also without question a great man.
Good morning.Cycling today has been cancelled due to a heavy instance of lack of manhood by @tinytiminbkk (thank you)
I bet this makes you cringe. Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.:
Free accommodation in beautiful Northern Thailand looking after friendly dog… #housesitting #chiangmai
City riding, near death experiences and the inability to choose a new bike. THIS IS FRIDAY!
OK if you saw a dickhead cyclist who ignored a Red Light and nearly crashed into a herd of Policemen near Bo Bae well that would be me. 👎👎
Just a Cockatoo Feeding Great Danes Biscuits Off the Counter «TwistedSifter -
If warrantless wiretaps were an attempt to sacrifice liberty for security, torture was sacrificing our humanity for the same empty promise.
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9/11 made me feel that 'we' had been attacked. I couldn't be more further from 'we' now if I tried.
It's pretty amazing how many groups do not represent true Islam.
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But this BULLSHIT terrorist risk alert system is purely political. “Be a little more nebulously afraid for a while.” It’s corrupt.
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An actual REAL terrorist risk alert system would have defined processes and actions for us to perform at each level.
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RT @BrilliantAdx: Politicians discussing global warming. A sculpture in Berlin by Issac Cordal. Brilliant:
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Really think this is worth another tweet. Iran in the 1960s before Islamic revolution. Wake up British women!
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Russell Brand could actually have some credibility if he pushed reciprocal rights. Like foreigners can't own shops like in India for example
Veggie food is cool but dead animal is awesome.
We can't take @CIA seriously. They actually have something called 'The George Bush Centre for Intelligence'.
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If you think ISIS or any "terrorists" are a bigger threat to your liberty than your own government, they've successfully fooled you.
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@baconbkk Its the biggest bullshit lie the hijacked US Govt has ever pulled off..
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@baconbkk it's "official". Aren't we all suppose to trust the authoritahh?
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After all these years have passed does anybody at all imagine the official version of 9/11 was true? And if so why?
@Paul_Cker was telling me that before he was a clown on a bike in circus, he was a monkey trainer. he showed me how
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@baconbkk @GrabTaxiTH Just used it in Singapore for first time. Brilliant!
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Great first experience with @GrabTaxiTH this will just put the bad drivers out of work! Well impressed 😆😆😆�
We don't become the people we were meant to by living the lives we're told to.
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"The Ugly Duckling" has a strong message. Everything in life will work itself out once you become physically attractive.
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As zero of my Scottish friends can vote on their Independence, is anyone else aware that this is an illusion/scam?
So if the Scottish vote for independence then I assume all Scottish will lose their UK Passports. If not why not?