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Curt Schilling
When people ask me about 04, and my memory of it, here is one of the 3 memories I'll take to my grave.
If you're going to open your mouth and talk trash, please make sure you have the team, heart, guts and talent to back it up.
Thank you, and I'll pass the thanks along to three men who really deserved it. Bronson Arroyo, Mark Bellhorn and my MVP Keith @KeithFoulke
Hardest part of being young? If I remember right it was that I thought the tough situation I was in was the end of the world. It never was
Anyone study historical docs that can authenticate this 8 page document?
"Internet courage is like a Cover 2 corner," Smith said. "When you got safety over the top, you feel better about yourself." Outstanding.
The more I read and study about Tarawa puts me in even greater Aaron the USMC. Wow. Heroes, every single one #SEMPERFi 2d Marines God Bless
Sucks that the ones you hold closest listen to you the least, and seem to WANT to learn the hardest lessons, the hard way.
What the holy hell just happened #eggsalad
Ok folks I am headed out, THANKS a million for all the get wells, greatly appreciated.
I think the only way Pittsburgh scores off Madison is homering.
HA! That is such a hard pitch to bunt
I used to have that same conversation, problem is I hit like .150, this guy can flat out rake.
That was a "Can I swing away" conversation:)
Ok that's brutal, that's a strike and he's been huge for Madison tonight
Any coincidence that 100% of the blocks I just put on where people with Pittsburgh in the background of their twitter acct, or Yankee fans
Filthy inning ender
I'm saying he was SAFE
Outstanding AB, he JUST missed a pitch too
4th inning, ace is only at 35 pitches, lineup is allowing him to get them out with balls, bad mix.
If he puts a zero up here Giants will win this game
Walks, walks will destroy you. You can overcome a solo shot, tough to overcome 4 on one swing
Problem with hitters like that, is you have to throw a pitch you NEVER practice, a bad ball, so bad his bat can't reach it
That is unreal, a LH Vlad Guerrero right htere
Guys that overthrow vs guys that swing at everything can be lob sided matchup
NO WAY did I think he'd get to the 4th with that few puitchers but I hate this matchuip
Both these guys are throwing the crap out of the ball, Neither has a ton of pitches
Outstanding sequence right there
Ohh, Paint right there, wonder if he tries to close out in if he gets 2k
Setup to get him out front on BB
Watch this delivery, see how square to home EVERYTHING WAS when the ball left his hand? That's how you command a baseball
Volquez dealing, nice.
This guy is just a stud. GLad I didn't see him much
Challenge sometimes for an emotional guy to keep his change up down in the zone
As a reliever your first hitter is EVERYTHING
Any young pitchers out there, as a Starter the lead off hitter and his numbers vs you will be the most telling stat for you
Pay attention to the lead off hitters. Watch, for the most part lead off hitters getting on make it a nightmare inning. Cost me energy
Absolutely have to pitch to CF in that park
1) To all the well wishes, I am flattered, thank you 2) I cannot send PM's though, dealing with an intense amount of traffic
What a great 0-1 pitch
Very cool, except for that nasty @#@ water they are in