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Gary Barlow
Happy 70th birthday to my Mum !!!
Thank you @Geordiebird_DXB for a great interview this morning #dubai #gig
β€œ@MellieHudson: @GaryBarlow Hey Mr B! Please bring the other lads back to Oz! There are tunz of Aussie Thatters!!! πŸ¨β€ *deffo*
β€œ@jempugh: @GaryBarlow At least you don't need suncream!Are they Take That songs you are recording? *of course, TT record only right now*
β€œ@Abbie_TT_MC: Shooting a music video in the studio today for my media coursework!” *oh good luck,remember to do Ure edits on the beat*
Lovely morning ! We're being spoilt this year with the weather ! 10 hours in a dark studio for me ! #lovely
β€œ@suewall81: @GaryBarlow any good? My bf is into his cook books. #xmaspressieidea” *v good*
Gonna make some grub from my fave new cook book #delish #healthy
@GaryBarlow Please follow me Gary, saw you live on 19.4.14! Best night of my life!🎢😘😍
Retweeted by Gary Barlow
β€œ@deemariewilson: @GaryBarlow Hey, I'm enjoying some blissful alone time while my boys are busy. A wave hello would just make my day πŸ˜ƒβ€*hi*
β€œ@1973chigby: hi again Gary only me requiring a retweet for my wife as it's her birthday next week please Mr B #bigfan” *happy bday*
Congrats Rossi on writing your first book #takinghollywood @TheRossKing @ShariKingBooks
Great news that hilarious musical #ThisIsMyFamily is touring. Loved it in Sheffield last year - Beautiful story, fab music @SheffieldLyceum
β€œ@Craig_liv: @PaulMcCartney I'm bestman at my mates wedding any chance of message saying "congrats" *good luck Dave and Cara*
Don't wanna get up but I gotta get up, come on get up #jetslag the force is strong this morn
@GaryBarlow good morning sunshine, busy day today so I hope you follow me xx
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β€œ@KatieDon29: @GaryBarlow Did you know it's @teenywiseman birthday today???? xx” *oops happy bday Tina x*
β€œ@GaryBPhoebe: @GaryBarlow Please notice me gary even though I am the unluckiest person ever!x” *rubbish*
β€œ@yummymummyshell: @GaryBarlow aren't your fans gorgeous? Even after twenty-something years?!” *totally*
β€œ@jodieworld: @GaryBarlow The look on his little face when I told him you were back...” *cutest*
β€œ@YoungThatter: @GaryBarlow New member of the GBArmy, my beautiful niece Luna-Rose :)” *wwwwwow*
β€œ@kirstjones94: @GaryBarlow is it true you're moving to Shrewsbury?x” *no*
β€œ@TT_dana: Still looking for the perfect spot to hang this beauty @GaryBarlow” *nice*
β€œ@rubiesmummy08: @GaryBarlow @TaylorPittsWWE rubie dooo loves gary please say hello to her shes only 5 x” *beautiful*
β€œ@TaylorPittsWWE: @GaryBarlow Today it's my lucky day and you gonna reply me? <3”. *xxx*
β€œ@taliea78: I've sent nearly 6000 tweets to you @GaryBarlow I'm sure that deserves a tweet back or a restraining order πŸ˜β€ *both*
β€œ@HelenaM1979: it's been so long since you've been on twitter this dude is nearly 4 months old” *omg mass congrats*
β€œ@briba1980: @GaryBarlow please send me and my cuties a tweet finally!!!” *gorgeous*
β€œ@LoveGBarlow: @GaryBarlow i'm pregnant with my 4'th son only 3 months until due today πŸ’™β€ *wow good luck*
β€œ@Heather_GB42: I'd love to book a holiday so i could come but my husbands not having any of it! Don't you think he's a meanie? *meanie*
β€œ@cute_sargesnt: @GaryBarlow @TweamJLS_TW Gary please say well done to my son on his first day of high school” *yes well done*
β€œ@justnaomiyeh: @GaryBarlow do you think TT will be back in ireland before the end of the year captain? πŸ€β€ *yes*
β€œ@Stephen__OBrien: @GaryBarlow have you ever played in Dubai before Gaz ?” *first time*
β€œ@TweamJLS_TW: @GaryBarlow it would be amazing if you tweeted me today as it's my birthday πŸ™Šβ€. *happy bday*
β€œ@beckymcevoy1: @GaryBarlow gary my head of year thinks he is you!! Please tell me he isnt!!!” *he actually is*
β€œ@SarahMary30: Those of us that are lucky enough to live here booked our tickets the day they went on sale Can't wait!” *perfect*
The Legend Rick Rubin is Producing a 'Finding Neverland' Guest Artist Album. I've spent the summer at his amazing studio in Malibu
So nice to be home. Decent tea, rain, dogs, football, my studio and Sunday Brunch !!
I’ve also written some songs for a beautiful animation film called β€˜Under dogs’ released in the UK in February 2015. It’s a gorgeous film.
In May this year I had the pleasure of singing with the Legend Smokey Robinson ! Check out his album 'Smokey and Friends'
For anyone going on holiday to Dubai in October I’m playing my last solo gig of the year on the 17th. Really can’t wait.