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The New York Times wrote up a trendy new drink called a "boilermaker." Here's how to make one:
A Pizza Hut customer says an employee identified her as "pink fat lady" on her receipt.
Que lindo ADIDAS!!! Detalhes agora, no THEHYPEBR.COM
What should America do with all of its empty prisons?
A thirsty polar bear broke into someone's home and drank a ton of seal oil
Pregnant ISIS teens face a choice between a terror war and jail babies.
Dutch biker gang is legally cleared to kick some ISIS jihadi ass
Yesterday, a 10-year-old girl met HILLARY FUCKANG CLINTAAAAAAAN!!!!!! (and lost her mind):
Doctors say Google Glass caused worse withdrawal symptoms than alcohol
Can art serve the masses with integrity? A conversation with @caribouband
Tornadoes possible in the Carolinas this afternoon
This man has fucked 700 cars, a handful of helicopters, and one human woman.
New Ebola cases could hit 10,000 each week by December, according to the World Health Organization.
Marine held over murder of transgender Filipina
Com minha querida amiga @danifgutierrez em BH. Match made in heaven! #GodWithUs
Ratings screwup ruins ABC News' victory against Brian Williams.
Heartless couple sells home, throws in son's cat for an extra $140,000.
Uber and Lyft price war drives major competitor out of North America
Video of teens vandalizing a story proves once again: ban teens.
Kesha says that star producer Dr. Luke sexually and physically assaulted her.
Hawaii on alert as possible hurricane aims for islands this weekend
Brad Pitt: I don't feel safe without a gun in the house.
New York rats are still full of disgusting germs
Amy Poehler used to love two things: cocaine and ping-pong.
Underage idiot bros go to police station drunk to get their drunk pal.
On depression: to anyone else living in a fog
Abortions and penis fetishes: is this the world's worst televangelist?
Facebook and Apple offer egg-freezing perk so women never have to stop working
THBR SHOP @ L'OFFICIEL!!! Nota sobre o THBR SHOP na L'OFFICIEL Brasil desse mês! Na coluna da @marcelona (que eu amo de paixão)! Já nas bancas!!! Thank u mona!!! You Rock!!!! #THBRSHOP
Blake Lively's lawyer wants us to take this post down
Reality TV stories: "Who in here is a Jew?"
Jimmy Kimmel put a staffer on the "dicks in weather reports" beat. Here's what he found. (Spoiler: He found dicks.)
This woman was abducted by her Uber driver for two hours. Uber called it an "inefficient route"
Three weeks later, the F Train condom is still fucking hanging there.
Lucky geek opens a $25,000 Magic card, completely loses his shit.
Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea are being mean to each other on Instagram.
A very recent history of real-life couples on TV
Delusional delivery CEO was once arrested for scamming teens
This is the lamest story ever told on Jeopardy.
Shia LaBeouf was a drunk-ass mess when he got kicked out of Cabaret.
A replay of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake is (probably) coming (soon-ish).
The Louisiana teen who had a threesome with two of his high school teachers feels "really bad" for bragging about it.
Blue-eyed soul singers amaze coaches in The Voice battle rounds
Taylor Swift releases a song that's probably about Harry Styles
Kim Jong-un reappears after six week absence sporting cane and smile.
NBC medical correspondent quarantined for Ebola goes out anyway.
AÍ SIM!!! THBR SHOP é destaque no @petisco "Pra Macho"...da minha querida JULIA PETIT, escrito pelo @raphabento! Olhem só que incrível!!! 🙌🙌🙌
House of (NEW) cards! Para os nossos editores distribuírem nos eventos que cobrimos! 🙏🚀🚀🚀
BOM DIA!!! "No demais, irmãos meus, fortalecei-vos no SENHOR e na força do seu poder." Efésios‬ ‭6‬:‭10‬ #GoodMorning #GodWithUs
Some woman who is best friends with Lena Dunham wrote a song with her boyfriend probably about Harry Styles.