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Garrett Nickelsen
this is why CGI is the worst thing ever
The Matrix is fuckin nutz
@Demonparty: @garrettmaine dude the war on drugs is my jam lately” war on drugs is Kyles jam!
@goddamnly: @garrettmaine do u like goats or beer” hate hate hate beer
@agosmaine: @garrettmaine are u into a tv show lately?” x-files
@SarahSteward15: @garrettmaine how ya feeling? Hope you're gr8” good dude. how you feelin?
@patimaine: @garrettmaine what's your favorite song from fh deluxe?” I like all them tunez
@cindyrb12d: @garrettmaine i dont want to start college do you know any bands i can join” @NickSantino
@DaniDaydreams: @garrettmaine what's your favorite song to perform live? (:” RUN? SAD SONGS?
@crosseyedadri: @garrettmaine how does one become as sassy as you” I do not understand
@ohhgaah: @garrettmaine would you rather be a clone or a lightsaber ?”
@yannarry: @garrettmaine can i have your cat?” You can take him from 4am to 5am. That's his meowing hour
@catemaluenda: @garrettmaine whats your favorite band and song at the moment? 🙋” anything on there newer The War on Drugs record
@asianary: @garrettmaine do you use snapchat Garrett” nope
@csws5years: @garrettmaine if you were to karaoke, what song would you choose?” beast of burden cause I'm pretty good at it.
@barakatkms: @garrettmaine WHAT DO U CALL A LAUGHING JAR OF MAYONNAISE !!” HELL
@Demonparty: @garrettmaine TOO DRUNK” everyone... Kyle is toooooo drunk
“@yxungvolcanoes: @garrettmaine are you excited for the forever halloween shows?! :)”super excited. yep.
@csws5years: @garrettmaine how excited are you to play the same concert as the replacements” there won't be a greater moment in my life
@alltimej012: @garrettmaine rememebr when I saw you @ phx pub market like 5 dys ago lol” yes you did
@lexiiimaine: @garrettmaine if you had a goat what would you name it?” ham'b
Hey UK PIMPz! What tunes you wanna hear in a few weeks? Also, just ask me stuff...
this is so cool place tightass #8123
great way to start the day. first time with @falrae at the arcade
@gissy8123: @garrettmaine you're obsessed” nooooo..... I've only seen it twice in one week
some dude just cut my tree
missing some records from your collection is such a sad moment
the coolest. @nickybarkla
@troylowney brought me back
this is my night. i am very excited.