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Time to gush over the latest Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay from TGS.
Watch purist arena FPS Toxikk's gameplay reveal trailer.
Hyrule Warriors gets 4 DLC packs, bonus Dark Link costume with $20 season pass.
White PS4 Driveclub bundle announced, but only for Europe.
Check out the mighty elephants of Kyrat trailer for Far Cry 4.
Here's a roundup of some of the biggest Minecraft stories from this week.
We discuss the future of the beloved game Minecraft, as well as other Mojang projects.
Konami reveals a new supporting buddy for Snake in MGSV, a wolf named Diamond Dog.
Take-Two says the visual improvements will make the new versions of GTAV "very compelling."
In Skylanders Trap Team, fans now get the opportunity to play as actual Skylanders bosses.
Doing ranger damage in our exclusive Path of Exile build of the week.
Massive Battlefield 4 "fall patch" coming this month.
This short film for the upcoming Silent Hills / P.T. game may scare the @#$* out of you.
Sleeping Dogs dev reveals its next game Triad Wars on Monday.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD isn't your typical Final Fantasy game. See for yourself.
#Destiny gameplay session is three hours long on average, says Bungie.
Review: The Toy Box is back and better than ever in Disney Infinity 2.0.
Final Fantasy 15 demo timing "has not been confirmed" says Square Enix.
Preorder Dying Light from Steam, get exclusive multiplayer mode "Be the Zombie."
Watch this new Final Fantasy XV combat gameplay footage.
Metal Gear Solid V introduces Snake's one-eyed wolf buddy.
Oculus unveils new Crescent Bay Rift model with integrated audio, 360 tracking.
Look, it's a family of dragons in Skryim! Mummy Dragon, Daddy Dragon and Baby Dragon.
Custom control pad for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Mortal Kombat X have been spotted.
Murasaki Baby is a visual treat, but the hand-holding can detract from what's happening.
Hastr0 & Benson give you an idea of the dedication required to stay at the top of their game.
Check out our handy guide to see what Destiny has to offer after level 20.
Morning! Watch a hockey player deliver a plate of pancakes to Nintendo of America's president.
Join the convertible of bromance in this new trailer for Final Fantasy XV.
New study says violent games don't lead to increases in violent crimes.
Microsoft says Xbox One version of Halo: Master Chief Collection is their main focus.
Dungeon-dwelling colossi star in this Deep Down trailer.
New NBA 2K15 video gets really awkward explaining 2KTV feature.
Another Kickstarter game bites the dust: Writer Neal Stephenson's Clang is dead.
Bomb will be detonated if Sarkeesian wins award', GDC told.
Minecraft dev steeply drops the price of its other game, Scrolls.
The GTA 5 effect? Sonic Boom Wii U release moved up a week.
Family Guy dev fined $300k for collecting children's personal info.
PSN flash sale discounts Need for Speed, Burnout, MotorStorm, and more.
#GSNews Top 5: GTA V PC delay explained and trade games for ice cream!
Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo now available in North America.
GTA parent publisher says ignoring new IP is "kiss of death."
Violent video games don't lead to increases in violent crimes, study finds.
Hacking expert Chris Boyd investigates the best (and worst) hacking video games have to offer.
New Xbox One game launches with 25% discount for Xbox Live Gold members.