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Lady GaGa News
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Rad Gaga flash mob in Indonesia:
As a Muslim, the cancellation of Lady Gaga's Indonesia show because of alleged Muslim threats of violence is absolutely embarrassing.
Five pickpockets were recently arrested at a Lady Gaga show.
Lady Gaga's Indonesia show has been canceled:
It's Lady Gaga made out of cat hair because why the hell not, right?
Lady Gaga announces 21 European Tour dates: (Are you happy with the cities/countries she chose?)
Here's the latest @ladygaga relationship rumor:
New York City's mayor discusses kissing Lady Gaga:
RT @GagaFanNet: Apparently, Gaga is going to Belgium on September 29th and the European tour dates are going to be announced on April 10th.
Emmy Rossum goes on a double date with @ladygaga
Indeed. RT @GagaFanNet: Gaga looked AMAZING last night :)…
Rumors are circling that Lady Gaga will announce UK tour dates next week. What cities should she play?
Another April Fools joke about Lady Gaga.
This has to be an April Fool's joke, right? Has anybody heard anything about a mandolin Lady Gaga tribute record?
Ryan Seacrest drew this awesome picture of @ladygaga to wish her a happy birthday.
Don't Justin Bieber fans have anything better to do than wage ware on us monsters?
How Lady Gaga celebrated her birthday.
This is the top story on Yahoo! right now:
Lady Gaga impersonator gets arrested for DUI, poses for mug shot with caution tape.
This site says Lady Gaga got cheek implants recently.
Happy birthday, Lady Gaga!
EW crushes Luc Carl's new book.
Oprah's interview with Lady Gaga is re airing on OWN right now.
This is sooooooo amazing.
Nice work. RT @GagaFreshNews: Watch our birthday video for Lady Gaga -…
RT @ladygaga: Miss you monsters. About 1 month until tour. Whatdya think of these fake baubles? ...
Watch several clips from Oprah's interview with Lady Gaga
Watch several clips from Oprah's interview with Lady Gaga -- Watch: 6 clips from Oprah's interview with Lady Gaga
Member of the Indonesia Ulema Council is calling for Lady Gaga concert ban:
Who's watching Oprah's 2-hour interview with Lady Gaga on OWN tonight?
(ICYMI) -- Watch 3 preview clips from Sunday night's Oprah-Lady Gaga interview
ICYMI, Lady Gaga's Twitter account is worth $30 million annually
(ICYMI) -- Rufus Wainwright calls Lady Gaga disingenuous: -- Watch 3 preview clips from Sunday night's Oprah-Lady Gaga interview -- Rufus Wainwright calls Lady Gaga disingenuous:
How much is Lady Gaga's Twitter account worth?
Who do you hate more, Gaga fans: Die Antwoord or Joseph Kony?
Lady Gaga talks about motherhood with Oprah:
Lady Gaga's going quiet : (
Die Antwoord disses Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga participates in hackathon:
Watch: Preview of Oprah’s 2-hour special with Lady Gaga
University of Virginia teams with Lady Gaga to fight teen bullying --
ICYMI, University of Maryland will teach Women's Studies course focusing on Lady Gaga.
ICYMI, here's a deleted scene from the Marry the Night video -- University of Maryland offers a course focusing on Lady Gaga
What are some of the things that make Lady Gaga so popular on social media? Answers here: