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FredDIE Wong
Tokyo - yes we are doing a meetup at the YouTube Space here - RSVP at
Everyone is speaking to me in Japanese like I know the language! So weiiiiiiiird why is that I wonder??
10月19日(日) 開催のフレディー・ウォン @fwong 日本初オフ会で、未公開新作 #VideoGameHighSchool 3 Ep.2 の一部を限定公開します! 参加のお申し込みはこちら -> #YTFF
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Any native Japanese speakers want to help me subtitle VGHS S3 Ep. 2? Got a timed .srt ready to go
Oh snap join me on my trip to Asia by following rocket_jump on snapchat
10月19日11:00より、YouTube Space Tokyoでオフ会やります。皆に会えるの楽しみにしてるよ。申し込みはこちら
Using satellite internet on this flight. Each kilobyte costs money. This is my most deliberate, Hemingway-esque tweet.
Thanks! RT @feliciaday: What up @fwong pretty sweet billboard!
THE BIG NEWS IS HERE! My @Indiegogo campaign for a brand new MUSICAL COMEDY is here and you can WIN A CAR!!!…
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Meet and greet session with @fwong at the YouTube Space Tokyo this Sunday 10/19 from 11:00am! Signup from this
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To be clear - I don't think there's anything to worry about here. But there's been some pretty boneheaded moves by pros.
The United States has MUCH better facilities and protocols to handle Ebola. But... the people in charge of those things...
Buy VGHS on Google Play! Available now!
This is my favorite documentary ever made:…
Seems to be a common occurrence now that #VideoGameHighSchool has debuted. @fwong, you've earned those z's.
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Good luck! RT @burnie: Shoot Day Number One. Here we go. #lazerteam
First person to answer the following question gets a free download code for all episodes this season: What's Shane Pizza's middle name?
Special thanks to @tonyhawk and @joelmchale for their excellent cameos in the season premiere of VGHS Season 3!
Wooo who's binged the show? I have!
I saw Season 3 is now on torrent networks. If you want to still support us, check this out in our store!…
IndieGoGo backers! Download by clicking "Buy All" and then enter the promo code in there
IndieGoGo supporters - fret not - the download links are making their way across the internet to you now.
I am very happy to announce #videeogamehighschool Season 3 is LIVE!…
10 minutes until Season 3 drops!!!! #videogamehighschool help us trend!!
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Season 3 Episode 1 will be going live around 10 am PST!
That's right folks @YouTube ran an ad for VGHS during the Walking Dead premiere! Who saw it?
Astute viewers of the channel may have noticed that is a thing now... Subscribe for all BTS, podcasts, and more!
One more day until the premiere of VGHS Season 3!
Posters at the entrance! Whoa.
NYCC - we're showing episode 1 at 5:15 in Rm. 1A06!
In New York for VGHS at NYCC (and also some decent chinese food) - anyone going? (To the con not the food)
His foot, and four empty bottles of airplane red wine.
Btw good work you princes of New England whose response to my story of my row mate is to retort that I must be the one on drugs nice
Anyway that's basically why I don't like the middle seat
He returned to the seat accompanied by all the flight attendants. He overshot and they had to stop him from continuing to first class.
The bro finally conked out sprawled across his seat and mine, but not before reaching into my jacket pockets and tickling me. Yes.
He's... Just disappeared. Lavatories are all vacant. Got up and whereabouts unknown.
He has taken the remote and smashed it against the screen three times for no discernible reason.
"What is... (A pause of about a minute, while struggling for words) the fuego. Do you know... The fuego?" He asks with gravitas
He is a photographer. Upon learning of my profession he demands to know what are the young people watching?
"You and I are two like young virgins I'm just trying to show you this," he says proffering the seat remote again.
This drug also causes you to order five glasses of wine, get confused, then forget you've done that and order again.
He got my attention by taking the remote out of the armrest and offering it to me. "It's for you," he tells me with deep conviction.
Because the guy sitting next to me on this flight is on a lot of it.
What drug causes you to writhe uncontrollably in your seat twisting your head around and gnaw on things?
The editors at @theCHIVE ripped our video, threw their own ad in front of it, and posted it to their front page. Stay classy, guys!
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