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Freddie Wong
"Do post rock bands just mistake other post rock songs as their own, like, constantly?" -@mattLarnold, on acoustic similarity
Pretty much my cousin straight up is more on top of YouTube than I am at this point
My younger cousin showed me the videos of @supermariologan and it proved to me that YouTube is basically vast and unknowable
The ProTools session for the last episode. Tracks on tracks on tracks!
Feel the need to remind people that the VGHS Season 3 Poster is out... and it's super awesome…
There will be one on our Snapchat today (rocket_jump) RT @conorgk can we have a Snapchat story today
One day I will achieve this level of human flexibility (thanks @natazilla!) RT @natazilla: someday!!!
We would join in a unified chorus of laughter as a child disguised as a man watches the basis of his existence crumble around him.
I want a prank video where the prank is every single bystander demands $500 cash up front for the exploitation of their likeness.
The overwhelming urge be famous drives legions of idiots into the streets with cameras and malice disguised as harmless entertainment
such an adult tweet just now wow
Is there an app that tracks all your cards and accounts and push notifies you to tag each transaction for tax reasons as they happen?
Grown men who play video games for a living being snippy to each other on Twitter is like... the best drama.
You need to basically do jogging deadlifts up the entire California coast to counteract the post production diet
This is the wallpaper on my van, laaaaaaaadies
I've realized that @TacoBell is the only fast food I order a la carte because I am a discerning gentleman with exacting tastes.
@fwong your snapchats are amazing and explain life, can we have more?
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Laid out the rest of the post schedule. Looks like tonight is my last actual night of sleep for the next three weeks!
Now that the coverage is beginning these commentators are really upping their "looking like a barbershop quartet" game
Also I want these commentators to challenge each other and get into some debates. Still - it's a slick production.
The one thing they're missing in this World's coverage on Twitch are the cutaways of gameplay from the people they're talking about.
I love that one of the World's teams is straight up the Samsung Galaxy Whites. I want them to face off against the McDonalds Big Macs.
VGHS loop group - follow rocket_jump on Snapchat for more!
This being the early days of eSports means you get incredible stories of unfathomable idiocy like this one!…
Can't wait for aux jacks in our skulls so I never have to untangle ear bud headphones again!
So @Avid announced DNxHR for 2k and up - but then didn't say WHEN it was coming out. Sure could use it right about now...!
VGHS fans - check out an exclusive clip from the upcoming season!…
Ever wonder how we keep the lights on around here? This Week at Rocketjump we introduce you to Jamie. Our company
From letters to phones to emails to texts to Twitter - we can talk to more people faster and with less depth than ever before!
Every step taken in the inexorable march of tech innovation has made it harder and harder to actually communicate with someone.
wait it does are you telling me my rush to twitter to make topical JOKES was misguided and uninformed oh nooooooo
I want the iWatch to connect to other watches and translate my taps to their wrists via haptic feedback for spy communications
I do NOT like what this man is implying about the minivan.
The most important award at the Streamys was @enschufe winning Audience Choice. Online video is more than just English speakers.
The best moment from the Streamys…
...and congrats to our excellent cast for winning the Best Ensemble Cast award at the @streamys!!
Congrats to the cast and crew of VGHS - winner of best sci-fi/action series at the @streamys!
There's two kinds of people in this world - Mavis Beacon people... and Mario Teaches Typing people.
LoL Feature: If you say you had sex with another player's mom, Riot deducts IP from you every month to pay them "child support"
My students were told to bring in their favorite Pixar movie today but none of them showed Up :(
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For those on the edge of their seats - they fell into a DRAWER and then in my fury I CLOSED THE DRAWER
Nothing like awakening blind fumbling for your glasses for 20 mins to remind you that at any other time in history you'd be dead
Also, got off a plane to learn that @mattLarnold and I won the Streamy for Best Director(s) - honored and thanks everyone!
Any recommendations for iPhone room escape games?
The most important "second language" for a kid to learn these days is a programming language.
what am i talking about that's more embarrassing than the fact that the first cd i bought was the chrono trigger soundtrack for $60
Also, as some of you noticed, yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was once reachable at