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Freddie Wong
So @Avid announced DNxHR for 2k and up - but then didn't say WHEN it was coming out. Sure could use it right about now...!
VGHS fans - check out an exclusive clip from the upcoming season!…
Ever wonder how we keep the lights on around here? This Week at Rocketjump we introduce you to Jamie. Our company
From letters to phones to emails to texts to Twitter - we can talk to more people faster and with less depth than ever before!
Every step taken in the inexorable march of tech innovation has made it harder and harder to actually communicate with someone.
wait it does are you telling me my rush to twitter to make topical JOKES was misguided and uninformed oh nooooooo
I want the iWatch to connect to other watches and translate my taps to their wrists via haptic feedback for spy communications
I do NOT like what this man is implying about the minivan.
The most important award at the Streamys was @enschufe winning Audience Choice. Online video is more than just English speakers.
The best moment from the Streamys…
...and congrats to our excellent cast for winning the Best Ensemble Cast award at the @streamys!!
Congrats to the cast and crew of VGHS - winner of best sci-fi/action series at the @streamys!
There's two kinds of people in this world - Mavis Beacon people... and Mario Teaches Typing people.
LoL Feature: If you say you had sex with another player's mom, Riot deducts IP from you every month to pay them "child support"
My students were told to bring in their favorite Pixar movie today but none of them showed Up :(
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For those on the edge of their seats - they fell into a DRAWER and then in my fury I CLOSED THE DRAWER
Nothing like awakening blind fumbling for your glasses for 20 mins to remind you that at any other time in history you'd be dead
Also, got off a plane to learn that @mattLarnold and I won the Streamy for Best Director(s) - honored and thanks everyone!
Any recommendations for iPhone room escape games?
The most important "second language" for a kid to learn these days is a programming language.
what am i talking about that's more embarrassing than the fact that the first cd i bought was the chrono trigger soundtrack for $60
Also, as some of you noticed, yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was once reachable at
I once dreamed about being "The Top 5% of Web Pages!" Two weeks ago, I realized that was an image like anyone could put on their site.
Made this site in 6th grade for math class: needless to say this bold use of technology garned an easy A.
guys i'm still workin on my angelfire page hence the under construction animated gif but before you go please sign the guestbook thx
I'm nostalgic about the 90s Internet Days. Like, what happened to the guy who made Xiao Xiao? That dude ruled.
You might be rich, but are you "Legitimately purchased WinRAR" rich?
When I was a child, I was so traumatized that even to this day I defrag my hard drive and only burn CDs at 1x speed.
For those of you who haven't heard... The @VGHS Season 3 trailer is LIVE:
Toronto skyline. Me and my dumb ol landscapes.
The trailer was cut by one of the greatest of all time - @JoshLeeKwai
The @VGHS Season 3 trailer is now live!
5 minutes until the @VGHS Season 3 trailer is live!
YOU want the best, YOU get the best. @VGHS Season 3 trailer officially drops at 1:00 p.m. pst
Just saw a guy's fedora get blown off by the wind. If God ever tried to send a message to humankind, the time is now.
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Yo, @VGHS is up for Show of the Year! If you love it, give this a RT and throw down a VOTE and MAKE IT HAPPEN!…
Something's going to be uploaded tomorrow...
To be clear - it's not that I think technology sucks or this generation sucks. It's that I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS I'M NOT PART OF IT
We had two black-and-white seconds of Juliet's boobs in English class, not the CEASELESS HANDHELD SMUT TSUNAMI OF THE MODERN AGE
My first day of school was talking about summer. Nowadays it's talking about massive leaks of nude celeb photos.
"Red rover, red rover, send Jessica right over so we can clothesline her and send her to the hospital and never play this game again!"
In CTF, I'd get a cap by immediately crossing the line, facing towards my team, walking backwards, and offering to guard the enemy flag.
In 3rd grade, teach trusted us to "check our work" against the answer key. In unrelated news, I was the fastest at solving math problems.
I remember the first time I got assigned homework (which was a punishment in 1st grade) I got so mad I defaced a board game.
Also, if my friends were truly "borrowing" my mechanical pencil lead and I charged interest, I could start a pencil company by now.
This next hour of tweets brought to you by school day nostalgia
Kids - raising your hand to go to the bathroom is training subservience. Assert dominance by wetting yourself in your seat instead.
Lisa Frank leaned back thoughtfully in her executive chair. "This year," she mused, "it'll be glittery unicorns."