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Freddie Wong
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You have stolen cigars. The penalty is death by summary execution.
To be clear - it's not about discreetly recording. It's about overtly recording knowing that what you capture cannot be destroyed.
Ideally, highlights from the footage can be generated by crowdsourcing viewers collectively identifying important segments.
Is there an app for protesters that constantly streams video to a server so that footage is safe from confiscation or device damage?
High school is a magical time for video editors. One where we could just throw whatever awesome movie soundtracks we wanted on there.
A side effect of digital projection and monitors is the possibility of showing silent films at their original framerates.
If you Pre-order the @VGHS Board Game from @PlaidHatGames you can use ME as a playable character!
I got crazy vertical video ideas - add rocket_jump on SnapChat!
A brand new Facerocker Podcast is now Live on
@fwong or how long after E can I really go without gas before car stops.
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Part 2 of our #SDCC Lazer Tag showdown with @NerdistDotCom @CMPunk and @JessicaChobot is now live:
Car reviews never give you what you'd want to know, like "Retrievability of phone dropped between driver seat and center console"
P.T. goes from "everyone is terrified and scared watching me play" to "everyone is bored and Googling what to do next."
"Today, I ate three hot dogs!" thought Freddie, who was a grown man.
My favorite Robin Williams is his jaw dropping performance in The Fisher King. RIP.
I am unavailable because I am playing a computer game that takes up the entire screen.
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VGHS season 3 newcomer @NathanKress has a movie out this weekend! Go see Into the Storm!
The actual potential science behind Assassin's Creed -…
This man is the greatest gamer to have ever lived.…
Statistically, 1 out of 10 League of Legends players are playing on their mom's 486 over dialup. Apparently.
The best crowdfunding campaigns are for furthering the development of perpetual motion machines. Bonus if magnets are involved!
The more experience I get with making movies, the more I appreciate Face/Off as an unmitigated masterpiece.