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Freddie Wong
i want a documentary about the fedora's journey from being as cool as smoking to casting a radius of embarrassment around it
If you need to whet your appetite, I refer you to the teaser we put out a couple days ago:…
The VGHS Season 3 trailer is... look, just get pumped everyone this thing is awesome.
Alright fellow nerds here we go - is there a software unlock for a jailbroken iPhone 5s?
(By the way there is a much longer and more traditional trailer coming very soon)
Puppycat is keeping an eye on our editing. (You can too by following rocket_jump on Snapchat)
Rocking this so hard right now
Sometimes, stupid things we talk about on the podcast DO come true!!
I guess power just went out to most of downtown Los Angeles.
New Feminist Frequency vid is pretty interesting -…
Sound mixing begins with stickymuse at the helm - watch with us by following rocket_jump on Snapchat!
"This Week at RocketJump" Humans sit down to play cartoon characters of themselves in a board game about video games:
More specifically about how totally awesome it would be to create and design an escape room
After doing @ExitGameLA this last weekend, I can't stop thinking about escape rooms.
The guys talk "Khans of Tarkir" with @GavinVerhey on an all new Command Zone:
Hey @BRPSeaDoo - if your company doesn't have a corporate video that lays out "SeaDoos and SeaDoont's" I'll never use your product again
The Honda Odyssey is truly the Cadillac of cars
See everyone? If you wait until financial news is confirmed before raging out you'll save yourself a lot of undue stress!
By the way, previous life decision I referenced? It's happening.
This is a life decision I am in ironically examining
Last one - nowadays, strongly identifying with being a "gamer" is like saying you are a big fan of "music" or "tv shows"
People denounce B-movies as "not real movies" but nobody seriously attacks other people for liking those movies.
One day, the "gamer" demographic will have the self-confidence to be unaffected by others applying a title to themselves.
Gaming is immature: People froth to declare iPhone games "aren't real games," yet nobody says popcorn flicks "aren't real movies."
It's incredible how much Matt loves using Snapchat - follow "rocket_jump"!!
Adult females oust teenage boys as largest gaming demographic
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Marathon edit sessions can easily drive you insane. Check out an all new "This Week at RocketJump:
October 13th, btw. That's when Season 3 is coming. October. 13.
Congrats to all our friends and our wonderfully talented cast and crew of VGHS for their Streamy Nominations!…
VGHS fans - follow us on SnapChat (rocket_jump) for a special surprise ;) ;) ;)
You have stolen cigars. The penalty is death by summary execution.
To be clear - it's not about discreetly recording. It's about overtly recording knowing that what you capture cannot be destroyed.
Ideally, highlights from the footage can be generated by crowdsourcing viewers collectively identifying important segments.
Is there an app for protesters that constantly streams video to a server so that footage is safe from confiscation or device damage?
High school is a magical time for video editors. One where we could just throw whatever awesome movie soundtracks we wanted on there.
A side effect of digital projection and monitors is the possibility of showing silent films at their original framerates.
If you Pre-order the @VGHS Board Game from @PlaidHatGames you can use ME as a playable character!
I got crazy vertical video ideas - add rocket_jump on SnapChat!
A brand new Facerocker Podcast is now Live on
@fwong or how long after E can I really go without gas before car stops.
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Part 2 of our #SDCC Lazer Tag showdown with @NerdistDotCom @CMPunk and @JessicaChobot is now live:
Car reviews never give you what you'd want to know, like "Retrievability of phone dropped between driver seat and center console"
P.T. goes from "everyone is terrified and scared watching me play" to "everyone is bored and Googling what to do next."