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FredDIE Wong
A must read for everyone talking about Gamergate…
Huge thank you to @PegboardNerds for making Episode 3 truly awesome! Check out the song we used here:…
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If the social gamers are on dial-up how is Ki receiving campaign phone calls is probably my favorite VGHS goof
Hey look at this! Episode 3 of VGHS!…
The sheer amount of annotations and captions and thumbnails for each episode we upload is nuts! Who's pumped for Ep. 3?
Time and time again, evidence-based argumentation is useless when the issue is tied emotionally with ones identity and sense of worth
The tacit distrust of evidence (because there's a media conspiracy) echoes the same distrust of anti-vaxers and climate change deniers.
"If GamerGate is about ethics among journalists, why is the female dev receiving 14x as many outraged tweets as the male journalist?"
B...but I thought you guys said the harassers was a fringe minority?…
Incredible. RT @ClickHole: Do we need to change anything? #GamerGate
I'm going to be giving away a couple codes on our Snapchat - follow rocket_jump you snapchatter you
Also looks like you can download all of VGHS Season 3 now on iTunes!…
We'll be giving away codes all weekend on @VGHS and @rocketjumptweet so better follow them!
@fwong It was 4Q, I know because I got it! :D
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Last one for now... XT62H-NN??L-V9AR5 - saying this number-letter combo out loud might get you in trouble at school...
Next one: NIY??-IAN3B-9Y6NQ - ?? = two letter combination that is the abbreviation of the stunt team for all three season of @VGHS...
I screwed that up. 5Z4A0-25DPB-PW7??
First one: 5Z4A0-??DPB-PW7?? - The ??s is a letter and number, which happen to also be one of @mattLarnold's favorite racing games...
Everyone, in preparation, get Steam open and get ready to pound in some codes fast and furiously...
I'm going to start releasing free Payday 2 codes into the wild WHO WANTS EM
John Wick loses steam 2/3 of the way through but up till then it's the fastest most head bangin rock and roll action train ever built
"Not All The GamerGate's Men" (2015) Two Twitter users uncover the GamerGate scandal, leading to a bunch of gaming blog editors resigning.
"When an Activision PR rep pawns PAX party passes off to a bunch of editors, I'll be there, rooting out this corruption one blog at a time."
"This is a 1up article," He slides the paper over: "THIS is an EA press release." The cig falls from his lips. "My god... they're the same!"
"Can't you see it," he shouts, shaking his coworker by the collar, "The Official Xbox Magazine is just a MOUTHPIECE FOR BIG M!"
An aide runs in with photos. "These men attended the EA E3 party" His eyes narrow. "Kotaku editors... this is deeper than we thought."
INT. GGHQ -- NIGHT. A solitary fist slams on the table. "Impossible!" a lone freedom fighter shouts. "These CoD reviews are TOO GOOD!"
Anyway, the "anti corruption" part of GamerGate - got any corrupt gaming journalists fired for taking money from game publishahahaha
"RT @MrTrollham we see it too! But rather then standing by them we are pointing them out!" ...while sharing space under the same banner.
I see people who truly believe they're fighting corruption in games journalism, but are unable to see the harm in who they stand next to.
@fwong "When Captain America saw HYDRA had infiltrated SHIELD, he ended SHIELD. There's a lesson there."
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Because a bunch of individuals all acting together? That's a group.
If I started a hashtag that was overrun by reprehensible behavior, I'd condemn that hashtag - not continue to associate with it.
that article was never written
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the primary evidence for this “SJW infiltration” is the charge that a game dev slept with a journalist for one article about A FREE GAME
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this includes but is not limited to graphic death threats, graphic rape threats, doxxing, home phone calls… basically, epic bullying
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the “crime” of “SJW infiltration” is … so… so horrendous to them, that a wide variety of drastic measures have been taken to “fight back”
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(an otherwise flawless and blameless institution with everyone’s best interests in mind)
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in the *most charitable sense possible*, #GamerGate’s MAIN problem is that “SJW” issues have infiltrated and corrupted games journalism
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in the last two years, games journalists have dedicated ALMOST one half of one percent of their articles to the topic of feminisms in games
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This is the greatest video on the internet. Period. @CorridorDigital…
Minecraft gurus - what is the fastest and easiest way to get good looking shaders on a reasonably new build of MC?
If you're in Singapore and want to do a room escape at 915 tonight, reply to this and let me know - building a group now.
More importantly - which ones in SG are good?
Any SG folks want to do a room escape?
If @JohannaEBraddy isn't launched into a long, A-list career by her VGHS performance, the world is worse-off for it. Really stellar work.
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Knowing League of Legends is the digital international equivalent of having skills at soccer. I can get destroyed in LAN cafes ANYWHERE!
The event tonight is going to be at The Colony, HubQuarters on Level 4 at SCAPE!