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Funny Or Die
A man responds to the library's "Free Wi-Fi Terms & Conditions" with some demands of his own
Netropolitan is the new "Facebook for millionaires." Here's what you get for the $9,000 membership fee:
Ironically, VIP sections at clubs are filled with the least important people on Earth.
A man with a gun to his head reviews the new U2 album
Texas! @oddballfest wraps up this weekend with three Lone Star State shows. Tickets available:
Roger Goodell's press conference is interrupted, and vastly improved, by Benjy from The Howard Stern Show:
Texas! @OddballFest wraps up this weekend with three Lone Star State shows. Tickets available:
Two nobodies try to find their place in a world of somebodies, with @JimGaffigan, @MrTonyHale, @sfosternyc and more:
Slide into the weekend in style with the 21 Best GIFs of All Time of the Week:
Can't sleep? Get knocked the fuck out with these 17 GIFs:
We’re counting down to Jerrod Carmichael’s first HBO special, ‘Love at the Store,’ with a mini-tour across the U.S.! Get your tickets now at
A man's life is forever changed by one tough negotiation:
A Scared Man's Guide to Holding a Baby:
Our newest employee is a horrible typist, but he has got his cute-game on lock.
See Jerrod Carmichael on tour before his Oct. 4 "Love at the Store" HBO special! Details & tix
These 11 myths about nutrition prove that everything you thought you knew is wrong:
A steamy fact revealed about turtles & worms in this weeks episode of "Throwing Shade" live now on FOD!
Urban Outfitters turned its tragedy-inspired sweatshirt mess into a catchy Neil Young jingle:
English is confusing because "booty call" and "butt dial" mean very different things.
CASTING AGENTS: This "between jobs" actor paid us $500,000 to post his headshots and portfolio
Will Ferrell wants to destroy you in video-game warfare. After you help fight cancer together:
Which Scotland is right for you? This chart will guide you through the historic vote:
Have you seen the new #tspod today? If not, prepare your eyes.
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This Ray Rice inspired makeup tutorial will help you cover up anything to save face:
.@MollyBSims & @DaveHolmes popped in to shoot a video about the new fall TV lineup. Coming soon to a screen near you!
Jerrod Carmichael's first comedy special: 'Love at the Store' premieres Oct. 4 on HBO! Here's a sneak peek #JerrodHBO
@mollybsims & @daveholmes stopped by today to shoot a video about the upcoming fall TV lineup. Coming soon to a screen near you!
ISIS posted this Craigslist ad for someone to make them their own Twitter:
If someone needs to watch a flight attendant demonstrate how to fasten a seatbelt, is their life really worth saving?
Looking for a perfect show with no conflicts? No Problem:
Studio Pitch Meeting for Casper the Friendly Ghost:
Bill Maher's "dirty secret": He's deeply religious & prays with Ann Coulter (according to this @funnyordie video)
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16 GIFs of People Encountering Dangerous Puddles
Simon Rich interviews Aristotle, who's turned into a real Hollywood piece of shit:
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Transcript of a conversation going on in Hell right now about ISIS:
@BillMaher has lied to the world for long enough. His horrible secret is finally revealed today on FOD!
.@billmaher has lied to the world for long enough. His dirty secret is finally revealed:
The Redskins' owner can't stop us from making up our own team names
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That Kent State sweatshirt was nothing compared to Urban Outfitter’s other offensive products:
Dave Chappelle did a surprise set last night at @OddballFest in Irvine and brought the house down! (video by @iso4017)
Our IT department called dibs on this blank wall for reasons that appear to be unknown at the time.
Gerald, the office psychopath, explains why he's done watching the NFL:
Serious question: WTF was up with "Small Wonder"? Creepiest. Show. Ever.
Meanwhile on Facebook, everyone is accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash instead of grandma:
Want to make your Monday even more amazing? Here are the 21 Best Pics of All Time of the Week:
Links! 7 Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, Tim & Eric’s Most Revealing Interview Ever and More!