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Funny Or Die
Relive the magic of Brad Pitt on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis in endless GIF form
Brad Pitt & Zach Galifianakis chat Between Two Ferns about acting, charity work & handsomeness
Les Mis for Millennials: a classic musical about modern parties
Finally! A simple, easy-to-follow guide to fornicating pumpkins. Check it out on FOD today! 🎃🏃
I play a LOLLIPOP in this new video from @GhostPanther! With Amy Poehler, @AndyRichter @SarahKSilverman & more! Here:
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19 GIFs of Animals Enjoying a Nice, Relaxing Bath
If you're a baby and you're not wearing a Funny Or Die onesie then what are you even doing?
A Day in the Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, AKA The Notorious RBG
"You're more likely to die of the flu than Ebola." Ugh, stop ruining our perfectly good paranoia with your stupid logic.
Amy Poehler, @SarahKSilverman, @AndyRichter, @billyeichner & @MayaRudolph are cartoon alpacas w/ serious problems:
With Thigh Gap jeans, you too can achieve the ONLY beauty standard that really matters:
#WorkingAtFOD - Director @alexrichanbach takes you on a heart racing late-night scooter race through the office! *Spoiler Alert* It gets real uncool real fast.
Whoever took the time out of their day to do this deserves not just a raise, but the f*ckin' Pulitzer.
Our interns LOVE it here cause they are 100% safe and for sure not being held against their will.
Peyton Manning's quotes from his biggest career TDs offer a window into his own private hell
What’s all this "news" about a real working hoverboard? We already invented one — seven months ago:
#WorkingAtFOD - Whoever took the time out of their day to do this deserves not just a raise, but the f*ckin' Pulitzer.
Next time someone tells you guacamole is extra, drop to your knees and scream "WHHHHYYYYYYY?!"
Florida mom who wants Breaking Bad action figure banned is being a total Skyler about it
Two economic theories battle it out in a Chris Henchy–directed short w/ @RobRiggle, Thomas @Middleditch & @MrTonyHale
Keanu Reeves is promoting his new film, 'John Wick,' the old-fashioned way — with an email blast to all his friends:
Watch Chris Pine as a Vampire Lawyer in New Funny or Die Sketch
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If you can't guess the correct answer don't panic, we put it on the bottom of the image for you. Good luck!
The FBI is trying some aggressive new tactics to investigate iPhone users' criminal activity:
Lap dogs aren't just for purses anymore. They're now running around Congress doing tricks for the gun lobby:
#HowToEnjoy - Country Music
Cinnamon raisin bagels are just terrible donuts.
No matter how you slice it, this week's 21 best pics are clear winners:
You would not believe how much work went into this ‘Vampire Lawyer’ sketch w/ Chris Pine:
Peyton Manning passed Brett Favre in career touchdown passes tonight, going into the record books as the only positive NFL story of 2014.
Take a moment to give thanks that the term “netiquette” never really caught on.
Links! The Rebirth of Dane Cook, 7 Lies Barack Obama Has Told America and More!
11 Campaign Signs that Are Very Convincing:
Anyone know any place on the internet to get content?
If College Admissions Were Like Job Listings:
Deleted sex scene w/ Rachel Bilson & @mradamscott was too hot for indie film 'Hearts of Palm'
#ff @meganamram Funny person. Scientist. Olivia Newton-John enthusiast.
Dressing to impress this Halloween? Show us on Instagram and win sweet FOD gear:
Announcing the #FODcostumeContest for Halloween! Dressing to impress this year? Show us your (or your pet's) best costume and win some cool FOD stuff!
Dracula's review of 'Dracula: Untold' — "A coffin full of rotting bullshit."
The biggest downside to driving a convertible is being the type of person who drives a convertible.
This week's 21 best GIFs are full of surprises:
How to Carve a Pumpkin You Can Have Sex With:
Good to see Game of Thrones' Oona Chaplin (@OonaCC) looking much healthier after that Red Wedding fiasco.
.@JoseCanseco salutes the Kansas City Royals for not cheating to get to the World Series:
Good to see Game Of Thrones' Oona Chaplin (@oonacc) looking much healthier after that Red Wedding mess.
“Ugh, GIFs are too long.” — the generation after millennials.