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The Frugal Traveler
I hate shopping. But it was REALLY time to get a new…
6 of 12 World Cup host cities are on UN's list of top 50 most dangerous cities (by homicide rate). Rio and S. Paulo not among them.
Budget travelers and victims of coach class will definitely appreciate this week's New Yorker cover:…
.@Thrillist says Queens is better than Brooklyn. You may not agree. But there's no doubt it's cheaper.…
How much would it cost to take a family of four around the world for a year? Careful planned, less than you think.…
Thanks everybody, that was really interesting. #muckedup
Bloggers is also a misnomer-lots of travel sites are multi-faceted, vary greatly between marketing puppets and honest narrative. #muckedup
Travel writing should ASPIRE to highest journalistic ethics - impossible to achieve. Many bloggers are proud to be marketers. #muckedup
There is way more travel writing than we we need to learn to distinguish between who's trying to be ethical and who isn't#muckedup
I recommend when reading user reviews, look for fact, not opinion. i.e. "internet doesn't work on 4th floor" vs. "internet sucks!" #muckedup
Agreed! RT @loratliff: @frugaltraveler Indeed, but I find many magazines use the same "stable". New, fresh narratives, please! #muckedup
Vital RT @SculptSocial: @frugaltraveler Yes - you have to look at the reviewer's profile as well as what they are writing. #muckedup
And let's just note that my own publication does not do so, despite having the strictest rules. #MuckedUp
This is really back to Q1, but I think a great partial solution is for every site/blog/publication to state ethics policy up top...#MuckedUp
I'd be curious to hear how people use TripAdvisor and the like, how much they trust reviews. #MuckedUp
Biggest differences between travel writers and crowdsourcing are 1) experience 2) compelling writing. Not always but usually. #MuckedUp
Voice is incredibly important, as is building an audience. Nobody needs to hear what to order in a restaurant with Yelp around. #muckedup
Travel writers must focus more on narrative and inspiration - as well as ability to dig deeper. Reviews not as useful. #MuckedUp
Q2: TripAdvisor, etc, are powerful forces, here to stay. That very much changes the role of the travel writer, esp guidebooks. #muckedup
Finally on Q1: most travel writing today is done by people who do not consider themselves journalists, but travelers. #muckedup
Books are a silly comparison...they're worth $20. A trip to Thailand is $2000. #MuckedUp
Don't know much about tech writing. I would think same applies: if article cannot be written w/o accepting something, go for it. #muckedup
And should be used when necessary, with full consciousness of the responsibility to disclose. #MuckedUp
Hmm, I think people are misunderstanding my message. I am merely saying that press trips are a highly imperfect way to do things #MuckedUp
First, allow me to thank @FreelancJourns for the lovely language. #MuckedUp