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The Frugal Traveler
Brunch #dosa. #Portland is killing me. Does oregonian need a permanent local frugal traveler? @ TIFFIN…
One #compost bin just isn't enough. #Portland is taking a little getting used to. @ Little Big Burger
#portland making fun of itself (I hope). #bacon #socks @ Powell's City of Books
Monkey muffin, $2.75, #Portland #brunch @ Grand Central Bakery & Cafe
Great(?) deal at the #Polynesian Deli in #Seattle. @ Polynesian Deli (Sung's)
The red floor. #seattle #library @ Seattle Public Library-Central Br
The red floor. #seattle #library @ Seattle Public Library-Central Br
#Seattle #gum wall. Disgusting, touristy, #awesome. @ THE GUM WALL PIKE PLACE MARKET
#Seattle manhole covers are actually maps of downtown.
Telling it like it is in #Seattle. #beer @ Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge
My Global Entry has been reinstated 6 months after I requested a review but 1 month after filing a FOIA request. Coincidence?
At Hummel House, incredibly ripe green gauge plums (plus figs plus cherry tomatoes, etc), free with…
With cg2097 in the San Juan Islands, part II of Pacific NW trip. @ Mountain Lake, Orcas
41% of Americans don't use all vacation days. (From the biased US Travel Assocation, but still...)… @Thrillist.
I love @TMobile’s free int’l data and texting, but trade-off is clear: in the US, dropped calls like it’s 1999.
.@Frommers ??? The shame was that they saved money by taking it out of the library rather than buying it, as I would have.
This AM, Seattle hostel breakfast. Tonight phase 2 of Pacific NW trip:: San Juan Islands (expect better views).
Huge discount for seniors and children! #Chinatown #Vancouver @ Chinatown 漢記
"Washroom" wins another point for #Canada. Not quite perfect, but more accurate than restroom by a…
#Canada has cooler #mailboxes than we do. @ Vancouver, British Columbia
A mix of harbor & history makes the North of Boston region stand out. Nice piece from @sethkugel:… via @nytimestravel
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Some good ideas (whether I agree or not) from readers on hotel booking:…
Another free guidebook option...RT @harascrispy: @frugaltraveler I prefer stealthy kindle @Frommers that I check out from @dcpl
Tick...................................tock. #Vancouver @ HSBC Vancouver Main Branch
I’m on @GoodMorningAmerica tomorrow, doing the hotel-savings rounds.
Public benches #Vancouver. More comfortable than they look (but not much). #PhotographByMom @ Robson…
So far, weather alone in #Vancouver is worth the visit. Sunny and a perfect 19 degrees Celsius (whatever that means).
Frugal #Vancouver w/ my parents - & they shame me by bringing a @Frommers guidebook from their public #library. #familytravel
"Gum-based, crowdsourced" sculpture by Douglas Copeland. (Also saliva-based.) @ Vancouver Artgallery
Just making sure, @nyttimestravel! @ Hornby Street Ferry Dock
This is what happens when you travel with your parents. @ A-maze-ing Laughter
First step of August trip: Vancouver, with Frugal parents doing it their way. @ On the 007 bus, Vancouver
Frugal August trip for @nytimestravel: Vancouver to Portland, with others doing the planning. First planners: my parents.
"Sky's the Limit," making the trek from Concourse B to Concourse C a bit more interesting. #ORD @…
For a $5.29 airport meal, you're not going to do much better than this. #chicago #tapwater (veggie…
LaGuardia is much-mocked, but in this era of soaring airport roofs, its low-hanging ceilings are what really get me.
Am I mad at dumb slow travelers @LGA who tie up security lines, or dumb slow me for arriving just 52 min before flight?
The new(ish) Q70 Ltd - straight from Roosevelt Ave stop to #LGA - is great, except if the defunct local used to stop near your house. #me
Frugal summer trip #2 begins today, NYC to #Vancouver with 4 hrs in #ORD - frugal ideas for O’Hare, people of #Chcago?
Guess who's on @instagram? The @nytimestravel section! Follow the new account at
What are you doing on Twitter when you should be tuned to @CBSThisMorning? I'm on in a few minutes talking hotel savings...
Green room at @CBSThisMorning - I’m thinking i’ll be replacing @tomhanks after today’s appearance...