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The Friendly Asshole
From "bae" to "bruh" real quick
Stuck between "idc" and "fuck you"
If you cant commit, dont get in a fucking relationship.
Alcohol > relationships
Thanks Alot for that INSANE drive today. Congrats on your win. Wish you more success! @scottspeed
ever had those moods were you just wanna punch someone for no reason
Tweet "#GRCLive " and tag me. Ill follow some of you since im feeling generous today 😁
"Is your tweet about me?" Well, no.. But..
People at McDonalds always give you attitude when you ask for sauces.. As if it comes out of their wages. Throw 5 in the bag and behave.
I don't fuck with certain people anymore for a reason
Stop running back to someone who doesnt give a fuck about you.
MIA✈LAX See you motherfuckers later.
I wish i had a twin. We'd fuck shit up.
I hate when people act a different way when they get around certain people. stay the fuck away from me if you're gonna be with that BS
sometimes, you just gotta say to yourself, "I'm done being a good friend to those who don't deserve it." & move the fuck on
It's really disappointing when you meet someone who is stunning on the outside, and fucking ugly on the inside.
Either stop being attractive or makeout with me. Your choice.
I have a personality you will absolutely love or completely hate
fuck hints, be straight up.
If your EX texts you saying 'hey, I miss you' that means the other person they tried to replace you with, failed.
Of course you miss me. I'm amazing.
all i want is unlimited concert tickets and a lot of money.
Screenshots are a blessing and a curse.
when someone tries to get too close to bae
From "Bae" to "FUCK OUT MY FACE" real quick
Fav if you downloaded iOS8 RT if you dont give a fuck.
if you seriously let iOS8 ruin your relationship, then you're a fucking moron. if you ain't ready to commit, stay single
"iOS8 is going to ruin a lot of relationships" yeah, because staying faithful is hard to do, y'all stupid as fuck
"iOS8 deleted all my pictures" good, it did all of us a favor. no one wanted to see your ugly ass anyways
I thot you were different
you like the new iOS8 update? great. you don't like the new ios8 update? throw your phone in a lake and stfu
I wanted you, I never NEEDED you. people get so confused now a days
Following your friend when you're too drunk
iOS8 was definitely created by a woman who got cheated on.
🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸🌸🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 OE