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Free or Paid Seeds?
Want to know how to get seeds? There are many free and paid options for getting seeds:
Checking out others
Well, this might be obvious, but checking out others is the main reason the site exists, so every time you follow someone you get the seeds they're offering.
Suggesting celebrities
Help us add real world celebrities, musicians, entertainers, brands, sports stars, and other public figures to our directory. All you need to do is find a brand or public figure that is not currently listed on twiends and suggest them to us. For every good suggestion we'll give you some seeds, and the more popular they are the more we'll give!
Inviting others
Invites are an easy way to get some free seeds. All you have to do is invite a friend and then convince them to join twiends. We'll reward you with a minimum of 20 seeds. Usually we'll give more than 20 seeds if we think the invite meets certain quality standards.
VIP Free Seeds
We recognize that it's our VIP's that help keep twiends growing, so we give all VIP's free introductions and seeds back for any abuse our systems pick up.
Purchasing seeds
This is the quickest way to get seeds. If you want to kick start your seed balance and entice a lot of people to check you out right away then this is the way to go. This is definitely the fastest way to grow your community. There are a range of packages available for you to choose from and all come with a money-back guarantee. Purchasing seeds will make you a VIP, and VIP's get seeds back for immediate unfollows.
You may want to grow your community steadily over time and not just in one go. We have subscription options available which will add seeds to your account every day. This makes sure your twitter community of friends and followers grows every day. Subscribers also receive bonus seeds with their daily allocations.