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What character(s) would you like to see in a Character Showdown?
What's the ugliest piece of clothing you've ever been forced to wear?
What is the most annoying sound in the world?
Can Fred contact Lucas before time runs out?
How will Lucas find Fred in Korea!?
NEW FRED Goes to the Dentist: via @YouTube
Watch this special message from Yuksung, the new owners of the FRED Channel!
New Fred has really got himself into a funny situation in this new video!
I liked a @YouTube video from @FredFigglehorn NEW FRED Goes Swimming
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Get excited! FRED returns to YouTube on 5 August 2014.
Check out this hackin' awesome free mobile game from the guys who created the It’s Fred! iPhone game!
From the Burj Khalifa
It's a good day to be totally freakin' stylish!! #swag
My mom won't actually let me watch Breaking Bad because it's about drugs but she's an alcoholic sooo...?? #idontgetit
It's #TalkLikeAPirateDay so..I'm running for Class President so you get more homework..matey! #goodidea…
WHY does everyone think I have mental problems?! Even my birdie thinks I have mental problems :( #therapist…
Hope your Monday is SUPER COOL YO! ...LIKE ME! #thuglife
Oh my gosh I hate it when you think someone is nice and then they're actually mean..does that ever happen to you?!?!…
Whoa, so am I!! RT @jesskempexxx Fred the show is on all day, I'm such a little kid!
OMG I think I'm going on a road trip! Looks fun!! #notreally
OMG HOW ROMANTIC! RT @BiebsMnBelieber @FredFigglehorn when I was in 4th grade I always carried around a picture of you everywhere I went
I love music and singing!! I think I'm gonna be famous one day!! #ohmygammit…
Omg has anyone seen Despicable Me 2 yet?? The clip at the end of this video is my favorite part!! What's yours?
HEY GUYS!! You're all hackin' awesome! <3
I heard Judy's having a 4th of July girls' party, so OBVIOUSLY I'm going! Time to get my DANCE ON, suckas!
HEY! I just realized that pizza and I have something in common…we both have SLICES! HAHAHA! #AOpuns
Retweeted by Fred
I found this berry bush outside and ate all the berries and now I feel kinda weird..I HOPE I DON'T DIE!!
So I watched this @annoyingorange video and I'm thinking..if I had a superpower I'd make everyone do whatever I say!…
Oh my gammit, #MarvinMarvin is on in 15 minutes!! I guess I'm gonna have to reschedule my plans to roll down the stairs in bubble wrap!
I tried to be a Smurf but I got paint on my mom's Furbies..I hope we still go to the movie on 7/31! #GlobalSmurfsDay
OMG the woodland creatures are building an army! I KNEW THEY WERE DANGEROUS!! #runforyourlives
Omg this is the game I'M the most excited about!!
Judy was singing this and I mean it's so cool of her to sing to me but I don't think this is a love song..WAHHH!!
Now I can watch #MarvinMarvin reruns after Sam and Cat on @NickelodeonTV! I was worried I'd be so bored that I'd eat paper! WHAT A RELIEF!!
Did you get free donuts today?? I did!! I'M GONNA BE AWAKE FOR LIKE 6 DAYS WHEEEEE!!
My mom says fruit shouldn't talk but sometimes she says I shouldn't talk either and that's just mean!!…
No, it just tastes like computer.
OMG! Someone made a GIF of me!!! I wonder if it tastes like the peanut butter??
Have you guys heard that new @meganandliz jam yet?? They're pretty good singers, but I'm still better! #ReleaseYou