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Today's Pet of the Day is Zeus! Keep sending us pictures of YOUR pets!
From the Burj Khalifa
It's a good day to be totally freakin' stylish!! #swag
Hope your Monday is SUPER COOL YO! ...LIKE ME! #thuglife
OMG I think I'm going on a road trip! Looks fun!! #notreally
I heard Judy's having a 4th of July girls' party, so OBVIOUSLY I'm going! Time to get my DANCE ON, suckas!
I found this berry bush outside and ate all the berries and now I feel kinda weird..I HOPE I DON'T DIE!!
OMG the woodland creatures are building an army! I KNEW THEY WERE DANGEROUS!! #runforyourlives
Omg this is the game I'M the most excited about!!
Did you get free donuts today?? I did!! I'M GONNA BE AWAKE FOR LIKE 6 DAYS WHEEEEE!!
OMG the #XboxOne would be sooo cooool!! But we're kind of poor so I guess I'll just keep shaving squirrels for fun..
Practicing my moves right now!! Have you gone to any school dances??
Happy Mother's Day mom!! I'm not sure about you most of the time but you're cool occasionally!!
I took an afternoon swim in my pool and got CHASED BY A SHARK and then I peed in the pool... :(
I'm gonna roll around in these beautiful plants to celebrate nature! Wheeee!! #HappyEarthDay
WHY does everyone think my VOICE sounds weird and annoying?? I don't get it!!!
"The Liffey cuts the city like a meandering blue vein; Ancient poetry echoes in soft rain down the lanes"