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🔴Looking for a program that will transform your physique in just a fraction of the time? Shatter your boundaries with my 90 day Program🔴 . . LEAVE YOUR EMAIL BELOW and I will be sure to get in contact with you about making your own personal plan, guaranteed to take your body to the next level! . .
First workout back from being sick 💯 felt good but I need great #SaturdayMode
Been so sick the past two days 🙈 and it hasn't been easy staying away from the gym today as I made an attempt to make it but as soon as I got there my body was just not able to adapt. It's the first time I take a rest day in more than 6 months but I'm definitely feeling better and anxious to get ba
CLIENT UPDATE 💯 🙌 @danyull_92 . " This workout has put me in the best shape of my life! It kicks my ass up and down, but I love every minute of it! My abs have never been nicer, and I don't know if I've ever been this cardiovascularly fit before. I will definitely be continuing this! " Crazy gains
Anyone who has ever used my program knows how crazy my workouts are 💪 you want change ❓ Well then look for a challenge. What you put in is what you're going to get out. There's a reason why I push myself every damn day so I can be an example by action and not just by words 💯 . I would be tired of
@blpires lets fucking go #BeMotivated. It's amazing what happens when you just won't give up. He started his journey in 11 months ago at 82kg (180lbs) now he is currently 72kg (158lbs) but leaner and stronger than ever❗️❗️ Take pride in your name and value what you stand for 🙌 Congrats boss, let's
WORKOUT VIDEOS PAGE ONLY @trainers_academy @trainers_academy
Today's a big day I finally finished paying off in full my apartment that I bought almost 18 months ago!!! I grinded and worked just as hard as anyone you could imagine crazy 18 hour shifts that I would place myself under a lot of insane crazy hours and sacrifices were made but all those sacrifices
My man @jouzuf_khan making all kinds of gains ‼️ He came to me wanting change and I provided him with a personal plan designed for his body type to help him reach his goals in the fastest possible manner by Adding lean muscle and shredding fat 💪🏼 Keep it up brotha still got 5 weeks left can't wait
Let's get this morning started I usually wake up every Morning 4:30 am I've been doing it for the past 4 years. Why ❓I find more time in the day. . I like to start off with my pro pump and my vanille whey protein shake. . . 💊 SUPPLEMENTS ( @1upnutrition ) 🔹Pro Pump (pre workout) highly recommendab
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! . Melt that stubborn belly fat and build lean muscle using my 90 day transformation program 🔥. I incorporate a customized carb cycling diet which has been scientifically proven to be the best form of dieting when you are trying to burn body fat fast. My personalized worko
PROTEIN EGGWHITE PANCAKES 😍 Bomb City Breakfast!! . . 🔹1 Scoop of ISO 100 Cookies n Cream Protein. 🔹1 Scoop of ISO 100 Vanilla Protein. 🔹1/4 of a banana. 🔹20 Egg Whites. 🔹Sugar Free 20 calories syrup. 🔸Pro Ripped from @1upnutrition. 🔸Pro Test from @1upnutrition. Your nutrition better be on
How did my client John get into the best shape of his life❓ He followed my customized 90 Day transformation program which comes complete with a carb cycling day to day meal plan, high intensity workouts and ab workouts and not to mention my 1 on 1 support ‼️ - EMAIL ME NOW for your free consultation
ATTACK YOUR WEAKNESS 💯 Make your weakness your most important role #YourPriority. I see a lot of people saying they lack inner and upper chest but yet again the first thing they do when they get to the gym is go straight to the flat bench 🚫 No stop worrying bout being a power ego lifter, and do wh
@andyarchie . . Hardwork people this is what it gives you!! This man has put in some fucking serious work the pic speaks for itself 💯 Lean muscle mass he has put on a solid 15 to 20 lbs of muscle in the last 5 months. He might kill me for putting up this pic but this pic is just to good and he's a
I hear to many complaining and crying about shitty situations and tough times. That's LIFE people it ain't all dandy and great but your decision a and actions to how you react to that can make a great life❗️❗️Don't make excuses for why you can't get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must mak
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 💯 @kmitten6 . Here's my 90 day transformation. Thanks for all your help and guidance. This is for those who say it's impossible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Can't wait to try the lean bulk program next. 💪Congrats boss you put in the hard work and it shows! . Fo
Yo T your alarm clocks going off❗️❗️ Naw I don't need one tonite my alarm clock will be my deadlifts 😉 That's shit will really wake my ass up #MoveHeavyWeight #GetYourAssMovinAsWell #No3RepKingMachoManTypeShit #GetYourAssSweating
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 💯 @kiz1anonly . Take a look at my client Chris absolutely killing my customized shred program 8 weeks in. I can't stress enough how much clean eating and working hard impacts your physique in such a short period of time 🙌 . EMAIL ME NOW for your free consultation where we will fin
. Win an all expenses paid VIP trip to the 2015 Olympia in Las Vegas, Sep 17th-21st. Hangout all weekend with me and the rest of the @1upnutrition team - TO ENTER 💥 - 1⃣ Follow @1upnutrition and @tfit360 - 2⃣ Tag 3 friends below & Tell them to follow my account. - 3⃣ That's it! - We will announce t
@willdeneke ⭐️ After 4 hard weeks I went from 187 to 173.5 this workout and diet is testing my body and my mind but I'm killing it and now I'm addicted to this!! Love what you do and do it with a fucking passion cus when it comes from the heart people really feel that shit 💯. . Email me today to g
We all want something different but are we really willing to be different❓ . Associate yourself with people who have dreams and are not dream busters. Choose the road least traveled, be willing to face adversity. Be willing to say NO even when it's most convenient to say yes. Be a fucking game chang
@beeear_13 @beeear_13 CLIENT SPOTLIGHT❗️"Hey just wanted to send you this pic it's just from strict diet the past 2 weeks and only 1 week of the ab shred program! Only one week and I'm seeing nice results I can't wait to see what the whole program will do for me! Thank you so much man appreciate al
CARDIO ❓ Yeah we'll get in the gym and lift some weights with some type of complex movements. Something functional, something that's gonna make you better in life. Get the F off that treadmill or stationary bicycle go do cross fit or some type of high intensity weight training class go out and impro

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