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Melt that stubborn belly fat using my 90 day transformation program 🔥. I incorporate a customized carb cycling diet which has been scientifically proven to be the best form of dieting when you are trying to burn body fat fast. My personalized workouts and ab routines are all in high intensity inter
At the end of the day if she makes you better, then she a keeper❗️❗️@anllela_sagra . . Who else goes to the gym with their better side❓Tag your swollemate❗️
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟@mik.o_grime 🌟 . . What's up Tomas! Here's the end of my phase 4 program. Only a couple more phases to go. The journey has been a painful and knowledgeable journey. Definitely pushed myself. Can't wait to finish and will definitely continue on for another as soon as this is over.
Trust me I've been down, I've been turned away, been doubted and questioned!! All that made me who I am today!! Learn and motivate your own self from your downs and failures, put the image of where you wanna be and don't settle for anything less. Day by day we work on that craft and that's why I ex
🔹Looking for 90 days of crazy workouts❓ 🔹Supplement advice❓ 🔹Carb Cycling❓ 🔹Coaching w proper Education❓ 🔸Powered by @1upnutrition _____________________________ Interested in my 6 Phase 90 Day Transformation Program. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ - For full details email 📥 or visit
My boy @dacisco went from panda bear to papa bear. Nothing but GAINZZZ 230 on the left to 195 now on the right. It's simple work your ass off and properly fuel your body and be consistent❗️❗️ Can't wait to see what's next, congrats boss 🙌 For results like this to keep you motivated and wanting to p
SHRED SEASON 💯 time to make every workout count..... They say what you put in is what you get out❗️❗️ But I believe you better put in a little extra so your never disappointed, because average is so common. What satisfaction do you get when everyone else is able to do the same❓ Go that extra mile n
CLIENTS SPOTLIGHT 🌟 @sroy11 AGE IS JUST A NUMBER‼️ No one can tell you better than my client @sroy11 who is 38 years old!! This is not an easy accomplishment and this just goes to show that if you put in hard work it goes a long way, no matter your age or circumstance. I'm proud of him and I'm su
TFiT TIP - When performing Curls most people tend to hold the Dumbbells on their side of theirs thighs 🚫 Try performing your curls with the weights In Front of your thighs and making sure to fully release the weights to get a full range of motion but never allowing the weights to rest on your thigh
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟 ANTONIO GONZALEZ PEREIRA. . . "The first 3 months are thru. Thank you again for all your support and tricks how to achieve this result. Thanks to you, I managed to stay focus and hungry and I still am." . . Holy fucking Abs damn that's some dedication and discipline 💯 time for r
That brownie last night tasted so good 😂 haha naw I'm only playing I've done about 15 days of pretty solid clean eating and working out 3 times a day❗️❗️Easy formula grind so hard, results want to find you 👍
WORKOUT VIDEOS PAGE ONLY @trainers_academy @trainers_academy
🔥TRANSFORM TODAY!🔥 . Awesome transformation from my client. Burned fat and gained muscle simply by following my customized Carb Cycle Diet and Workout Program‼️ . Want results like this? Click the link in my page bio @tfit360 and start on your own customized workout and diet program guaranteed to
If you wait until you're ready, you'll be waiting the rest of your life. JUST DECIDE❗️❗️ Take a plan of action. Commit yourself to something that runs deeper than money. You want to be rich be rich in happiness and money comes with happiness cus you do it from the fucking heart and that's when you d
Just got home and your right yeah I'm tired and your tired but the fucking difference is I'm hungry #Round3 let's grind #13 of the week. I'll rest when I'm beast
@juninhovalim21 ⠀⠀ - A little more than 4 months in and 26 pounds down ‼️ not only did he manage to strip some fat but he's got those shredded summer abs coming in 💪⚡️ Starting weight 182 and current weight at 156. Keep up the good work boss. ⠀⠀ - It's results like this that not only motivate me da
PROTEIN EGGWHITE PANCAKES 😍 Late Night Dinner!! . . 🔹1 Scoop of ISO 100 Cookies n Cream Protein. 🔹1 Scoop of ISO 100 Vanilla Protein. 🔹20 Egg Whites. 🔹Sugar Free 20 calories syrup. 🔸Pro Ripped from @1upnutrition. 🔸CLA from @1upnutrition. Your nutrition better be on point if your expecting re
Workout #1 of the day 3:50 am. That's workout #11 since Monday ✅ Your past was never a mistake if you learned from it. My past is my litigation and my learning experience❗️❗️I know where I wanna go and I've used my last as ways to not go about certain things so that today I can make better choices �
CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 💯 @rblake5 about to finish up his customized bulk plan‼️ Those Spartan abs have arrived just in time for summer boss. Keep it up, can't wait to see how you evolve after you finish your next customized program. This just goes to show just because you're bulking doesn't mean you gott
Early mornings, long nights, multiple workouts daily. These are a couple things to describe my daily lifestyle 💪 My @1upnutrition BCAA's always keep me on point and help me recover fast throughout these strenuous days 💥 . These amino acids not only promote enhanced recovery and fat loss, but they
🚨CLIENT UPDATE🚨. . I fucking love seein the changes in my clients❗️❗️ Motivation comes with SUCCES and with SUCCES comes belief in one self 💪 I only want clients that are serious about changing no half as bushit!!! . "I have done 3 weeks of your program and so far I'm enjoying it, it's the most c
Ending an amazing insane day 4 rounds in the books ✅ 7th workout of the week!! We overtraining and you better believe in the process❗️❗️ Let the doubters hate but focus on your own ways, at the end of he day people are gonna talk. It's you who determines what you get out of your own life 💯
@colton_zeigler made a crazy lean bulk 💯 motivated more than ever!! In 75 days went from 160-175 In just 10 weeks. Stayed dedicated and pushed myself past my own expectations. I've made going to the gym everyday a routine and am very proud of where I am at today.😂 There's a reason why we have a 85
I don't care where you are, who you are, when you have something you want so bad!!! Something that itches you to be better, JUST GO FOR IT!! Sometimes we tend to waste precious time, and wait for the right opportunity, the right opportunity is today!! Today is what creates your better tomorrow 👍 It

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