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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT 🌟 Stephanie Price this girl has been killing it!! Since day 1 she was one of my first online clients and has always stayed in tough and we have always worked hand in hand it's awesome to see the strides she'a made 💯 Colombian Pride 🙌. . Want results like this ❓EMAIL ME NOW for yo
🔴Looking for a program that will transform your physique in just a fraction of the time? Shatter your boundaries with my 90 day Program🔴 . ✅Customised Diet Plans - based on goals and stats ✅Customised Workout Routines- advanced and beginner options . ✅My Ab Ripper Program . ✅Online coaching and gu
CLIENT FINAL REPORT 💯 🙌 @danyull_92 . " This workout has put me in the best shape of my life! It kicks my ass up and down, but I love every minute of it! My abs have never been nicer, and I don't know if I've ever been this cardiovascularly fit before. I will definitely be continuing this! " Crazy
SHOULDER BLAST @GoldsVenice #Mecca w/ my homies @nick_carullo @man__d . . After our shoulder session we took it outside and finished with a lil circuit for traps 💪 OutworkYourYesterday
CLIENT FINAL REPORT ✅ @TNLMARCUS . "Hey Tomas just want to say thank you for your program! These are awesome results I feel amazing and still have lots of time and work to be done. Started at 6'3 265 25% body fat and ended at 248 lbs 19.5% body fat " . This is the kind of stuff that not only motiva
If you want something different You Gotta do something different. I hear to many people telling me and her how lucky we are for this or that❗️❗️ What people won't always see is, The discipline and dedication behind the social media doors. The sacrifices and long days of non stop work❗️❗️ We do it be
Arm session this morning 💪 now time to get the HQ LAB & get some work done then back at it later for round 2 SHOULDER SESSIONS 💯 . . For more workouts and tips check out my website 🙌
Aside from the fact that this girl @anllela_sagra is as cute as it gets❗️❗️ Make sure to check out our @monstarfitness we had a new couple shirts come out yesterday 💯. . . 💪 Our @MONSTARFITNESS shirts are available again on our website! Get yours today & Thank you guys for all the support so far �
@roman_levitskiy @roman_levitskiy I mean my dude put in work, the pic says it all itself #NoWayAroundHardWork 💯 May you always do what you are afraid to do. Don't be scared of failing be scared of not trying❗️Step out your comfort zone and become who you can become 💪. . Want GAINZ❓ LEAVE YOUR EMA
FINISH THE WEEK STRONG 💢 LEG SESSION 😁 We went superset on superset till waking do us apart 😂 #LaGOLDS . . Me and the whole squad @man__d @anllela_sagra went beast 💯
@_jsolano 17 year old messaged me wanting to gain weight but listen to this he didn't have access to a gym and told me only had 80 pounds in his garage❗️❗️So guess what he worked with what he had. About 11 months later and with a combination of discipline and dedication. He has completely transforme
Let me help you by designing a carb cycle schedule that tells you what to eat, how much and at what time. I can help you reach your ultimate goal whether you are trying to gain muscle lose weight or get shredded! All programs include the following: - ✅Customised Diet Plans - based on goals and stats
SHOULDER SESSION 💯 Ended with some weighted 70lb DB pull-ups supersetted w regular pull-ups and then finish it with reverse cable flys 💪 When my shoulders not acting up I love to do as much pull-ups as possible❗️❗️Allways love to work with my own body weight. Round 2 later on today #LegSession
@juninhovalim21 ⠀⠀ . A little more than 2 months in and 26 pounds down ‼️ not only did he manage to strip some fat but he's got those shredded summer abs coming in 💪⚡️ Starting weight 182 and current weight at 156. Keep up the good work boss. ⠀⠀ . It's results like this that not only motivate me da
Let me help you by designing a carb cycle schedule that tells you what to eat, how much and at what time. I can help you reach your ultimate goal whether you are trying to gain muscle lose weight or get shredded! All programs include the following: - ✅Customised Diet Plans - based on goals and stats
I guess our trip started kinda tight 🙈 #LA problems
. Amazing transformation by my online client @nick3194 !!! Just goes to show what someone can achieve with a little dedication and some hard work!!! From his shoulders to his abs my man put in the time to change his life! . If you are looking to transform your body email me today at 📬📬tomas@tfit36
I was once told in life you create your vision & you have the ability to make it a dream come true. I just never understood until I found my passion. Ask yourself one question do you truly love what you do today ❓ If not why are you there❓ . . To find out how I stay lean year round, Want GAINZ❓ lea
@mr_earl sometimes a lot of people are to concerned about weight rather than converting their body into lower body fat %. Everyone's goals are different but the more muscle mass one has the more likely more the lower the bady fat % will be!! My man dropped 5 lbs and gained a lot of strength in which
Fridayz time to work 💯 #LA in the morning 💪
💥Real People, Real Results💥 . 90 Days to beast mode 💯 When @_jaytrain started taking his nutrition to the next level and started using carb cycling you know shit got serious. You get what you put in guys. I give you all the keys to success but it is up to you to give it your all and those results
TFiT TIP-This has been my main point of emphasis this week!!! Everyone thinks that in order to lose weight the only way is you hop on a treadmill or stair master for 40 minutes and put yourself to sleep!! Your body is extremely effecient is it will adapt with time. When you hit a plateau your body
CLIENTS SPOTLIGHT 🌟 @sroy11 AGE IS JUST A NUMBER‼️ No one can tell you better than my client @sroy11 who is 38 years old!! This is not an easy accomplishment and this just goes to show that if you put in hard work it goes a long way, no matter your age or circumstance. I'm proud of him and I'm su
WORKOUT CRUSHED 💯 Now time for some good good food and by good I mean CHEESECAKE good 😜😍

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