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frank ocean
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maybe Obama knows.
'don't be 'moment-prejudice'. all consciousness is better than unconsciousness.' Hmm
flying over euro makes me think of game of thrones
my bro finally got a car. tight.
grown man paying grown bills.
np: rufusized feat. chaka khan
np: american psycho
smh. red wedding was too hectic.
i hold loose ideas of the future because holding on to anything too tight is no use
Friends don't let friends have new friends.
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Vice should takeover CNN
no psychedelics before sunset
BPM station on satellite radio at a decent volume is driving music.
nothing like fresh vacuum lines on carpet.
drop your shoulders
i think i just imagined an earthquake.
we still on twitter?
'the good vibes will rain upon you'
happy moms day moms.
use deodorants w no aluminum.
don't answer me. i'm not your purpose.
what is your purpose? are you a poser? is posing your purpose?
guaranteed selfie w madonna tomorrow.
np: theo parrish- first floor metaphor
when it fails, break out dancing randomly.
might be the big ant on the farm-but still an ant.
happy bday syd. best ears in the game.
speaking of vices- i forgot the blue label in my pack.. confiscated! TSA is finna drink well :(
you can't compete. you weak.
soft minds think weak thoughts.
hard drugs make soft minds.
'motives and thoughts. check your motives and thoughts.'
did north korea just threaten to nuke us? whoa.