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Missy Franklin
"I'm so glad you eat your Goldfish the same way I do!" Love my Skype sessions with @FranklinMissy! 😊😘
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Totally just dance-walked all the way home and made like ten people smile☺️ #itsthelittlethings #makingpeoplelaughatmesince1995
This team makes me so happy😊💙🐻💛 The best decision I've ever made was becoming a Golden
Cal Poly round four with my bears! #gobears 💛💙🐻
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Church+Nails+Philz=A very much needed Sunday💛
Calories don't count when you're with friends🙈😳�#CREAMR#familypodypod
#NeverForget ❤️🇺🇸💙 I am, and always will be, so proud to be an Americ#911anniversaryary
The worst part about math homework isn't how much time it takes, it's how much time it takes and then realizing you were doing it all wrong😫
When your boyfriend sends you roses just because😍❤️ I love you@danielbutler4133 thank you for always making my days brighter🌹☀️
This!☺️💖 I am going to love waking up everyday to this amazing quotes!
My DIY project for the week☺️ I took this and turned it into...🙈
Nothing better than a morning hike at sunrise with my Bears🐻 So thankful for an incredible weekend…
One year later and I'm still dancing with my favorite partner❤️ Happy Anniversary @danielbutler413😘 I…
Come to the AIA BBQ at the Clark Kerr volleyball courts! #FreeFood #CoolPeople #AthletesInAction ☺️👍☀️
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The only good thing about jet lag is scrolling through your Twitter news feed and knowing you're not alone
The best experiences are most memorable when you're with the best of friends. So thankful that my…
Definitely not the meet I expected going in, but I am truly learning to trust in God's timing and His…
Had some back spasms after workout today, already feeling better! Thank you for all your support and concern❤️
Got our nails done and just wrapped up a Sunday devotional the team. #goodday
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Can't believe the meet starts in 3 days! Had a blast watching rookie skits last night and now a day to relax👍#soblessedd�#grilledcheesese
Because what else are you supposed to do in Australia?!
When @conorjdwyer @chasekalisz and @KwCordes hand deliver bubble tea to your room>>> Greatest teammates EVER award!
Headed to Australia with the greatest teammates and coaches in the world! Still need to pinch myself every time I represent #TeamUSA ❤️🇺🇸💙
Sending SO many prayers to my best friend and her beautiful family as they travel to Asia today to go…
Bears have arrived in Irvine💛🐻💙 Can't believe Nationals is already
Mommy and I made carrot cake for our pre-Nationals pot luck tonight☺️ and it's totally healthy because…
Movies, bubble baths, fuzzy socks, and hot tea... taper for one please!💖☕️🎬
When @eliZAbethP_1126 tells you that you either came from a box of Lucky Charms or parents that are unicorns>> 😂😂
How good can doing dishes really be if you aren't having a major Phil Whickam singing and dancing party?! #heavensong #Jesusandchores
Southwest lost my luggage... Which means I don't have to unpack tonight😏#muhahahaa#findabrightsideineverythingg#jokesonyousouthwestt
Nice job at LA Invite Bears! "Taper" begins today 😛!! Go Bears �
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A Grilled Cheese Haiku: Peacefully plated, Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese, Yum yum yum yum yum.
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But on a totally different note, I CANNOT WAIT for the ESPY's tonight!!! Good luck to all of the nominees! Super proud of all of you❤️
You know you go somewhere way too often to eat when you compliment a waiter on their haircut and they look at you like you're crazy😳💇
I could listen to Leave the Night On by Sam Hunt for days on repeat🎧#ohwaitt#thatisexactlywhativebeendoingg
Can't believe I've been lucky enough to spend 10 months in these arms. Can't wait to see you in THREE…