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Frankie Jonas
@joshuadun drumming on the crowd... Truly beautiful.
I just met @tylerrjoseph I can't even
My room is a den of sweat and Funyuns.
My life is complete, thank you @MarkRuffalo for the follow. There are no words.
I have no life and I prefer it that way
Some people are real dum stupid idiots
My favorite past time is devouring my mothers food.
So I guess there's an ace attorney mobile game... I shall not rest until I finish it!
I don't care, I wish I was playing civ 5.
"I am Bart thy god," -Bart simpson
Was rad seeing deep breath in theaters. 'Twas better a second time.
There are so many noises.
My names Frankie but you can call me franku senpai
I couldn't live without this hat.
I have more memories lying on this bean bag than I do standing.
Rad is the only word in my vocabulary.
My appreciation and love for @EverySimpsons is unbound by words.
Funyuns in my hand Life sure is grand
Shaved my head last night. #noragrets
It's my parents twenty-ninth wedding anniversary. Good for them.
Happy birthday @joejonas hope it's pretty good.
Guardian of the galaxy was without a doubt the best marvel movie yet.
Comic-con was a great success.
Ha! I got in to the uncle grandpa/Clarence panel.
Thank you hall H for distracting the masses while I get 21st in line at the indigo ballroom.
Amazing nightvale panel at the geek and sundry lounge.
I don't know these nerds. They're following me.
Preview night was a success.
On dat head crab grind.
Getting into the sdcc vibe with a wait line.
Hue hue hue, preview night.
Sdcc bound! Prepare yourself for constant updates.
Happy bursday mother.
Sdcc is two weeks away. It's so close yet so far.
Happy July of the 4th!
My body is ready for guardians of the galaxy.
I think Scott pilgrim is one of those movies you can watch anytime.
Everyone go support @OliviaSomerlyn on the rising star Iheart radio contest! You can vote 50 times.
Happy Father's Day to both Kevin's in my family.
What's even happening #🍆