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Frankie Boyle
The clocks go back so tomorrow you'll have an extra hour of being a cunt, which you'll sleep through.
The predictable belittling of Russell Brand begins.: via @Thingsthatmat
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@frankieboyle Your book put me onto @grantmorrison the invisibles and I fucking love it. Cheers Frankie.
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.@BBCNews 'even downgrades Israel’s land blockade of Gaza to mere “border restrictions.”' #Palestine #MediaBias…
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Parliament Square #occupydemocracy is open & free of cop invasions. People should go down & meet each other & plot & scheme
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The word irony doesn't mean what you think it does, which would be ironic, if it meant that, but it doesn't.
Final week of my referendum roundup on iplayer. I hope you enjoy it, general public.…
The English First Division is clearly no place for a sex offender. He should be in the Premiership.
Hi UKIP supporters, why not demonstrate your pride in being English by learning to spell the language?
After Fox News cancelled my appearance on 'Hannity' we paid them a visit at their New York Headquarters
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Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans don't have 'ruined' lives - they are not the real victims
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.@David_Cameron This PM, Mohammad Asghar's daughter will deliver you a 70k-signature petition. Will you #BringMohammadHome? @38_degrees
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We are maybe 2 seasons away from the first player who turns down international duty because he is tired from raping
And so the Ched Evans saga heads towards its tragic, inevitable conclusion - an on-field rape, possibly at a corner kick.
PRESS RELEASE: Thousands echo daughter's Downing St call to bring back mentally-ill Brit Mohammed Asghar:…
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In 5 years, the UK will be a wasteland where shrieking, irradiated cannibals enter karaoke competitions to compete for the right to die.
.@David_Cameron Mohammad Asghar from UK is facing execution in Pakistan for #blasphemy. Will you #BringMohammadHome?
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Glad UKIP are in debates instead of Greens. We no longer need a party trying to save the world, we need one to make us glad that it's ending
Come witness Toy Control alongside the mighty @SageFrancis at OranMor this Wednesday! (15th) #CopperGoneTour #hiphop
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A new comedy by @robertflorence and me will be hitting your screens this weekend. BBC2 Scotland, 10pm, Sunday - THE SUNNY.
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@frankieboyle Any chance of a RT? Petition for Blue Badge application changes, it means a lot to me:…
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In my dressing room waiting to do Live at the Apollo. Frankly, this could go either way.
Doctors. You're right. Thanks twitter.
What show would you say has replaced The Bill as a last resort for jobbing actors?
#EbolaFootballChants You've not even thought of "We shall not, we shall not be cured" yet? Poor show Britain.
Curious to read in the credits that the exec producer on Dapper Laughs was the concept of rape
Some people saying the Referendum Autopsy show is down on iplayer, but this link will get you there OK…
How did Jesus Christ get his name? It’s what people said when Mary told them she’d been fucked by God.
Enjoying this important dance tune about Scotland's devolved powers…
Great, but also deeply depressing/upsetting sketch…… Best watched while fighting the effects of a powerful sleeping tabl
@attackerman: judge orders public release of videos showing Gitmo forcefeeding.…” 👍👍👍👏👏👏
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I signed this petition for Mohammed Asghar…
Anyone making travel arrangements for the Soho Theatre 10.30 shows, we will finish about 11.30
A final plug for my referendum special, in a vain attempt to keep it above Casualty on the iplayer charts…
Tomorrow night at Soho Theatre I'm supported by @Moosefucker and @MerylORourke and I have to do a 20 min section without swearing. FUN.
Here's that thing I wrote about Mohammed Asghar…