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Frankie Boyle
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A moving tribute to the children of Gaza from @jonsnowC4 - and a plea for us all to act to stop this bloodshed…
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In the Observer today, I'm talking about women comedians and @KatyFBrand's excellent new book:
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I used to be on the fence about Israel-Palestine, but then Israel blew up the fence. And the school next to the fence.
Retweeted by Frankie Boyle… Superb article sums up how many of us Jews feel about the Israel-Gaza situation.
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Think how amazing it'd be if Wesley Snipes in his Blade costume turned up and rammed this silver baton right through the Queen's heart
Literally none of the athletes can understand a word this cunt is saying
Sad that a lot of Scotland's best hurdlers decided to go into burglary #openingceremony
250 miles above the earth is the position from where Glasgow looks best #openingceremony
Britain trafficked slaves to Jamaica #openingceremony
Lets help vulnerable children across the Commonwealth by stopping selling weapons #openingceremony
BBC puts inverted commas around Gaza siege: "Palestinian PM says lift Gaza 'siege' as part of ceasefire"…
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I can't begin to tell you what a suicide vest of a performance I am going to give at this…
Hoped @guardian would publish articles against rather than supporting racism: "Why are Jamaicans good at sprinting?"
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This was the sole Gaza content on the BBC home page this morning.
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The most common mistake a serial killer can make is to fail to get elected President first.
1 of the at least 24 members of the Abu Jamaa family killed in an airstrike last night. Still in diapers. #gaza
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If you say "Israel just bombed X", huge numbers of people are trained to say "but Hamas hid weapons there" w/o having any idea if it's true.
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#LiveAtEdinburghCastle Thank God they don't let Scottish people on these things
BBC's coverage of Gaza is as shameful as anything it has ever done. Except Mrs Brown's Boys. Actually, there's a bunch of stuff. Forget it.
"By staying in the United Kingdom your money is safe and goes further." Your money is safe. Except when the banking system nearly collapsed.
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All Palestinian radio stations have been destroyed, yet we still have Jamie Theakston. WHERE IS THE HUMANITY?
MSF in Gaza say it's like working 'in an open-air prison to patch up prisoners in between their torture sessions'…
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