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Frankie Boyle
Hopefully this trouble in Glasgow will be over in a couple of days and we can all sit down together and watch the All-Ireland Football Final
@frankieboyle scum Boyle keep your retard ed views to yourself
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People with a life expectancy of 56 asking God to save the Queen #lolz
Watching @scottishlabour celebrate victory over some of the poorest areas of Scotland is like watching a lost episode of Brass Eye.
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On that note I'll be coming home as @frankieboyle s guest for his #ReferendumAutopsy With madness ensuing in Glasgow expect anything #1314
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If only these bigots in George Square could find a way to settle their differences peacefully. Maybe some kind of football match?
I should have expected this, because if you'd asked me to estimate how many cunts there were in Scotland I'd have said about 2 million
To be fair, I've always hated Scotland
After years of disastrous football matches it will be exciting to finally watch Scotland take a tanking off itself
Louie - (Glasgow) Fuckin' Love You Mate (Official Video) #hiphopthursday @frankieboyle scot hip hop
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#HipHopThursday finishing up with some Scottish stuff. Good luck understanding this.…
#HipHopThursday This one goes out to the people of Scotland. Play it loud.…
@frankieboyle #hiphopthursday My fav rap song of the last few years.. old skool style from joey badass…
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The polls are still saying it's gonnae be close. #VoteYes as soon as you can, you can get your dinner later. Every vote counts.
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Remember, Gordon Brown sold most of Britain's gold in 2001 to bail out GoldmanSachs #indyref…
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@frankieboyle i tell a man TBH if you wanna vote 'NO' it's GBH
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I hope it turns out the whole referendum is simply a distraction while Jimmy Krankie destroys the Ring
Hoping for a final YES push from the stars of Grime. Where have their voices been in this debate?
Don't leave it to everybody else to #VoteYes, every vote is gonnae count. C'mon. LANDSLIDE THE FUCK OOT IT.
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Vote NO for certainty. The certainty of whatever government the English decide to give you.
Start drinking now so that you wake up in time for the result, missing all the tedious preamble, and having failed to vote.
Scotland at the moment a mixture of hope, trepidation, ketamine, coke, speed, cans and hash
The first thing you'll remember when you wake up is what day it is HIP HOP FUCKING THURSDAY…
Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!
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Say what you like about the Union, it gave us some great memories…
I'd love a Yes vote, but I'd be equally happy with another decade of austerity and being a nuclear missile base for a rogue, terrorist US
So, so important, this, folks: YOU DON'T NEED A POLLING CARD TO VOTE. Just turn up and give your name and address.
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I'm in a minority but I think the ugly side of politics is not when people heckle politicians, but when politicians ruin people's lives
"On 18th Sept, absolute sovereign power will lie in the hands of Scottish people. They have to decide whether to keep it, or give it away."
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Paralysing neoliberal consensus that governs UK is enforced by corporate media. My column on journalists + #indyref.…
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Come Friday we might be looking back wistfully on the carefree days of sectarianism.
The pledge is unravelling.Tory MPs in revolt over Devo Something. Woops. Via @kennethmac2000…
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Doing some shows in Soho start of October…
"We vow to let you spend whatever money we see fit to give you". That's the gist of it. Goodbye. #VoteYes
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REMEMBER: Anyone who needs to vote, doesn't need a polling card, only a form of ID. PLEASE RT #indyref #VoteYes #Independence #Scotland
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The next couple of days will be a bit like this…