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Frank Bruni
More movie talk from @DouthatNYT and me, 'The Studs and Duds of the Oscars Preseason,' via @nytopinion
We can fly drones over Pakistan but can’t summon a proper locksmith to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? My column,
Highland Park, Texas, reverses prior decision to suspend seven books from high school curriculum,
Insightful overview by @danbalz of the oft-overloooked governors' races this cycle, via @washingtonpost
Philly. Night 2. Marc Vetri's Amis. Bucatini w/ almond pesto. Amatriciana. Mortadella mousse. Great meal. W/ @jimrutenberg
Surprised we haven't yet seen forecasting model prediction for the 2056 Mila (Bush) Hager/Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky presidential race.
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The Wilds of Education: thanks to @garthstein for his wise thoughts,
Education should provoke, not pacify. Too many forget that. My Sun. column,
Detoured to Philly to eat again at Zahav. So glad. A unique and splendid restaurant. Cannot wait for visits 3, 4, ...
‘I Do’ Means You’re Done: the Catholic church's treatment of gay couples MUST change. My column,
A must read on anti-Semitism in Europe by @JimBYardley…
from paris to tokyo - our list of top 5 iconic hotel bars inspired by my drink with @FrankBruni @FourSeasonsNYC…
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Games like that are the best of football. NFL needs to clean up the worst of it. #Broncos #Seahawks
As Broncos fan, am sad but proud. That was a valiant fight.
THIS was the Super Bowl we were all denied. #Broncos #Seahawks @craaaazy
On campaigning's ugliness, I get input from @MarkLeibovich, @stuartpstevens and @mattbai (and his terrific book),
The Vain & the Desperate: Have 'gotcha' journalism and a loss of privacy left us w/ worse candidates? My column,
I am telling you: these Bar Primi meatballs? Holy Mother of orbs. @aishatyler and @brianellner? U r missing out. Thanks @andrecarmellini
Terrific summary, perspective from @chrisgeidner: "Stunning Velocity Of The Marriage Equality Movement,"…
Obama Beyond Bush: The president can be measured without the yardstick of his predecessor. My column,
I wish Joe Keenan wrote more; "Case Histories" is an ideal page turner; and more in this NYT "By the Book,"
Fascinating exclusive inside look at the Mark Sanford developments from @jimrutenberg,
In first interview, Mark Sanford's ex-fiance, mistress, Maria Belen Chapur, speaks, message: I'm not waiting anymore
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We don't like the government we've got; the midterms will bring more of the same. We're trapped. My column,
They are small but EPIC, those meatballs at @andrecarmellni's Bar Primi. @brianellner @kerreybob and I got a 2nd round, a 3rd . . .
And NFL needs to hold itself & players to high standards. Sends message to the kids watching about what's right & wrong. #goodriddancerice
Good riddance to Ray Rice. Men who treat women like punching bags cannot get a pass.
Drats, they replaced the Serena-in-stride homepage photo minutes after I flagged it, but it migrated here,
Does any sport yield better mid-stride, microsecond-in-time photos than tennis? Look at Serena on NYT homepage,
'Why Democrats Can’t Win the House' is super-clear take on 'biggest paradox in American politics,' via @UpshotNYT
Why Don’t More Men Go Into Teaching? Important NYTimes story by @motokorich,
Ours is a country of like-minded enclaves. College should be an exception and a retort to that. My column,
In our latest online movie chat, @DouthatNYT and I look at "Love is Strange," "The Giver" & more, via @nytopinion
Thank you Joan Rivers for your early and tireless support for LGBT equality and for making us all laugh:
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One imagines Pearly Gates, and a diaphanously garbed angel, and Joan Rivers bleating: "Those sandals!! Are you kidding me!?!"
The NYT's @mattfleg writes about the sad "culinary surrender" at Penn Station. Funny and true,
A good overview of/ primer on the midterms in the WaPo by @danbalz, via @washingtonpost
'Somebody needs to tell Obama there was media before social media.' Smart @ron_fournier take,… via @nationaljournal
Obama’s "Messy" Words: There’s too little urgency or reassurance in the president’s odd language. My column,
Publishing has its woes, but writers/publishers keep giving us great, great stuff to read,
If its bigotry and beheadings seem to come from a distant century, its use of media is up to the moment.…
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Between Godliness and Godlessness: some thoughts on the religiously unaffiliated, in my weekend column,
Perfectly timed for new NFL season, @DVNJr goes far behind the scenes w/ Jerry Jones. Great read,…
Cocktail hour arrives, w/ dreams of hot dog, fried chicken, baked clams at NoMad Bar, which rightly gets this rave,
About time the NFL stepped up: "Goodell Admits He Was Wrong and Alters N.F.L. Policy on Domestic Violence,"
“What . . . is wrong with us, Americans?” a person wrote (re) Bullets & Burgers. “Automatic weapons as toys?"
"Hardball" and @CapehartJ contemplate America the gloomy, via @washingtonpost