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Frank Bruni
On campaigning's ugliness, I get input from @MarkLeibovich, @stuartpstevens and @mattbai (and his terrific book),
The Vain & the Desperate: Have 'gotcha' journalism and a loss of privacy left us w/ worse candidates? My column,
I am telling you: these Bar Primi meatballs? Holy Mother of orbs. @aishatyler and @brianellner? U r missing out. Thanks @andrecarmellini
Terrific summary, perspective from @chrisgeidner: "Stunning Velocity Of The Marriage Equality Movement,"…
Obama Beyond Bush: The president can be measured without the yardstick of his predecessor. My column,
I wish Joe Keenan wrote more; "Case Histories" is an ideal page turner; and more in this NYT "By the Book,"
Fascinating exclusive inside look at the Mark Sanford developments from @jimrutenberg,
In first interview, Mark Sanford's ex-fiance, mistress, Maria Belen Chapur, speaks, message: I'm not waiting anymore
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We don't like the government we've got; the midterms will bring more of the same. We're trapped. My column,
They are small but EPIC, those meatballs at @andrecarmellni's Bar Primi. @brianellner @kerreybob and I got a 2nd round, a 3rd . . .
And NFL needs to hold itself & players to high standards. Sends message to the kids watching about what's right & wrong. #goodriddancerice
Good riddance to Ray Rice. Men who treat women like punching bags cannot get a pass.
Drats, they replaced the Serena-in-stride homepage photo minutes after I flagged it, but it migrated here,
Does any sport yield better mid-stride, microsecond-in-time photos than tennis? Look at Serena on NYT homepage,
'Why Democrats Can’t Win the House' is super-clear take on 'biggest paradox in American politics,' via @UpshotNYT
Why Don’t More Men Go Into Teaching? Important NYTimes story by @motokorich,
Ours is a country of like-minded enclaves. College should be an exception and a retort to that. My column,
In our latest online movie chat, @DouthatNYT and I look at "Love is Strange," "The Giver" & more, via @nytopinion
Thank you Joan Rivers for your early and tireless support for LGBT equality and for making us all laugh:
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One imagines Pearly Gates, and a diaphanously garbed angel, and Joan Rivers bleating: "Those sandals!! Are you kidding me!?!"
The NYT's @mattfleg writes about the sad "culinary surrender" at Penn Station. Funny and true,
A good overview of/ primer on the midterms in the WaPo by @danbalz, via @washingtonpost
'Somebody needs to tell Obama there was media before social media.' Smart @ron_fournier take,… via @nationaljournal
Obama’s "Messy" Words: There’s too little urgency or reassurance in the president’s odd language. My column,
Publishing has its woes, but writers/publishers keep giving us great, great stuff to read,
If its bigotry and beheadings seem to come from a distant century, its use of media is up to the moment.…
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Between Godliness and Godlessness: some thoughts on the religiously unaffiliated, in my weekend column,
Perfectly timed for new NFL season, @DVNJr goes far behind the scenes w/ Jerry Jones. Great read,…
Cocktail hour arrives, w/ dreams of hot dog, fried chicken, baked clams at NoMad Bar, which rightly gets this rave,
About time the NFL stepped up: "Goodell Admits He Was Wrong and Alters N.F.L. Policy on Domestic Violence,"
“What . . . is wrong with us, Americans?” a person wrote (re) Bullets & Burgers. “Automatic weapons as toys?"
"Hardball" and @CapehartJ contemplate America the gloomy, via @washingtonpost
Polarized politics has turned Senate leaders' re-elections into a blood sport, writes @jmartNYT in great mag piece,
"Bush slowly put on bird wings and . . . was yanked up by a pulley into sudden darkness." Gotta love Kate,
NYTimes decides NOT to endorse in NY gubernatorial primary, citing "Cuomo’s Failure on Ethics Reform"
"The Galette Forgives You." Love the headline on this @goodappetite column, and opening paragraph is sweet too,
Very interesting take on the Emmys by NYT's Alessandra Stanley: a tale of two televisions,
"Lost in America." A sense of gloom. A feeling of helplessness. This is us, now.
Fascinating, confusing story of ending Peter Curtis' horror.…
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"Despite Promises, Little Progress in Drawing Poor to Elite Colleges," via @perezpena, NYTimes,
Upsetting, essential @lauriegnyt story questions whether Vatican has toughened enough on child sexual abuse,
#JRW! Joshua Houston leads Chicago past Las Vegas 7-5 and into #LLWS title game vs South Korea
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Here are all 6 of Mo'ne Davis's strikeouts from Wednesday night:
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Speaking of new restaurants & New York, @BarPrimi is very much worth checking out. Terrific @andrecarmellini pasta; spacious.
Black, White & Baseball: Behind the great Mo'ne Davis is a team & man all about hope in the inner city. My column
The hill fills with people at Little League World Series. Great energy.