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Frank Bruni
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Autism and the Agitator: Jenny M does a whitewash,
The lobster and fried clam belly sandwich at The Clam goes on list of NYC's all-stars. So damned good.
The northeast at Easter. Like a Psychedelic Furs song. A Molly Ringwald movie. #prettyinpink
NYTimes: Democrats Confront Vexing Politics Over the Health Care Law. Very interesting @jmartNYT story.
Tolstoy and Miss Daisy: Families aren't close by accident, but by intent. An Easter column,
Silvio B ordered to perform "community service." Am guessing his definition and the court's differ,…
Gorgeous NYC moon tonight, behind a marbled, rippling patina of clouds.
New cocktail hideaway Nitecap on Rivington (NYC). Here now. It's your new fave place. I think. (Adjust for drink-influenced appraisal.).
A Year After Boston Marathon Bombings, Injured Brothers Endure. Poignant NYT story by @kseelye,
Women’s Unequal Lot: Let's retire the flawed 77-cent figure and have a more comprehensive discussion,
"Many Amazon employees . . . are readers who are not shopping at the company store." In today's NYT,
The Water Cooler Runs Dry: With so much to watch & read, are common cultural experiences dwindling?
The New Gay Orthodoxy: does the Mozilla ouster reflect a shrinking room for debate? My Sunday column,
Happiness is the coming back of "The Comeback." Keep us apprised, @TheValCherish. Aunt Sassy forever!
FANTASTIC dinner at All'Onda (NYC , 13th St). Not just great food, but a mingling of Italian and other influences that felt new
"The ruling . . . will change and most likely increase the role money plays in American politics." Fabulous.
Rejected? Accepted? Neither seals your fate. My Tues. column, on college admissions,
Am wowed by gutsiness of Michelle Williams, who goes from Monroe to Sally Bowles and is in today's NYT,
At Lucali in Bklyn, had always stuck to pizza. But calzone: even better. And if u can get them to do spicy meatballs, do it. Wow.
'surge' is Uber's euphemism for BONKERS. #RainyNightCabs
Manhattan Cricket Club (w 79) is such a godsend for UWS lushes. And, yes, I mean me. #MartiniHaven
There's wisdom and some nice writing in this v. fun Daily Beast story on Coldplay haters, via @thedailybeast
Seldom am tempted to put love and airport in same sentence. But I love the Long Beach airport. Fiercely.
Brian Dickerson: What Judge Friedman learned from a lesbian law clerk. The Michigan backstory.… via @freep
I hit Red O in Newport Beach. What an Orange Co. scene! Macha guacamole, Scottish steelhead ceviche, "Mexican street corn" worth trying