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the kaguwapuhan of papa p is beyond ugh i don't know what to say. 😏💕
nakakaganda ng umaga yung teaser. 💕 okay, i have energy na. 👅
goodmorning, love. ☺️
A moment of silence for all the hellos left unsaid because of the fear of goodbyes.
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playing it for the 4th time. wait. i'm not yet done. 💕�…Bs
let him be. if he wants change, he'll change for himself. not for anybody else. #sapbbparinbahugotko chos. 😊
eh bakit niyo binabago yung tao? loving is not owning. 😏#affectedd haha
yung cadburry/milka oreo, ilang taon ko nang hinahanap. 😭 hustisya naman. 💔
keep the old tweets coming. 💕😂
"ayaw ng masa" guess who told me that. 😂
those photos are from the book 'Charo & I' that was exclusively released last star magic ball. 😊
and they love her, too. 💕 LizQuen on Ma'am Charo.�sK
aawww. 'one of ma'am charo's favorite loveteams, liza and enrique' 💕 kyot. ☺️V
di pwedeng 'pwede na'. dapat kung may gagawin ka rin lang, i-todo mo na. 🙌
lizquen or jadine? — secret. walang clue. 💕💞💓�…mk1Vtc
Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not? — depende. pag cute.…
oh my gosh. i'm excited to see them sa TWBA. 😈
sabeh ng shot na yun nila Eduardo at Amor? 😂
Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head? –Joy (Inside Out)
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October 28 it is! 💕 pink hearts everywhere. 😂
when i'm so full of xx, i look at my pictures when i travel. it lessens the burden. therapeutic. 💕o
when your brother's handwriting is way better than yours.😏 Thank God for Microsoft Word. and printers. 👌
channeling my inner hope. because i'm bored af. 💩�Ce
'you'll never know how much I loved you' are words that will haunt you forever
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when a man speaks up. 👊💕
gumagwapo ka ng x10 pag nagppiano, clark. pero gumwapo ka ng x100 sa ig post mo. 👌�
finally done 📝. i can now sleep. oh. what. is. sleep. paki-spell, tapos please explain further. 😏😴😴
take me anywhere far away from here. 🌚
hindi kinaya ng kitkat yung pangangailangan ko sa 'break'. 😏8
almost. almost is never enough. 🎧�q7
these past few days, hirap na hirap akong makatapos magsulat. i think i need to go somewhere else. ibang view. ibang hangin. 😏💔
"Where does the ocean go?" "Well technically nowhere." "Doesn't that worry you?" "Not particularly." "Well it bothers me. It scares me."
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ewan ko sa pa-heart. 😂
such an inspiration. 😍 i'm a fan. �jT
im not ready for monday can i have another sunday
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"wag mo akong titigan. marupok ako." haha 😏

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