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Ford Motor Company
We’re working with @automatic to help you customize your #Ford driving experience. Learn more at:
Where millennials, #Ford and the buying process intersect:
Is it getting hot in here? Or is that just our thermal imaging?
Thx for the great Qs! We’re working to understand mobility issues across the globe & find solutions: #FordInnovate
A7 2/2: ...system via Ford’s connectivity system, SYNC. Available in the US #FordInnovate
A7 1/2: We are working with @automatic to provide consumers access to mobile devices’ voice command #FordInnovate
Q7: @SoDakMarko What new #tech. for connectivity between cars and mobile devices is on the horizon? #FordInnovate
A6: Connected cars can enhance the overall drive experience for people of all ages #FordInnovate
Q6: @MargiMurphy Fewer youths buy cars, turning to car-sharing. Are OEMs looking for new rev. streams connected car and big data could bring
A5 2/2: tech. to improve driving experience for customers globally. Watch: #FordInnovate
A5 1/2: We are working to advance automated driving #technology and continue to introduce driver assist.. #FordInnovate
Q5: @ADCuthbertson Are Ford testing driverless technology in the UK, or elsewhere? #FordInnovate
A4 3/3: to help access to #healthcare and travel in monsoon seasons in India. #FordInnovate
A4 2/3: In rural areas it’s about enhancing access to basic transportation needs. See what we’re doing... #FordInnovate
A4 1/3: In urban areas the challenge will be tackling gridlock, moving people, goods and services #FordInnovate
Q4: From @ChallengePost: What future transportation needs do you see in urban & rural areas? #FordInnovate
A3 @MargiMurphy No plans to close #opensource. Lots of cool #innovations. Check out the latest here: #FordInnovate
Q3 Will Ford close its open source platform for external partners to make new apps when this model stops being competitive? #FordInnovate
A2: 2/2 We are working on tech. to suit a variety of lifestyles now and in the future #FordInnovate
A2: Everyone’s different – whether parking at home overnight or popping out for a coffee.. 1/2 #FordInnovate
.@TechHiveDE Q2. What is the maximum time people are willing to wait for a full charge of electronic cars? #FordInnovate
2/2 gov. and tech. developers to experiment how cars can talk with each other and surrounding infrastructure for smarter journeys.
A: Technology will be essential in connected seamless journeys, which cars are only one part of the equation. We are working with 1/2
We’re kicking off with our first Q from @TechHiveDE ‘How will it change infrastructures of growing Mega Cities?’
Take part in our live Twitter chat at 12 Noon EDT today with Ford’s Future Mobility Manager - use #FordInnovate to join!
Living life on the #Edge…
Today, 12 EDT we’re talking live about "How #technology ill help shape our journeys in the future” #FordInnovate
Join us at noon EDT Wednesday 9/17 for a live Twitter Q&A w/ Erica Klampfl, Ford’s Future Mobility Mgr #FordInnovate
The quirky destinations we found on our #unminivan road trip this summer were only half the fun… #hyperlapse
Put a little oomph in your Monday – #MustangMonday that is!
No need to divert your travel in the 2015 #Ford #Flex with its best-in-class third-row leg room. #HappyKnees
Driving a #FordST is like living a #videogame with all the right cheat codes – you always feel powered up!
Show off your best #Fordie on the #openroad this week – we'll RT our favorites!
#Fordie challenge: #Openroad. Show off your best shots of the open road, where your spirit soars and more than your mind can wander in your #Ford.
We showed @ConnectMinds the #STEM behind our Immersion Lab in the newest episode of #ItAintRocketScience!
Be still our beating hearts… check out this gem from the #Ford Rouge in 1965! #ThrowbackThursday
You asked us for old concept cars and we're happy to deliver. Check out this 1970 Ford LTD concept car!  What do you want to see for #ThrowbackThursday next week?
Kid entrepreneur of @MrCorys Cookies finally got a #newcar for his mom on @TheEllenShow. Congrats!
It's #SwapIdeas day & yours matter to us! Read what other #Ford owners are noodling on & tell us your #Ford idea:
This way? That way? Your #Ford. Your way.
Our clocks come in a variety of options—Military time and Standard. #wearables #wegotthat2
Our vehicles feature state-of-the-art coin trays in the center console. #basicallythesamething. #smartphone