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Cale Pissarra
First round to me in the #fifa15 weekend. Delicious trophy #arsenal keep on Rolling
Ello Takes $5.5 Million in VC Money, Signs a Legally-Binding Charter to Never Sell Ads or Data: via @betabeat
Simple, beautiful & ad-free. Read the manifesto:
It's time for our Humpday hottie. This week it's the amazing @KateUpton. She is a real beauty. Have a…
The DS Foundation helped out at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre. These students are now qualified HIV/AIDS…
It's 5 degrees on my walk to work's the 15th of October. It's going to be a dark winter
Why you should never bring your girlfriend on vacation w/ @ImJakePaul
Took a zip line from here to the bottom of the river. Was epic/terrifying. Lekker views tho. #jeongseon #valleysfordays #noorwoulddie
Throw back to the last day of Hawaii. No filter needed in that place #maybeasneakytrip #isthataboat
One delicious sunset in Seoul on the Han River. Last bits of warmth. Winter is coming #sunsets #nomorespeedos #southkorea
It's almost time to hit the slopes again. I can't wait #snowboarding #skiseason
View of the Han river in Seoul. Gonna miss this place when I leave. #southkorea #mytimeisdrawingnear
Finally removed the Korean keyboard from my iPhone @calepissarra! #defeat
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The players must be so tense
Things are heating up in the South Korea vs North Korea game.
South Korea vs North Korea in the Asian games football final. For a win one gets off military service one gets off of labour camp. Guess who
Can you believe there is a Taken 3? Because I certainly can't #dontleaveyourhomeyouwillgettaken
Then on my way to work the same two are sitting outside a convince store having beers and soju shots. I tell you only in Korea
Don't know what it was all about, I only know it was 4am and they were drunk as hell. Also they were in their 70's
Woke up last night to screaming outside my window. Looked to see what was happening and there were two Koreans wresting in the street
This GoPro ad is one of the most awesome things I have seen… #GoProHero4 video
Learning to paddle board in #Hawaii pretty sure I nailed it.
A little throw back to #hawaii when I was doing some professional paddle boarding. As you can see from the vid I am a master. #ripped #lookoutforthebiceps #islandvibes
A little throwback to #hawaii learning how to paddle board. As you can see I am a master at it.…
Taken less than a week ago on the holiday of a lifetime. Can't wait to go back. #tbt #Hawaii #icantsurf #gramoftheday #sun
Taken on North Shore less than a week ago. Can't wait to go back. No filter here #Hawaii
A little paddle board in Hawaii. Probably the only picture of me not falling off the board. #notaseasyasitlooks #sawmanyturtles #smallbiceps
Final day in Hawaii a booze cruise with some awesome friends. Can't go back for another trip. #imonaboat #bookingmytickets
Hawaiian royal golf club for a casual lunch. #thankgoodnessforsauntsfriends #lanikai #wishiwasntsoterribleatgolf
Welcome to Pipeline North Shore. Home of surfing. #hawaii #donttakemywavebru #nokidsallowed
Lanikai is one great place. No filter needed here. #lanikai #aloha #maybeonemoreweek
Shame....this place is awful #Oahu #Mericaaa
Beach day in Hawaii with awesome people from all over the world. #hawaii #nomorewhiterabbit
Night out at the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki with the hostel family. Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, France, Costa Rica, England, Norway and one lekker South African. #hawaii #givemeanothercocktailpls #notfreehere
Great end to a first day in paradise. #nowavesbru #sunset #hawaii
Just floating by in Waikiki. This place is unreal. #hawaii #wetiphone
This place is not to shabby hey;) Waikiki beach Honolulu for a delicious day #Mericaaa #donttakemywavebru
Soon I'll be getting on my @HawaiianAir flight to Honolulu. Can't wait. Maybe a little upgrade;)
Thanks for all the votes! Made it into the top 100 of the #bigblogx. Now just have to wait. #comeonyougoodthing #travel #hihostels @hostelling
@Venu_app: Experience life like you are meant to. See you soon Japan.” what a pic
Who knew Downton Abbey could be worse than game of one is safe at the manor
It's weird how I respect Man City more than Man united now...let's just try buy the league #tranferdeadlineday
Great day out on the Han River. With a great crew. #picnicwithabottleorten #seoul #hanriver
This is what I will be like when I leave the office today #Friday