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Food Revolution
“Teach every child about food” by @jamieoliver Thanks again to @Medium for sharing! #FoodRevolution #FoodEd
Preserve biodiversity, preserve the planet. Real food that is good for us, is good for the planet. Wise words from #SlowFood at SaloneDelGusto #TerraMadre
'Ministers told to act over ‘holiday hunger’ of schoolchildren'. Read more food stories at #foodrevolutiondaily
Yesterday we celebrated food education & #FoodDay2014 at #TerraMadre. Big thanks to @SlowFoodHQ for hosting us!
Yesterday we were at #SaloneDelGusto #TerraMadre as @jamieoliver was joined by the inspiring @alicelouisewaters & Carlo Petrini to talk about the global #FoodRevolution, the importance of food education and how we can all work together to make real change happen. Big thanks to everyone that came to
Here’s a host of educational resources to get you started on your #FoodEd work: #FoodEd #FoodDayChat
Cooking & prepping recipes from scratch is a skill that’ll serve kids their whole lives #FoodEd #FoodDayChat
Food skills are one of the most important life skills you can ever learn #FoodEd #FoodDay2014 #FoodDayChat
We can’t raise another generation that doesn’t know a tomato from a potato or an eggplant from a cauliflower #FoodEd #FoodDayChat
An edible teaching garden in the heart of #SaloneDelGusto #TerraMadre. It's all about food education!
"I really believe that one of the biggest and best luxury's in the world is food knowledge and knowing how to cook" - @jamieoliver #FoodEd
Petrini "food education is equal to civil education" educate the children of future generation. @slow_food_italy @jamieoliver @AliceWaters
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RT @rickytrips: "Whatever the country and whatever the circumstances it's all about food education" @jamieoliver at #SaloneDelGusto
"Food education is the way to help make the local and national food system better" @jamieoliver #FoodEd #FoodRevolution
"The #MilanProtocol is about Moving People, to make change in schools, communities and anywhere they can" #SaloneDelGusto
C.Petrini: le idee quando valgono, non importa da dove provengono. #Milanprotocol partito da @BarillaCFN è un'idea giusta. #SaloneDelGusto
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Carlo Petrini... 'when ideas are right, it doesn't matter where they come from, it matters where they go' #MilanProtocol #SaloneDelGusto
We just bumped into our lovely #FoodRevolution ambassador @foodsitter at #SaloneDelGusto #TerraMadre!
"All the schools in the world should ensure good, clean and fair food to all the children in the world" Carlo Petrini at #SaloneDelgusto
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"the table has a gentleness and a warmth that solves problems." Jamie @jamieoliver @FoodRev
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Words of wisdom from the amazing @alicelouisewaters #EdibleSchoolyard. #SaloneDelGusto
J.Oliver: gli ambasciatori del food revolution da anni si battono in tutto il mondo per cambiare il sistema @FoodRev #SaloneDelGusto
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"We have to work together as a team, stronger, better." @jamieoliver on the global @FoodRev #SaloneDelGusto
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"The idea of shaming the government is incredibly powerful and incredibly important" @AliceWaters looks to start a @FoodRev at Salone!
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Petrini: «La politica ci è arrivata: dal prossimo anno si vietata la vendita di merendine e bevande zuccherate nelle scuole» #SaloneDelGusto
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"If you're gonna do discounts on fast food, you should equal it with deals on fresh food." So says @jamieoliver @FoodRev
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Today is @FoodDay2014 in the US so a big shout from all us at #SaloneDelGusto. We're talking #FoodEd and the global #FoodRevolution
"We have to work together as a team, stronger, better." @jamieoliver on the global #FoodRevolution #SaloneDelGusto
At #SalonedelGusto #TerraMadre in #Turin, @jamieoliver tells the huge crowd to 'fight hard', 'work as once voice' and 'be stronger, better'.
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"I believe it is a child's human right to food education" @jamieoliver #FoodEd #SaloneDelGusto
"This is about coming together, not one voice but a choir" @jamieoliver talking #FoodEd and #schoollunch @SlowFoodHQ #SaloneDelGusto
"It's a moral obligation that we have, to feed children food that is good for them" -@AliceWaters @edibleschoolyrd #FoodEd #SaloneDelGusto
"we have been imprisoned by a fast food culture"- @AliceWaters #FoodEd #SaloneDelGusto #FoodDay2014
Not long now before our conference on Taste Education with @AliceWaters @CKummer Carlo Petrini and @jamieoliver @FoodRev! Stay tuned.
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Happy @FoodDay2014! @CricketAzima is getting kids cooking today! How are you celebrating #FoodDay2014
Big thanks @Medium for supporting us at #SalonDelGusto with @jamieoliver's #Medium page showcasing his @TEDTalks
Amazing display of global foods at @SlowFoodHQ #SaloneDelGusto #ArkofTaste. What one food would you bring?
Good morning from #TerraMadre #SaloneDelGusto! Here are some of the foods people from all over the world have brought to the #ArkofTaste. What one food would you take on an Ark of Taste? #FoodRevolution