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The ingredient pictured are Morels, a type of mushroom! Find out all about this "sacred" shroom from @SimonMajumdar:
Hey food fans! Can you guess the ingredient featured in this photo? RT with your answer and we'll reveal it shortly.
How do you salvage burned baked goods? How would you fix overcooked veggies? Share using #TheKitchen and it could make a future episode!
Before tomorrow's new #Chopped Ultimate Champions at 10|9c, hear from last week's winner:
Recipe of the Day: #FNMag's sweet-tooth-satisfying Easy Peach and Raspberry Cobbler
Tonight on #EatingAmerica at 10:30|9:30c, @anthonyanderson heads south for the Blue Ridge BBQ and Music Festival. RT if you'll be watching!
For a healthy kid-friendly snack, learn 6 new takes on the classic Ants on a Log from #FNMag:
Everyone will want some of this fruit salad: It's sitting in a bowl of cake! Get the recipe:
Recipe of the Day: Get this sweet-tooth-satisfying recipe by searching "Peach and Raspberry Cobbler" on
If you're heading to Tucson, Arizona, don't leave without this list of the top 10 restaurants:
What's on your Labor Day menu? Share your best food pics using #FoodNetworkFaves!
Red velvet cake senses tingling? Make your own with @altonbrown's classic recipe:
Beets instead of red food coloring for red velvet cake: yay or nay? Share your opinion with #CutthroatKitchen!
@FoodNetwork the golden crunchy top is the best part of a casserole. always want to be seated nearest a casserole to get some of the top.
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The golden top on a casserole: the most important part? Share your opinion with #CutthroatKitchen!
"@SimonMajumdar, welcome back from your chamber in the sky." – @altonbrown #CutthroatKitchen
Thanks to all who have shared their casseroles! Here's a few more ideas, from Chicken Tortilla to French Toast:
What family casserole would you make on #CutthroatKitchen?
What do you say: broo-SKEH-tah or broo-SHEH-tah? (Or how @altonbrown or @SimonMajumdar says it?) #CutthroatKitchen
Happy birthday #CutthroatKitchen! @altonbrown shares his favorite bidding war to date:
Vote for your favorite in the #GreatFoodTruckRace fan poll:!
What food truck cuisine do you head for after the bar? Share with #GreatFoodTruckRace!
On tonight's #CutthroatKitchen one chef has to cook on a scooter, and that's just the beginning. The eviliciousness starts at 10|9c sharp!
It's the first ever Truck Stop Truck Swap! #GreatFoodRace
The Gelato Festival location: stolen or is all fair in The #GreatFoodTruckRace?
Check out host @TylerFlorence's favorite restaurant eats across the country:
Depends on truck but I say YES @FoodNetwork: Speaking of romance & food, is a food truck an acceptable date location? #GreatFoodTruckRace!”
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Speaking of romance and food, is a food truck an acceptable date location? Sound off with #GreatFoodTruckRace!
How 'bout everyone else? RT @melchapman3: @FoodNetwork @TylerFlorence My mom is rooting for Military Mom's & I'm rooting for LoneStars. :-)
For my next vacation, I'm going to hop in my car and follow the trucks on #GreatFoodTruckRace from state to state. Yum.
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What does everyone else think? RT @truckncargirl: @FoodNetwork Bacon and middle feast willl also be formidable #constructive like the menus
The #GreatFoodTruckRace with @TylerFlorence starts now! Which of the final 6 are you rooting for?
I have to say... love @rachaelray & @GuyFieri but the 2 together LOVE IT!! #RvGKids
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Whose sandwich-inspired dish did you want to try? Share with #RvGKids!
That's right, Judge @JeffMauro hates cottage cheese! RT @theechriswhite: @FoodNetwork @JeffMauro Cottage Cheese #RvGKids
The six remaining teams try their luck in Austin, TX on tonight's brand-new #GreatFoodTruckRace at 9|8c. RT if you're watching!
Which ingredient does Judge @JeffMauro hate?: A) Cottage cheese B) Mustard or C) Sprinkles? RT your answer with #RvGKids!
Welcome to the #RvGKids judges' table @JeffMauro!
RT if you agree with Chef Finn: Salad is far more appetizing grilled. #RvGKids
Finn's the proud owner of a charcoal grill, which he bought with his Christmas money. Learn more #RvGKids fun facts:!
"Get it? BANH meatballs." – Chef Lauren #RvGKids
Which mentor does mac n' cheese best? @GuyFieri and @rachaelray face off in this family-friendly recipe compilation:
"I put mushrooms inside of the mushroom to highlight the flavor of mushroom." – Chef Lauren #RvGKids