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Tonight on #EatingAmerica at 10:30|9:30c, @anthonyanderson heads south for the Blue Ridge BBQ and Music Festival. RT if you'll be watching!
For a healthy kid-friendly snack, learn 6 new takes on the classic Ants on a Log from #FNMag:
Everyone will want some of this fruit salad: It's sitting in a bowl of cake! Get the recipe:
Recipe of the Day: Get this sweet-tooth-satisfying recipe by searching "Peach and Raspberry Cobbler" on
If you're heading to Tucson, Arizona, don't leave without this list of the top 10 restaurants:
What's on your Labor Day menu? Share your best food pics using #FoodNetworkFaves!
Red velvet cake senses tingling? Make your own with @altonbrown's classic recipe:
Beets instead of red food coloring for red velvet cake: yay or nay? Share your opinion with #CutthroatKitchen!
@FoodNetwork the golden crunchy top is the best part of a casserole. always want to be seated nearest a casserole to get some of the top.
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The golden top on a casserole: the most important part? Share your opinion with #CutthroatKitchen!
"@SimonMajumdar, welcome back from your chamber in the sky." – @altonbrown #CutthroatKitchen
Thanks to all who have shared their casseroles! Here's a few more ideas, from Chicken Tortilla to French Toast:
What family casserole would you make on #CutthroatKitchen?
What do you say: broo-SKEH-tah or broo-SHEH-tah? (Or how @altonbrown or @SimonMajumdar says it?) #CutthroatKitchen
Happy birthday #CutthroatKitchen! @altonbrown shares his favorite bidding war to date:
Vote for your favorite in the #GreatFoodTruckRace fan poll:!
What food truck cuisine do you head for after the bar? Share with #GreatFoodTruckRace!
On tonight's #CutthroatKitchen one chef has to cook on a scooter, and that's just the beginning. The eviliciousness starts at 10|9c sharp!
It's the first ever Truck Stop Truck Swap! #GreatFoodRace
The Gelato Festival location: stolen or is all fair in The #GreatFoodTruckRace?
Check out host @TylerFlorence's favorite restaurant eats across the country:
Depends on truck but I say YES @FoodNetwork: Speaking of romance & food, is a food truck an acceptable date location? #GreatFoodTruckRace!”
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Speaking of romance and food, is a food truck an acceptable date location? Sound off with #GreatFoodTruckRace!
How 'bout everyone else? RT @melchapman3: @FoodNetwork @TylerFlorence My mom is rooting for Military Mom's & I'm rooting for LoneStars. :-)
For my next vacation, I'm going to hop in my car and follow the trucks on #GreatFoodTruckRace from state to state. Yum.
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What does everyone else think? RT @truckncargirl: @FoodNetwork Bacon and middle feast willl also be formidable #constructive like the menus
The #GreatFoodTruckRace with @TylerFlorence starts now! Which of the final 6 are you rooting for?
I have to say... love @rachaelray & @GuyFieri but the 2 together LOVE IT!! #RvGKids
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Whose sandwich-inspired dish did you want to try? Share with #RvGKids!
That's right, Judge @JeffMauro hates cottage cheese! RT @theechriswhite: @FoodNetwork @JeffMauro Cottage Cheese #RvGKids
The six remaining teams try their luck in Austin, TX on tonight's brand-new #GreatFoodTruckRace at 9|8c. RT if you're watching!
Which ingredient does Judge @JeffMauro hate?: A) Cottage cheese B) Mustard or C) Sprinkles? RT your answer with #RvGKids!
Welcome to the #RvGKids judges' table @JeffMauro!
RT if you agree with Chef Finn: Salad is far more appetizing grilled. #RvGKids
Finn's the proud owner of a charcoal grill, which he bought with his Christmas money. Learn more #RvGKids fun facts:!
"Get it? BANH meatballs." – Chef Lauren #RvGKids
Which mentor does mac n' cheese best? @GuyFieri and @rachaelray face off in this family-friendly recipe compilation:
"I put mushrooms inside of the mushroom to highlight the flavor of mushroom." – Chef Lauren #RvGKids
"I know it's a bit of a risk putting the cheese in the pancake, but that's a risk that I'm willing to take." – Chef Madison #RvGKids
What ingredient did you hate as a kid, but love now? Share with #RvGKids!
Heating up with little chefs that love to labor in hot kitchens under intense pressure on #RvGKids tonight 8|7c on @FoodNetwork
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Young chefs have to cook with an ingredient they hate on tonight's brand-new #RvGKids at 8|7c. RT if you're watching!
Make Mediterranean Summer Pasta with Salsa Cruda the star of your #MeatlessMonday tomorrow:
Fresh chefs visit @altonbrown's #CutthroatKitchen of horrors tonight at 10|9c. RT if you're watching!