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New books list are coming next week but until then, my most recent: Books for Adventerous Kids -> Enjoy!
How about you? Any favorite Danziger novels from your youth?
...But I prefer her "Can You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice?"
It’s National Pistachio Day. Which makes me think of Paula Danziger's The Pistachio Prescription...
Today's new book list is for adventerous kids or grown-ups with an adventersome heart -> Take a look.
Stop everything! Hold the presses! I have a new Book List! Books for an Adventurous Childhood -> Enjoy!
Speaking of books set in places, let's throw Jersey some respect: New Jersey, One Book at a Time:
New book list yesterday. Novels set in Venice (which is a nice place to set a novel). ->
Just heard that Chernow's Hamilton bio is being turned into a Hip-Hop opera. Best you read it now. ;-)
Thanks to @TripFiction for that list of books about Venice. Love books? You can write a list too. for details.
Ever want to visit Venice? Get in the mood with this new list of recommended books about Venice ->
I get a tiny commission on what you buy & can afford to bring you new book rec's all year long. Details here: Thanks!
If you like them, all I ask is that if you're shopping @ Amazon (for absolutely anything - not just books) you go thru my website. That way…
People asking me today how this whole "book recommendation" thing works. It's like this: I tweet book recommendations & book lists...
Happy birthday E.L. Konigsburg and thanks for writing this classic -> (I bet you read it.)
Now that I think about it, I should have a book list on Eating Disorders. Anyone feel qualified to write such a list for my site? Tweet me.
Thanks to @MsMirandaL for pointing out another great book for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week
It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Need to understand the illness? I strongly recommend this book:
So pleased to be named to this list of 100 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers: Thanks, @MasterinEnglish!
A new book list from late last week: Childhood Remembered: Books Of Indelible Childhood Memories -> Enjoy!
And this week's prize for best title… Vampires in the Lemon Grove (I loved Swamplandia so this should be good.)
Happy birthday, Wallace Stegner. Book lovers, if you haven't read any Stegner, you're missing out. Read him:
Happy (posthumous) birthday to Wallace Stegner. Thanks for writing one of my favorite novels. What novel? This one ->
Ok, your turn. What's the most #romantic #book you've ever read? (And don't be offended when I say please, no Romance novels or YA.)
8 Great (Mostly) Novels on Sex and Love -> 'Nuff said. Go check them out.
I got love comin' at ya all day long: The Best Books About Love… that Your Book Club Probably Hasn't Read:
In honor of, well, you know... one of the 5 most romantic novels I've ever read: It's soooo British.
Getting a jump start on tomorrow, this might be one of the 5 most romantic novels I've ever read: Read it!
And yet *another* new book list: Childhood Remembered: Books Of Indelible Childhood Memories -> Enjoy!
In honor of @judyblume's birthday, tweet her w/how many pages of this book on your shelf are dog-eared. ;-)
Remember scoliosis screenings in school? @judyblume (celebrating her birthday today) wrote a novel about it:
Are you there, God? It's me, one of @judyblume's best novels (in honor of her birthday today!) -->
This upbeat story of three pre-teen girls is another @judyblume hit... a perfect gift for a young lady:
Today is @judyblume's birthday and in her honor, I thought I'd tweet one of her best books... or Maybe I Won't ;-)
One of the first books to candidly talk about sexually active teens, this @judyblume title was groundbreaking:
Hey @judyblume, when you get birthday cake today, make sure no one says "eat it or wear it!" like someone did here:
“Like my mother said, you can't go back to holding hands”. Where did @judyblume write such a great line? Here:
If you're into #art or the art world then you'll be into our new book list:
Abe Lincoln was born this day in 1809... learn more about this amazing man with one of these Lincoln books:
“Snoring keeps the monsters away.” Do you know where @judyblume wrote such a good line? It's here:
In honor of @judyblume's birthday, tweet her & tell her how many pages of this book on your shelf are dog-eared. ;-)
It's Georgia's birthday, the 13th of 13 colonies, founded 1733. In honor, one of the best books of the Deep South:
Want to seduce a total romantic in your life? Poetry is the key. We have the best books for poetic seduction:
Happy birthday @judyblume! If you loved Superfudge, then check out this box set for under $20: Great gift for kids!
Valentine's Day is coming up quick! Find a romantic novel for the book-lover in your life with these brilliant books:
Love art, the art biz or galleries? You'll love one of these novels, each of them a work of art:
In honor of @judyblume's birthday today, I thought I'd tweet one of her best books ever:
Hey now @Energymom, it's not @judyblume's birthday until tomorrow. Don't jump the gun!
I hope I have time to tweet tomorrow because it's… hold on to your hats everyone… the birthday of the one and only @judyblume!