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andrew flintoff
@kippax78: @flintoff11 @RobbieSavage8 Together at last and both for a quid.......” I've hit rock bottom ! Goodnight
@KTLydon: @MCSaatchiSandE sports day tomorrow - any words of advice @flintoff11 @clydeholcroft?” Get a very small sack or a freezer bag !
@KTLydon: Photo approvals @MCSaatchiMerlin” you trying to find Matts good side ?
@SexyMacLtd: 18th September in london you can expect an evening like no other!! #launch #fashion #glamour #inviteonly” trying to make it !
Not saying we'll win every game but with @josbuttler Ali Woakes Jordan Ballance Robson coming in England fans have lot to look forward to !
Moores is at it again . He's built successful teams everywhere he's been and this is the start of it ! #sussexenglancseng
He's rubbish that Cook !!
My most prized possession my first Lancs cap , presented to me by @RonnieIrani1 when I was 9 !
@wolfie250: @flintoff11 So he's amazing after one test.... Will take more than that.” After over a hundred tests he's still amazing #knob
@DGoughie: @flintoff11 lol He surely can't be that pleased to be bowling” haha mine pointed at the floor #moobs
@DGoughie: @flintoff11 be a few of them pal I'm afraid” you need to lend Chris Jordan some of your nipple tape mate !! #pokingout
If only C4's Big Breakfast was still on TV , not sure which ex England cricketer would win the classic "Egg on your Face" game #captaincook
@clydeholcroft: @flintoff11 @iTunesPodcasts yeah it's on there” is there a link ?
I hope you kept the cuttings for a new squirrel/syrup for @MichaelVaughan !!! @RobbieSavage8 @howardyuill
@RobbieSavage8: @flintoff11 hahahaha !!!!!” was going to pop in this week till I saw this @howardyuill !
@will_smith13: @flintoff11 just remember Andrew Rome wasn't built in one day :)”no but they had a plan !
Tell you what that Cooks a good captain !
@720perth: .@ScottRollinson @CricketAus @flintoff11 And he's done it!!!” Is Justin still trying to get one over on me , let it go mate x
@clydeholcroft @flintoff11 Re podcast. I was allowed be QPFC mascot. No need to bowl, costume was a calorie burner!
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